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    [cod4] AirBase

    Thanks guys Its fun learning a new editor that's not Unreal Small hangar populated with meshes (completed), moving onto control tower next. Things I have discovered so far - you cannot scale the mesh enity using the scale in selection. You have to scale it by adding a value to the mesh entity. - xmodels pictures are way easier than going through all them 1 by 1 (thanks Frittz) - duplicating the mesh and copying and pasting the name from the xmodel pics folder into the entity window is way faster than going through the model list looking for it. - selecting a brush and then middle clicking on any texture applies it to the brush. (very handy) - hitting escape every time is gets annoying for deselecting, but the brush tools are awesome!
  2. well u didn't say they were in Docs/model_pics. Now I know where to look quickly. Now i need to find a better way to rotate textures quicker than using the surface browser.
  3. Lee3dee

    [cod4] AirBase

    After watching many tutorials and asking Sensei KungFuSquirrel for radiant tips, I started my map COD4 map today. First building, small Hangar (Reference from Pearl Harbour) I need to get my brush speed up. lol This took at least 6 hours I opened the air vent at the top so someone could possible throw a grenade through it. Some general radiant questions: 1. do you make decals using brushes? or patches? or is there another way. 2. is there an easier way to rotate textures then inputting numbers into the surface browser. UE3 has a texture gizmo that you can manipulate it on the bsp, wondering if radiant does also.
  4. CompoSITe: Thanks. There are a few models in xmodel that I want to use in my map that I don't see in prefabs. I wish there was a way to look though the xmodel folder quicker. There's too much in there! would be nice for a quick thumbnail preview.
  5. I downloaded it last night from steam, why the hell are we forced to use "games for windows live" whats wrong with relic's servers to play. It worked for dow1. So after many many attempts to login using my xbox account, and getting the same "you account is invalid" the beta came and went for me. I'll keep playing dow1 and Company of Heroes, having to use GFW i'll be passing on my purchase. They should of gone with Steam.
  6. free on Youtube. The videos come with UT3 dvd collectors edition if you wanted higher quality version. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8k6ImhLtGnI
  7. Lee3dee

    [UT3] - Waterfall

    maybe adding some water splashes to the waterfall
  8. Lee3dee

    [UT3] - Waterfall

    no problem, lets us know when you have done some optimization so i can run through it again. If you have any questions just ask
  9. awesome map! I've been messing around with the cod4 editor also, barely gotten to the level that you have accomplished here. Coming from Unreal 3, radiants navigation controls are very annoying! having to hit escape everytime to deselect a brush gets frustrating. I do like its prefabs option for bsp, and the bsp tools are sweet, oh an patches are awesome! I really miss the 4 windows from unreal 3. I had some question * When you were adding meshes were you getting them from the xmodel directory? because i noticed that every model that I brought in didn't have any collision associated with it, so I had to build my own collision as bsp. * Did you build the houses first? then add the terrain? and did you have to stitch the terrain patches together once you were completed? * Did you ever have any problems where the gun/player would be multicolored? Thanks -Lee
  10. Lee3dee

    [UT3] - Waterfall

    I walked around your map in the editor, you definitely need to implement some optimization. I outlined a few areas where collision can be simplified with blocking volumes. Once you've optimized it a bit it it will be a fun map for a few people. Remove these the collision on these pieces of rock and make a blocking volume that is the shame of it. I found myself getting stuck occasionally. I would do the same thing here also, simplify the collision mesh using a blocking volumes. This island is only accessible from a certain direction which makes if frustrating depending where you are located. I would add a blocking volume that on the sides where the collision stops the player from collecting the health, or rebuild the collision using a blocking volume. These rocks in the distance don't need to have collision, its wasted processing power. Make some simple blocking out there. incase a projectile happens to go there. Same with these rock pieces, they are wasted processing power, be better to simplify the collision with a volume. If you are unsure about how to remove collision from a mesh, Hit F4 and goto collision tab and theres a drop down menu, just select nocollision.
  11. Inspiring work Hourences as usual I'm patiently waiting for them to release TCOS to the US, but i didn't see any information on their site
  12. I'm more interested in broadening my tools than being only limited to 1 editor. Isn't radiant used in a lot of games recently? Is hammer similar to radiant? so would it be easier to learn radiant over Hammer?
  13. With my recent layoff from Gearbox, I've been using this past month to work on art tests but I want to start expanding my knowledge of other game editors. I've been using Unreal tools for about 4 years, so its very familiar to me, but I feel as though its limiting me when applying for jobs. Which editor do you think would be easy for me to pickup and start learning. I briefly experimented with COD4 radiant a few months ago found the navigation difficult compared to Unreal. Unreal tool set has spoiled me with its ease of use. thanks Lee
  14. I was laid off at the end of October during the pre-gbx layoffs. there were more than 26 of us laid off, but it wasn't made public. Nice thing for me is that I have a months head start in job hunting, and I already have 4 good leads. Gearbox was a great place to work before all these layoffs I hope they will bounce back. I'd definitely work there again
  15. Lee3dee


    So you may remember this level I was working on in July, well its finally ready! ElysiumGX, Jaysinsan & DGUnreal from the Epic community have been helping me out and I think I got most of the bot pathing flowing well. There's a large amount of ammo and weapon pickups and quad damage that requires some jumping skills. crits & suggestions are always welcome instructions: http://www.3dwasabi.com/Unreal/UT3/files/DarkVortek.zip Extract the zip file into your (My documents\MY Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Published\CookedPC\CustomMaps) folder PS3 Version also available http://www.3dwasabi.com/Unreal/UT3/files/PS3-DarkVortek.zip Enjoy
  16. November is going to be an expensive month for games
  17. looks awesome! I miss making my own custom meshes.
  18. HP: Nope I missed the deadline and I wasn't happy submitting a half-ass level, plus i was heavy in crunch. Map is approaching Beta status, YAY! Things left to do before beta release: - finish scripting battle outside - finish placing items - test bots with gravity volumes
  19. time to reinstall GoW again and try out this map
  20. competition ended on Monday, but I'm still working on it. Hope to release it soon for public testing.
  21. Some more progress shots. Almost finished decorating the rear portion of the ship The rear engine room now contains a teleport vortex that I created in Kismet which randomly teleports any player to anywhere in the ship. A quick and easy escape if you are low on health. Should a player follow someone else into the vortex, they won't appear in the same location. Working on scripting the battle outside of the ship. I'll be handling this with matinee and kismet, no point fighting on a spaceship if there's no action going on around you. The walkways shown here allow the players get around the ship, but there no gravity so you can jump to other locations easily back to work
  22. stunning map HP! Make some tutorials for us
  23. Lee3dee

    UT3 - DM-Cove

    That looks awesome Paul!
  24. I have it on xblive, hit me up for some races in any country gamertag: HarleyQ
  25. nahh, Bl1tz your map will be great! I'm just entering to see if i can make a fun playable map in 30 days. If i don't win, its fine. I have a MSU map started but its taking longer than I expected.
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