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  1. get back to work, StarHawk needs patching! if mine gets refunded, just let me know and I'll send it via paypal or money if my paypal is still hacked
  2. Donated! Thx to MapCore I wouldn't of moved to Texas Where BBQ is amazing!
  3. I rented the PS3 version tonight, and wasn't impressed The level design was bland, the colors are washed out and the lighting of the levels look like the designers were only allowed to use a 5 lights. The combat felt like Gears of War, go into cover, shoot with arrow, do some hacking, repeat. The game behind the scenes made the game sound so epic, and innovative that it got me all excited to try this out. It's really easy to spot the movers for the scripting, because they are unlit and stick out of the world like a sore thumb. Gameplay got a little dry, I played it for a good 2 hours before ejecting the dvd and putting it back in the case. I definitely enjoy RPG dungeon crawlers, I just think this one could use a little more polish time in the gameplay mechanic, do something new. Sounds like the PC version is much better
  4. After I saw Helder ([HP]) and Andrew (KungFuSquirrel) update their portfolios, I thought it was time to update mine, since we are launching Faxion Online on May 26th. I'll be uploading a new Faxion reel once we release, that has more footage than the current one on my site. I didn't include any of the levels I worked on when I was a level designer, since I'm having way too much fun as a Visual FX Artist http://www.3dwasabi.com/wp/ Comments are always welcome
  5. Still waiting on a demo so I can try it. But next week is Crisys2
  6. Lee3dee

    Faxion Online FX

    kinda portfolio related I wanted to share with you all some screens for the game I'm working on as FX Artist. Its called Faxion Online. Its territory control PVP combat, Massively released an story about it today, http://www.massively.com/2010/11/17/cla ... ouncement/
  7. I'm still gonna pick up the 360 version. but on PC I'm staying with Bad Company 2 for my military fps needs
  8. 40 is a huge hit in the development workforce over there. Hope everyone finds work soon.
  9. I'll see if I can borrow MikeZilla's private jet for the event
  10. awesome job on the tutorials! I figured out fracture last night on a bsp converted to staticmesh. I've been using Phat editor to do destructable meshes, i guess this is a simpler way
  11. One of the guys at BioWare started a podcast for those looking to get their foot in the door in the games industry. It's great to listen for anyone that's interested, the first 2 episodes he talks about Audio Design & Tech Artists. If you have any topics that you'd like to see covered, just leave some comments. http://gim.acanaday.com/ -Lee
  12. can't wait to play Assassins Creed 2! Even my wife wants me to buy it so she can admire the historic architecture
  13. Added background rocks, ramp lighting from the movie, and a little something for the ALIENS fans HP and our project has even gotten a little notice on the web http://www.crysisnews.de/news-artikel,H ... Kommentare (German)
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