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  1. Congrats!!! So this means most of the INS dev on mapcore will be working there
  2. I sent this thread to a friend of mine whos looking for work. He has 8 months experience using Ue3 and a published game as a level designer. Hopefully you'll get an email from dmanns
  3. btw, I'm loving Insurgency! minus the frequent server crashes
  4. i really like the level design of the maps and how well it plays. Being a sniper hasn't been this much fun in ages. I only wish that you could hold your breath while aiming. I also noticed that in the distance with the sniper you can see peoples shadows through the walls, which helps me pick off targets Great mod! congrats on the release! New game to play on the pc!
  5. ummm......dumb question, how do u make a cubemap texture
  6. SC2 I cannot wait! Now we know why the SC mod for CC was sent a cease & desist
  7. yeah, you guys are slow agreed great tool, been using it for a while
  8. Lee3dee

    The Weapon Shop

    looks great adam
  9. the screaming yoshi noise is awesome! great post!
  10. i've only ever used Unreal, i did once open Hammer and discovered that it was took clunky and i couldn't see my lighting and meshes in realtime, so that experience lasted 10 mins. Having now used Ue3 for 9 months, I prefer unreal tech over all the other engines.
  11. CRACKDOWN!!!!! is the current GTA4. Except you have to find every one of those damm green orbs! Just when you think you found all of them in 1 area, theres one in the distance. argggggg!
  12. I'm happy with my Wii purchase. I won't be buying a ps3 until there are some decent games for it, like MGS or FF. Plus, paying $599 isn't a attractive price for me at the moment.
  13. amazing work, some of the pixel detail is sick!
  14. I started working as a 3d artist, which lead me to working on that indie title that we won't mention with ducks After discovering that my skills as a 3d Artist weren't so hot, compared to the next artist, I moved onto level design. With no job, for 6 months I grinded to learn the unreal engine, specifically UT2004. After creating 2 maps, which I know is pretty sad, I applied at nfusion for the environment artist, but found out that they liked my art test more due to my experience with how to use UT2004. I've been trying to break into the gaming industry for years, with constant barage of rejection emails or no responses at all. If I hadn't of busted my ass for 6 months to get to a level where I would be noticed, I probably wouldn't be working here. I tell everyone who asks me, I worked very hard and got myself to a level where I was making art/levels at the development level.
  15. you have to wonder how much money he initally spent getting some of those rare titles. NES games used to cost at least $40 each. I remeber my friend in High school spent $60 on megaman 6!
  16. i managed to find 96 agility icons, and i spent more time jumping around looking for more than doing missions. I could definately see this more as a rental. But with the addition of the halo2 beta in the inital shipment it will probably sell very well in the inital run.
  17. Been playing the crackdown demo for about an hour, demo timer finally kicked in. I watched some of the videos online, and they kind of impressed me. I have to say, i may end up buy it, it was pretty fun. Its like GTA, except you can skill up, jump from building to building, throw and kick cars around. Graphics seem fairly styalized. Whats everyone else's thoughts?
  18. TeamXbox posted a preview of it http://previews.teamxbox.com/xbox-360/1 ... ictory/p1/ It's such an awesome feeling reading about someone else playing your game.
  19. good luck teddy! bring some donuts with you, devs like free food
  20. I rented call of duty 3 and Project 8. Call of duty 3 is very scripted you know when somethings going to happen, where the infinite spawner is located because guys always come out of that 1 area. I was really impressed by the sound and particle FX. Hopefully, BIA will be less scripted and allow you to go outside the set path. Project 8 im trying to get into, but I'm too used to SSX 3. Looks gorgeous though.
  21. thx guys for you incite Usually coffee or some techno music starts my spark, but always nice to see how everyone else works. Out of the blue on Saturday night the spark hit from 10pm-4am. Went back and touched up my swat4 level. Making it coop and adding a little better level design. It's amusing going back to a level that you made and seeing all the mistakes I made, no snapping to grid, bad texture placement, etc I definitely agree that mapping on the weekend is far more enjoyable than during the weekday. Especially when its raining and cold.
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