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  1. Over the years I have saved my copy of the orginal cs_siege.map file that has the APC. This was given to me by Euro*Brew after N0TH1NG passed away so that I could remove the APC (because people hated it apparently). I figtured I would share some screenshots with you guys Also, some of you might not know this but this monitor texture is actually my desktop from the time. In my browser I actually had the original Mapcore forums loaded up and in the background I'm connected to the mapcore IRC channel. Here are a few more screenshots as well
  2. Actually, the aliens in Avengers never assaulted the main ship because the Avengers kept them in the new york area (away from the ship). Also, it is my understanding that .
  3. It's pretty exciting though! Getting closer
  4. I've been waiting for water effects like this for so long! More info here!
  5. SOOPRcow


    While I haven't played a round in the map yet I did load it up and walk around it last night and had to log in and tell you I am genuinely impressed. I think N0TH1NG would be impressed as well. I actualy still have the orginal RMF file for siege as well (see http://sooprcow.com/...es/cs_siege.jpg) from when N0TH1NG passed away. If anyone knows how to get a hold of Euro*Brew I would love to talk to him to get permssion to release it to the world. I would also just love to talk to him, it's been a long time now Also, you should totaly do Docks next
  6. Seriously, abso-fucking-lutely amazing.
  7. I haven't posted on these forms in years but I reactivated my account just so post how excited I am!
  8. SOOPRcow

    Another assault?

    You make it sound as if you think I don't plan on adding a 3d sky to the map. As for the lighting the only light entity I currently have in the map is the light_env. Oh, and also know one building in this map is the same height as another (except for the stuff that is a model). As for the blocked paths, its an assault remake no much you can do about it.
  9. SOOPRcow

    Another assault?

    More Screenshots: Bellow
  10. SOOPRcow

    Another assault?

    It has 6x AA, 16x AF and it was resized down thats why I sharppened it... Not like it actualy effects how the map looks anyway. I also increased the brightness as in-game screenshots end up comming out a little on the dark side
  11. SOOPRcow

    Another assault?

    I like urban mapping so I decided that cs_assault would be fun. Anyway I don't know if I'll ever finish it or what not but this is my work so far (ct spawn) Latest Screenshots Here: Here
  12. Actualy it was just me being lazy with displacement maps... its fixed now
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