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  1. Drakeee

    [CS:GO] de_reato

    Any update on this? It's fantastic looking
  2. Drakeee

    [CS:GO] de_keep

    I'll be honest, from the name I expected something really shitty. But this looks good Middle looks really long though
  3. If the door is in three pieces you can select all three and make it all one func_door_rotating?
  4. Drakeee

    [CSGO] De_Urakka

    Please change that brick paving texture in pic 7
  5. Chateau site with all the windows was a nightmare
  6. Drakeee

    [CS:GO] de_reato

    Love it, inspirational
  7. Jeeez remember Arabstreets? Two entries, only a door width each
  8. I'm glad your girlfriend is beautiful
  9. Drakeee


    Those arches look stretched to me, looks great though!
  10. What time is the playtest? Is there a link to dl the map? I could join ^_^
  11. Here's a layout i've done that i'm going to work on over the next few months
  12. Great feedback onebit
  13. Drakeee

    [csgo] cs_cruise

    What's -makedevshots ? Takes snapshots of cameras you set up in your map. You get a pretty neat effect if you compile throughout map's development: http://www.teamfortress.com/post.php?id=2754 oh wow that looks amazing, i thought everyone was just noclipping to get those lol.. is there a tutorial on how to use it?
  14. Amazing data, not sure what to take from it but I'm amazed that they can be generated in general lol
  15. Drakeee

    [csgo] cs_cruise

    What's -makedevshots ?
  16. Drakeee

    [CS:GO] de_east

    Could we get more screenshots? edit: also there are WAY too many paths.
  17. Subbed, not too hot on the colour though if i'm honest! I'll see what it looks like ingame.
  18. Drakeee

    [CS:GO][WIP] de_yard

    Middle and B remind me of Cache from the overview, this is a good thing Looks good!
  19. Drakeee

    [CSGO] cs_sportscentre

    I just played this in the Vanguard Operation and I can't give it enough praise. It was ohnly DM but the looks of the level are so amazing. Highly impressed.
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