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  1. looks awesome! the Farcry engine blew me away and it seemed the editor is made for artists
  2. Skjalg: thanks . lighting is still WIP . But also remeber that there are other locations next to it, so the lighting will get brighter. Sven_E: I loved Hitchhikers guide . Not sure on the new movie, hope they don't screw up the classic
  3. walkways redux testing the bot pathing and weapon placement, then I'll make a video showing the gameplay.
  4. actually, i was playtesting it some more with a friend before I went to bed, and we agreed that the platforms were boring and didn't fit the style I had created. So, i'll be making different ones tonight. Your comments are dead on
  5. small update, been working on the platforms surrounding the asteroid. After building it, noticed that the platforms were a little big, but are able to fit 2 characters. The ships were created by Epic for Assault, eventually I will add my own to fit the style. They are just to show where the placement will be. Also, I need to add some lights around the rocket. Another update tomorow
  6. Lee3dee

    UT2 DM-Redkin

    I really like the look of the first image . but with only 2 screenshots, I want to see more please
  7. I have a rough sketch of the map, but thats the general idea. Is having 4 different places to fight, and maybe 1 central location in the middle. with various ways to get to either location. A couple of floating asteriods around the level that players could tele too for bonus power-ups. Maybe the ability to fly a ship from one area to another. It's my first map i've ever done. lol, a little ambitious
  8. hahah, u know set the lights to disco in the editor, but they didn't show up ingame, lol. guess i'll read up on it
  9. Lee3dee


    looks like one of the town's from Resident evil 4 . Spoiler: *** **** *** *** ***** ** ***** **** **** **** *****. I like your lighting . are you using a texture for the lighting, or does HL2 do the spot light automatically? Are you creating your own textures and models or using the in-game ones? Looks really good for a Test! lol
  10. MagicTMP: Thats 1 of 4 pieces of the map its going to be alot biggger Hourences: Thanks for the tips, I really appreciate it I'm using psd 7.01. I was going from a psd file to dds, but i guess I should make it a TGA first. I'll try that today. Lights are work-in-progress , I know what you meant . Yeah, my vertex lighting is blah, but i was thinking when i start adding other areas, like Pete's garage with lights there, its all going to have to be tweaked again. lol
  11. the images on page 1, blew me away! Jaw dropped!. Looks beautiful . I'll download it when I get a new PC to run HL2. lol. oh, and your robot design on your webpage was my wallpaper at work for the longest time
  12. small update: Added debris around the rocket area, a few boxes. Removed the table at the back and added a karaoke setup with banner. Tomorow, add lights around the rocket, improve lighting setup and add the parked ships area. for some reason, when I create a texture in photoshop and then export it using the DDS plugin by nvidia, im not getting any alphas even at DXT5. Anyone have any experience using dds files and alpha maps? More updates tomorow
  13. Lee3dee


    corridors look cool, but I agree with slicky that you need to make the level a bit different from the other corridor levels that we have all played. In screenshot3 there seems to be some blurring on the light textures, are you using your own textures or the ones for the game? and What game is this for
  14. I was thinking hoping across pieces of rock, or some broken ships as bridges. I have a few ideas kicking around but, thats why im posting now, to share ideas
  15. Your probably all wondering, what happened to the Unreal office level i was working on. Well i got inspired on the plane while we waited for our bags from Useless Airways. Started drawing and came up with something more creative. This is 1 of 4 locations in the level. They will all be located on pieces of rock debris. Rachel's Diner is 70% complete with textures needed to be fine-tuned and objects smoothed. Total poly count for rachel's is 13000 including the piece of rock. Next i need to add some walkways and spaceships. I thought I would use Epic's spaceships as the vehicles scattered around the level. Make them swoop around the area, showing a busy town. I was thinking of making 1 or 2 ships playable, to get from one place to another quickly, maybe in a hidden area, but we'll see . The two drunks are characters from the game, that I repositioned as is the bartender too. Need to add particles to the rocket engine, food machine and dripping waste from the pipes. But all that is sugar coating later. Concept Screenshots Open to Suggestions, comments, ideas edit: oh, Pete's Garage is in the modeling stages, be posting concept and screens soon
  16. model fits the concept very well . He looks very unique . Looking forward to seeing him textured. You should make him a half cyborg - half bunny.
  17. OMG, Crytek, I wish I lived close to you good luck to all those that apply
  18. If thats an offer, I would love to help I have a question for everyone Would you consider an office level to go towards a portfolio for an environment artist, or should i scrap this idea and move on to an outdoor environment which maybe better. What are your thoughts?
  19. walked into best buy for spiderman 2 dvd, came out with Half-life 2 as well. Installed it at home, and realized i should of waited becasuse my dual 1.4 athlon was sufferring. Now its sitting idle on my HD until I can experience it in its beauty:D Only a few months before its going to be played. Was a little disappointed since it was not on dvd like Ut2004. 5 CDs was alot
  20. Taken the suggestions from everyone , I really appreciate the suggestions and re-designed the layout. It's a bit bigger and has some Z-axis:D Focused on good playability and flow. Concepts Floor1 Concept Floor2 Let me know what you guys think. Should have it mapped out this weekend, and testing with bot paths.
  21. one of my side jobs at work, appart from being a QA tester is creating trailers for their games. I agree with you about the CG cutscenes, I show maybe 5 shot of CG and the rest is game footage, because I want to see how the game plays, not how well the CG looks. We're selling the game by showing the player gameplay not for the awesome CG Opening however, Blizzard, SquareEnix, Capcom openings always sell me
  22. Lee3dee

    dm_cascade - wip

    Dam looks good. What would add to it, if you had animated water coming from some pipes in the side that are spewing out onto the water. Looks really nice
  23. Mike-O: Im making if more for fun, more than if it fits the game. I like the UT engine and its fun to shoot rockets down the corridors . Zaphod: good idea with the balcony, my co-worker suggested that too. I started blocking out the level again, to add a second level. The bottom floor will be main desk, a big room with stairs going up, some smaller rooms to the side. some elevators that also goto the second floor. Then the 2nd floor willl have the creative area and programming area, etc. actually, the floor texture is an epic texture, for a reference. I enjoy creating textures and meshes Thx for the crits , posting some updates tomorow.
  24. Hi, new to this forum my friend said you all give some great feedback so here i am I'm working on an office lvl for UT2004. It's my first level design coming from a 3D modeling background. As the moment its a single floor, but after getting some feedback from friends and people online, im thinking on making it 2 floors, with stairs and elevators. Anyways, here's a few early pics, comments and suggestions are very welcome
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