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  1. Heyo Thanks again for the test last night, was fun! Do I need to request the feedback in here?
  2. I'm on now for the playtest - is anyone available or all watching the major?
  3. That sounds fair, lets do that - sorry for messing you around but couldn't get this work thing changed
  4. Really sorry to do this but I've been roped into a work thing on Thursday night, can I postpone til Sunday? de_otocec_v1 Or actually, I suppose I don't need to be there - I can just gather the feedback afterwards?
  5. Can I update my submission to go from 29/3 to 31/3 ? I need a little time to update the T spawn
  6. I understand Hopefully we can get it tested and I can think of alternatives then.. I appreciate all your comments!
  7. Well, just off the top of my head , 3-4 seconds+ long runs for T's to middle Cache, Nuke, Inferno, Train, Overpass, Cobblestone, - i'm sure there are others..? I'll keep it in mind for the future though thanks
  8. I'm thinking of opening up the door on the left of A site as another route in - played a little with a friend there and noticed that there's a really bad angle under the car from T middle, will work on fixing that and adding more cover @Wrakke I hear you, when its detailed maybe it won't be such an obvious long run? A lot of maps have long runs at the start of T spawn but I'll add it to the list, thanks!
  9. Yeah it's pretty small actually, fast rotates too CT->A (6-7 sec) CT->B (6-8 sec) T->A (12-13 sec) T->B (11-13 sec)
  10. Submitted to get a slot whenever the next available is! Thanks!
  11. Ok so second time of posting it's working I'm looking to get this playtested, I've worked on it for a week or two. I'll be posting in the other thread for a playtest slot too Any feedback is much appreciated, thanks guys! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=653071902
  12. Drakeee

    de_caspian [WIP]

    Feels like it's huge with no real need to get middle control?
  13. Drakeee


    Really like the outdoor sections of the latest screenshots
  14. Drakeee

    [csgo] cs_cruise

    What are you going to do with the money from being featured in an operation this time?
  15. It's so bright do a proper compile?
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