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  1. 52 minutes ago, Klassic said:

    Also, going into A for the Ts is really hard since they need to have mid-control to even get there

    I suggest giving mid T-side a bit more cover

    I'm thinking of opening up the door on the left of A site as another route in - played a little with a friend there and noticed that there's a really bad angle under the car from T middle, will work on fixing that and adding more cover :)

    @Wrakke I hear you, when its detailed maybe it won't be such an obvious long run? A lot of maps have long runs at the start of T spawn but I'll add it to the list, thanks!

  2. probably inferno'd out man :P

    Might just be the overview but the pathing seems a little weird? - No traditional mid and both paths into A converging on one point/entry?


    ​I've noted a few more areas on the map below, there's about 4 entry points to A but not obvious on the overhead I guess!

    I can see that some areas are way too wide, I'll work on narrowing them for sure. Might even have to change the theme :P

    As for too many spots to hide, I'll have to find those spots during playtesting :) Thanks for looking!


  3. To be honest about the theme. I came to the point where I had to decide whether to go. Realism or overall look. The map does not look nice when done realistic. So I need to find balance between them. There are some things that are placeholders for now. I need modeler who is whiling to make some 3d models for me.

    Today I already fixed few things based on your feedback. I opened those windows near bombsite b and rised overhang. 3d skybox will be the last thing to do for me.

    I chosed cargo because in the first version of the map bombsite A was a warehouse that had a big cargo on the platform. I found it easy to remember :)

    Here is _b05 version of the map that I uploaded for my friend. It's still only for gameplay purpose because detailing is not done yet and there are some bugs and glitches.


    - No clip brushes

    - No bombsite A ( I forgot to turn on vis group before compiling)

    - Not fully detailed




    Did you upload a version with no bombsite A?  :XD:

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