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  1. Over at 3DBuzz they have a challenge to create a DM map in 30 days. Been working on this at home and at work, usually after all my bugs are resolved. Hope to be able to finish it in 17 days http://www.3dbuzz.com/vbforum/sv_ut3_landing.php The contest requires that you only use stock assets that ship with the game but you are allowed to make custom materials, particle effects, etc using those assets. My contest entry is a space DM level, most of the bsp work is done, and I've been testing the gameplay using bots. Gravity gameplay will be outside of the ship. Currently I'm adding meshes to the level, this is the reactor room towards the front of the map.
  2. comes out tonight at midnight Picking up my copy in the morning.
  3. Bioshock - unfortunately it go boring way to fast going backwards through the level. Overall i liked the graphics & everything it just didn't hold my interest for very long. Battlefield 2 - way way too many air jockeys to make the game fun. If you could eliminate the aircraft it would of been a much more enjoyable game.
  4. that was my interview question, name the best to worst Alien movies. which is good because I thought I'd have to list all the characters in Road to Hill 30.
  5. Yay! Mapcore is Back!
  6. Lee3dee

    UT3 - DM-Cove

    map looks awesome! I do have 1 question though, how does it play? have you placed bots in the level and tested out paths. Or are you making more of a portfolio piece rather than a Deathmatch level.
  7. its nice to see how other designers make their levels and where the basic design came from.
  8. Lee3dee

    UT3 Editor

    Nope, and apparantly they're trying to deny they were planning it despite them having a "Bioshock Editor" splash image in the directory. did you guys try duplicating your bioshock shortcut, and adding editor at the end of the properties?
  9. being a mapper, I skipped the demo and went straight for the editor while trying it at work. The editor is freaking amazing, i figured out the terrain stuff, but now working on placing roads, and buildings. the drop in and out of the game in the editor is sweet! You can even play the single player level sunny if running it from the editor. Its time for a new video card for me! 6800 at home just doesn't cut it anymore.
  10. http://store.valvesoftware.com/productp ... lDsgn.html I designed a TF2 map on paper, but I have never used Hammer, only Ue2 & Ue3, so trying to decide if its a good deal or not for a non-hammer user.
  11. trying to find a good hammer tutorial, this portal game is calling for me to make a puzzle level
  12. the atmosphere is outstanding reminds me of a level in Myst. For the god rays, did you use a mesh? I would like to see some of the modular pieces that you created and their materials.
  13. wow u mapped the beta already! Nice job! Did you just open the TF2 packages in hammer?
  14. I'm on my 3rd week and gearbox is awesome! still owe mikey a beer tho
  15. if you missed a chance to get into the beta there are keys readily available on ebay
  16. (opinion based on playing a friends copy) graphically it looks gorgeous, its really incredible to see the detail in HD. The controls take a little while to get used to, its a shame that you aren't given any options to use the analog sticks. Trusting your hands left and right to steer the dragon is very unique at first, but it gets somewhat frustrating during the battle sequences. The games production values are almost the same as God of War, the art is stunning, the behind the scenes are interesting and the music is awesome. Its a shame that the sixaxis controls hurt the games playability. I'm interested to play warhawk and see how they handled the similar controls.
  17. got the beta invite tonight! woot! have to download it tonight since its 1gb. I'll let you know my thoughts
  18. 4 hours downloading, only at 50% on a cable modem
  19. freaking awesome!!!!! I played it again for the 3rd time, finding new ways to kill people has never felt so rewarding You can unlock abilities the more you play the demo
  20. hahaha, It was hot as hell the day of my interview. Its very hot in Raleigh, NC at the moment, i think it hit 100 today. I'm used to the hot weather, but not the humidity.
  21. thanks everyone Moved back to Raleigh, NC this weekend. Getting all my stuff ready for the drive to Texas. Any of you recommend know anyone looking for a roommate? or know a good apartment?
  22. thanks guys I forgot to mention that I owe MikeZilla several drinks now, hope my wallet doesn't dry out too quick. Thanks Fletch, Mojo was giving some advice on apts, if you have any recomendations, IM them to me.
  23. Accepted the job at Gearbox Software today. I'll be making coffee for Mike, Mojo and Tom and maybe doing some level design too ^^
  24. i was drooling! makes me want to get a ps3, when the game comes out, nothing for me to get it for at the moment.
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