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  1. my sky is only showing up grey.. any ideas? sky: sky_l4d_c5_1_hdr i have copied the environmental ents from the c5m1 example map if i take the "_hdr" off the skybox name I get this anyone any ideas? i've tested it over and over making changes but it doesn't seem to do anything
  2. i'm following the gnomon dvd and now that i stopped in rage at not being able to fix this last night, got it fixed today and i've another 36 mins in.. he explains the exact problem i was having
  3. i have gotten it fixed, it was something to do with something set to LOCAL instead of WORLD solved
  4. so the problem i'm having with this is, i select the edge of the brush to make it smaller, but it also selects the corner edge in a different window and when i move it, instead of moving in it also moves down or up so it ends up like this any idea why its doing that and not just allowing me to move the edge in? thanks
  5. Drakeee

    Another assault?

    Can't really judge it.. what you have is nice.. show the rest of the map
  6. Drakeee

    Map size?

    64 players would be MENTAL in hl2dm.. 6-8 is just right I'd say
  7. Drakeee

    dm_intensity HL2DM

    I like. When I first saw it I thought it was a bit bland looking, same coloury. Then I looked a few times and it's actually all the colors complement each other nicely. gj.
  8. Drakeee

    HL2DM : Bounce - BETA 1

    The caves really are awesome. I haven't tried this out online yet, anyone got an ip for a european server running it?
  9. Drakeee


    Upon closer inspection of my latest shit, I found it to be a) more cluttered b) slightly revolting. i withdraw my comment. :wink:
  10. Drakeee


    i've taken shits that weren't as cluttered
  11. Drakeee

    Bounce (remake for HL2DM)

    absolutely fantastic i love the cliffs by the rpg.. well done =D
  12. Drakeee


    looks nice, is it for the contest?
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