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  1. Working everyday as a level designer, I'm finding it difficult to come home and start working on a map in the evenings. I have a few planned out, but none of them have made it to BSP. Where do you find your creative spark after working all day? Play a game, then it happens! Or does it just happen suddenly a strike of inspiration! Drink a few beers, some play some GoW then you have an idea, after another beer. Looking for interesting tips
  2. i heard adams a freak be careful he doesn't make you do sexual things with his halo 2 figures.
  3. i said it in polycount, and i'll say it here, Awesome!!!! Gonna reinstall HL2 tonight just so i can walk around it. How long did this map take you? What were some of the problem you encountered compiling the meshes?
  4. took me about a week to learn the fundamentals, coming from a non-level design background. Now I can create some pretty wicked stuff in kismet
  5. if you want to get started learning Unreal Engine 3 scripting using RoboBlitz my friend ArcadiaVincennes has created some detailed tutorials on how to use Kismet. http://www.avld.org/pages/tuts/tuts.htm
  6. congrats kleinluka! I'm gonna get the pc version. Hopefully theres a UE3 level editor inside
  7. insurgency needs to hurry up and get released! at this rate, team fortress 2 will be out by the time this is released
  8. yep, i downloaded it. The editor is very similar to our build, everything works as it should. The particle tool, material editor work the same. Kismet is a little different. They added alot of custom events and actions. I created a material at work to simulate rain dripping down a brickwall. I recreated the same material in the RoboBlitz editor, and the only different was that the normal map didn't see as strong on the wall. The dynamic lighting didn't see as strong. for 14.95 its a good deal to play with the editor Just don't buy it from steam, otherwise you have to open steam everytime
  9. Hourences: i need to get a new hosting this month, so i can host it when i make the switch, or u can, im good either way. I started writing a cascade tutorial today (particle tool) since i've been learning it for a 3 weeks now. hehe. oh, if any of you downloaded the game and cannot run your level, this is why Add "RBArena" to the front of the filename of your map, is needed to spawn the robot in the level Lee
  10. I agree with you Hourences, this release of RoboBlitz can only produce sales to get people looking to get a head start on the editor before UT2007 comes out. I'm going to start working on some tutorials too, maybe we should work together RoboBlitz is a modified editor and everything that you can do in UE3 you can do in this editor. Only downside is that i cannot play a simple BSP level without the editor freezing. Not sure if anyone else gets this problem. Its definately worth the 14.99 for the editor, if you want to get a jump start on learning
  11. The 1st game to use Ue3 came out on steam 2 days ago, RoboBlitz. The game is an OK puzzler, however a full version of the Ue3 editor is shipped with the game. If you interested in playing with it, head over to steam and check it out for 14.99 http://steampowered.com/v/index.php?are ... ppId=4300& be good to learn the editor now, before Ut2007 comes out
  12. sounds like a great idea! help spread the word on mods.
  13. any recommendations on a hosting service? My current one is ending in december and its 65 a year for 900mb. I know i can do better, so I thought id ask you guys Lee
  14. ordered FFXII so hopefully be playing that soon. Tonights gaming with the new rainbow 6 demo
  15. I'm browsing CNN and theres a flash pop-up for gearbox software using dells to create their games. Curiously, I clicked the link and there were also other employees and what they do for the company. I wonder what kind of sweet deal you guys got from Dell
  16. Brome's probably Phobos's bitch before you came along Congrats Patrick!!!!!
  17. simply awesome! How much of this is your own meshes and whats in the game?
  18. congratulations ferret! make us proud and make some kick ass levels!
  19. Lee3dee


    VoodariuS do you concept your UT maps first or just go with the flow? Your map collection is very creative and I was interested in your workflow. because im trying to find the a good method for me to follow.
  20. Lee3dee

    HL2DM: Kermit the frog

    whoa! awesome! can u make me an Animal model
  21. starcraft editor, followed by UT99 editor
  22. that was killswitch on the ps2. It looked and played alot better on the xbox. The cover in GoW definately fits the game. I have to pre-order that collectors edition asap!
  23. I bought a 360 mainly to play Gear of War and Oblivion. Unfortunately, i have only picked up GRAW so far. With all the PS3 shortages that you know will happen when its released, consumers will start looking to the next best system, the xb360 or Wii with games that look amazing. Having seen GoW in person a few months ago, I will be pre-ordering the collectors edition .
  24. ummmm yeah, a spot light with the cone showing. Is there something im missing?
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