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  1. kept me amused for about 30 mins, then it got very boring. Definately a game for the mindless . Saints Row demo was terrible, trying so hard to be GTA except there with less people and cars.
  2. yeah very true. I think its more of US and canada. I'd say apply anyways, and see what happens
  3. im sure the minimum requirements will be a little lower for those of us who just want to play the game and not make it look pretty . I had FarCry pretty minimum until I had a better computer.
  4. Im pretty sure is USA only, since we have design meetings where everyone gives input on your level.
  5. wait until you try the new build, you'll love it for all the crashing and wierd problems. heh I wouldn't touch any other editor at the moment for the amount of cool stuff U3 has
  6. Hey fellow mapcorians, We are hiring at nfusion Interactive for level designers. I'm not allowed to post in the job section, so if someone can move me that would be cool. If you wondering what engine: Unreal Engine 3 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- nFusion Interactive is seeking a LEVEL DESIGNER to design levels for a multi-platform NextGen title with a major publisher. We are looking for level design/scripting experience using world-building tools such as UnrealEd, Radiant, and Hammer. Applicant should be a creative and organized individual with a positive attitude that can create enveloping levels with balanced exciting gameplay. Applicant should possess strong communication skills and have excellent knowledge of the development process from concept to final product release. Responsibilities will include collaboration in the creation of levels including designing, modeling, texturing, and lighting of 3D environments and scripting of gameplay entities and events. Creative and timely resolution of gameplay and production issues. Applicant should possess a passion for PC and console games. Please send any materials (resume, portfolio, samples, demos, URLs) to [email protected] Use "NFusion Level Designer Position" in your subject line.
  7. don't you mean the Ubisoft recruitment center, alot of ubi'owned companies
  8. congrats man. You'll love unreal engine 3. I love using it as a level designer. I read your blog, very cool!. My interview process for NFusion Interactive was very similar. Did Gearbox let you sample the UT2007 demo, that all licensee's get Just remeber Kismet can do wonders!
  9. freaking amazing looking map! makes me wish I had a better laptop to run Half-life 2
  10. id prefer to buy a book that explains the fundamentals of level design. with other books in the series that tailor towards a specific engine. The Mastering Unreal was great for a quick reference, but it lacked any good level design documentation, since it was geared towards learning the engine, not creating great maps.
  11. For anyone who wants to see the unreal engine 3 editor in action the clip is from G4 TV. http://download.microsoft.com/download/ ... s_on10.mp4
  12. these shots looks amazing. Any word on a release date for a public beta? Feels like forever on this mod. I work with 2 of your texture artists, DarkNemisis & Seth. Those guys are amazing texture artists!
  13. Congrats man. welcome to the life of long hours and working weekends and free beer on fridays
  14. congrats dude! Quake Wars looks so niceeeee! I'm looking forward to it
  15. dammit! the level designer at work is playing it too, and he was raving about it. i'll pick it up from steam next month.
  16. this will go well next to my mastering unreal book
  17. recently hired, start work on May 8th.
  18. thx guys, you all have been so incredibly helpful in your crits. Crits are an artists best asset, because it makes me work harder. Now i can put an official title under my name like everyone else. hehe after I start working.
  19. that was the best use of editing so many movies together!
  20. I wanted to share the good news with you all! After phone rejections, email rejections and life generally sucking hard-core, I got offered a full-time position at N-fusion Interactive in NJ working with Unreal 3 on a next-gen tactical shooter. (Which looked freaking amazing at the interview) Monday, I really hit rock bottom after 2 rejections bring my total to 12 and a previous position being closed. I kept hitting my head against the wall, wonder what i did wrong in the interviews, that i'd be rotting at home for the rest of my life working on my portfolio. Tuesday went the same, my productivity was gone then at 8pm outside Super Target, I got a call and it felt so good to be a 3D artist again! For anyone else that feels like its going no where, don't give up! Lee
  21. congrats ReNo! Looks like a great game there on the website. Very original
  22. is BIA 3 using unreal 3 engine? those screenshots look fantastic!
  23. working on co-op gametype at the moment its coming!.
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