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  1. 240 was too long. It works fine at 120. SOLVED.
  2. [This is a Specialists (HL1) related question.] I've added a 2 minute long song to my latest map. It's set up to be cued by a trigger_multiple. It starts fine & runs for it's duration as well. The trouble is that, although I've set the reset time on the trigger to 240 (4 minutes), the wave won't play again. The sound has a start point & an end point encrypted into it. It is set to not toggled, start silent & play everywhere. I should add that there are multiple instances of the entity, as the play everywhere flag semed to fail at it's purpose. Any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong ?
  3. the Carpenter


    Unless there are any major bug issues with this thing, it's finished. If anything fails to work for you, let me know & I'll straighten it out at once. However, it should be working just fine. Enjoy. TS_BOOMTOWN
  4. In two days, on two different computers, I have been attacked by a virus while viewing this forum. I missed the name yesterday, but today it was called 'Weblink'. I hope you guys can get this straightened out & I'm glad I have a decent antivirus program. Good luck ! Carp.
  5. I find it odd that a secret base is so very well marked as such.
  6. Glorious in appearance. Murder in the FPS department though, as previously stated. If it were half the size it may have turned out playable for my old compy. Still ...2.53 GHz chip/2 Gb RAM/ ATI 800X should have no problem gaming ... but ... :roll:
  7. I believe it's still missing the "lightbulb" on the dish.
  8. Nobody likes a quitter, I know, but ... I've only dabbled slightly in HL2 mapping. It requires another chunk of learning curve that I'm just not interested in. Mapping has eaten up a good 7000+ hours of my life already. I have a metal band on the go, a 3 storey house to renovate/maintain & (strangely enough) a life to live. I just don't have the ambition to map anymore. What do you do, right ? For now, at least ... I'm retired ! W00X !!!
  9. This is more than likely the last map I'll ever make. I've been sitting on it for months, without changing anything, so I released it. There are like ...10 lit windows visible in the screenies. Have another look, see ? There are even prostitutes dancing in the red windows. Anyways ... not here to defend anything needlessly. Those who will DL ... will. p.s. How can the creator of "de_night" dislike night maps ?!?
  10. As per usual ... 1 year later ... I release it ! SATAN CITY
  11. If you were to port this over to TS ... people would wanna carry your babies !
  12. the Carpenter


    http://www.myspace.com/bobendo http://www.myspace.com/itchystitches
  13. It's me, playing live in thrashmetal band Itchy Stitches:
  14. the Carpenter

    Japan Photos

    This picture really grabbed me ! Sums up what I might be feeling while it rained on me, in such a place. All that splendor overshadowed by an damned umbrella ! Brilliant !
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