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  1. Hey guys, haven't been around in a while :( Really like the new site and forum.

    I'm no longer at UTV True Games, or KingsIsle Entertainment. Taking a break, working at home for a bit freelancing, currently working with U4iA Games on Offensive Combat. Its been nice to finally spend time working out everyday, loose my fat gut that has plagued me for so many years.

  2. I rented the PS3 version tonight, and wasn't impressed :( The level design was bland, the colors are washed out and the lighting of the levels look like the designers were only allowed to use a 5 lights. The combat felt like Gears of War, go into cover, shoot with arrow, do some hacking, repeat. The game behind the scenes made the game sound so epic, and innovative that it got me all excited to try this out.

    It's really easy to spot the movers for the scripting, because they are unlit and stick out of the world like a sore thumb. Gameplay got a little dry, I played it for a good 2 hours before ejecting the dvd and putting it back in the case. I definitely enjoy RPG dungeon crawlers, I just think this one could use a little more polish time in the gameplay mechanic, do something new. Sounds like the PC version is much better :)

  3. After I saw Helder ([HP]) and Andrew (KungFuSquirrel) update their portfolios, I thought it was time to update mine, since we are launching Faxion Online on May 26th. I'll be uploading a new Faxion reel once we release, that has more footage than the current one on my site. I didn't include any of the levels I worked on when I was a level designer, since I'm having way too much fun as a Visual FX Artist :)


    Comments are always welcome :)

  4. If you want your meshes to have good lighting, you'll need to create a second UV channel for each mesh exported. I had to learn this from the artists on BIA: Hell's Highway which helps to produce good clean light maps. The light map cannot contain overlapping uvs, you can use automatic unwrap, as long as they are contained in the 0-1 uv box. In 3dsmax its relatively easy, you just change to UV2 in the unwrap modifier.

  5. Yeah, 23 days and counting.....but what makes it harder for me is that I'm moving to Austin, TX to start my new job at Bioware at the end of the month. So, I'll be juggling moving, packing, and the competition. I wonder if the competition will get an extension :D

  6. A fellow Plano resident! I clicked the link to download you gears map but there wasn't one. If you going to display your maps, you may want to include a map for download. There are tons of talent looking for work in the Dallas area looking for work, I was laid off from Gearbox in November with a bunch of other people and i haven't found anything yet :( No job is ever safe, even when you think it is especially in this economy.

    You went to SMU Guild Hall, Gearbox takes in a lot of people from there. Good luck on your job search.

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