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    [CS:GO] Rails

    Subscribed, looks great man
  2. Drakeee

    de_outpost (wip)

    So I recently got back into CS:GO having being a big CS 1.6 player back in the day. Decided to make a map for it ^_^ I've decided to make a small demolition map since it's a smaller project and hopefully easier to finish. Obviously I need to work on the lighting (just threw in some light entities for testing) a lot as well as adding cover etc. Playtested a bit (2v2 with bots) last night and it seems to need some tweaking but any constructive criticism would be welcomed Here's some screenshots and a workshop link, cheers! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=311724175
  3. Are the T's very close to B? judging from the screenshot lol
  4. Drakeee

    [CSGO] cs_sportscentre

    Absolutely LOVE the circular ceiling
  5. Will play this evening! Looks good
  6. Man that is some comprehensive feedback! Thanks so much I have about 3 pages of an a4 book just with bugs/suggestions/fixes already found - definitely have to add some more on now ! As regards the dead end street, yes I've forgotten to block it off, most people have mentioned that! Added to list! I know there are a lot of nav issues, thats something I need to do quite a bit of work on I reckon! I'm mostly aiming this at versus too so maybe I'm missing the more obvious things from a campaign point of view (infected ladders, etc) - Added to list! The boxes got into the stairwell as the office workers were trying to block themselves in upstairs? I dunno I'll have a revisit of this area That is one heck of a spot for a tank battle :E How did it go? You said it basically couldnt get to you? Hole in the wall, yes I think breaking out the whole wall would be a good idea, don't want such a massive margin for a charger out the wall to downstairs though.. Will give it thought The first ammo supply you found is indeed the first ammo supply. Will look into adding more shotgun ammo but I think uzi ammo is pretty ok so far. I kinda want the player to be close to running dry when they find a new ammo spawn. Agree the basement area is really empty, I guess I neglected it in the rush to get something out and playable Agree there needs a sound on the gate panic event, also a far longer wait for the elevator doors to open, these are on the list! Thanks so much for taking the time to reply with screenshots and everything, really helps a lot!
  7. It's up for download! First map http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=23478 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=128290255
  8. Looking for beta testers for the first map - add me on steam if you're interested: xlan thanks!
  9. http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=23478 six screenshots above, 20 here http://imgur.com/a/k2A8p My first real campaign for L4D2 - I'm about 90% done on the first map. Been working on it for about 2 months when ever I get a chance. Been trying to get the lighting sorted, it's still far too bright for my liking. I've followed the ideal angles and brightness etc on the L4D2 skies page but its not coming out as dark as I'd hoped. Anyone any lighting ideas? Anyway, any ideas or constructive crits I welcome! Thanks for reading!
  10. I love that screenshot
  11. I really like that.. reminds me of that CS map with the 3 bombsites, I forget the name of it now edit:de_foption! that was gonna drive me mad I had to go searching
  12. Drakeee

    [HL2:EP2] Station 51

    posted in the other thread but heres my demo http://www.15eleven.com/playthrough.rar
  13. Drakeee

    [HL2: EP2] Station 51

    Hi man, played through today Fun! Good work! Seemed very easy at some points but I was playing on Normal. There wasn't enough enemies at most rooms to provide a challenge, there usually seemed to be a max of about 3-4. For the airship battle there should be a wave per rocket i reckon. I wiped the two hunters no problem because of the rockets too so no challenge there. Some stuff could be worked on but I still enjoyed it for a quick belt around I recorded a demo too, can't hurt to watch my playback! http://www.15eleven.com/playthrough.rar edit: I only decided to start recording after about a minute so the first min is missing
  14. With the summer coming up and me playing a whole lot of Left 4 Dead 2 I've decided to make a campaign with my friend. Here's some images of what I've got so far: Decided to switch it to night-time then, but I got a problem with some props going translucent? You can see it in the last pic here I think I'm aware the screenshot quality is a bit poor, i'll try and get some decent ones this evening. Thanks for any replies!
  15. ok i'm not gonna bother with a 3d skybox yet as i'm still very early in development.. turns out that the problem was that i have to set my shader detail to HIGH at least in order to render the skybox madness but it works! thanks for all the help edit:
  16. just read that, do I need a sky_camera yes?
  17. wait, in my console? is that ingame or do you mean in the compile box?
  18. yeah I complied with HRD enabled and disabled, to the same effect. Can't change anything til I get home now (after 6.30) cos I can't seem to login to STeam at work https://rapidshare.com/files/461519275/bowl.rar is a small rar with the vmf, bsp and all that stuff in it if anyone fancies having a look at it, thanks again. <1MB
  19. I'll try that at lunch time (at work now) and post the results thanks for the help guys
  20. its only a small square at the moment so i just threw a hollow sskybox around it
  21. i can check for sure at lunch time, but i think the problem in teh 2nd one was that there was no sky with that name so it did a hall of mirrors effect... i'm sure you're right, something with the fog in the first pic but i've no real experience with that stuff, last time i used hammer was for cs 1.6 surely the valve example ents wouldn't be giving me a problem?
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