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  1. Nazul

    The random model thread!

    wanted it being a prop. so i'll not mention the poly's atm .. oh alright, somewhat about 9k... haha going to tweak it a hell of a lot and then show it again!
  2. Supernorn; those screenshots just shout NS:2 love to see more Seldoon; the texture on the stairs :x, more pics plz ^^
  3. damn defrag , I would love to see those environments with more organics added.. like to 1st screen with the open roof and those branches... green.. grass .rocks... think the scenes look too perfect.. but they look jewellish ^^
  4. imo the brick walls are really out of place in those caves for support.. beams would do much better imho, maybe some nice models even ^^ i mean the arches don't look bad but they seem out of place. and the walls do both could try to hang some banners around .. those huge-ass ones nj
  5. Damn I loved the movies , how low the quality is haha.. Now I think about it the game still has the starcraft feel too it; Water / base level / ramp.. Was scared to see something like wc3 but they did goood anyone know how the toss get there units ? you can create them in the build zones or wherever the energy is flowing but when i watched teh movie what I heard was : "As long as you have enough energy"
  6. Nazul

    The random model thread!

    saw the medieval comp @ game artists too late .. but did one eitherway ^^ took me somewhere about 30 mins.. /45.... new pc is going to render this is 0,1 sec... this one takes 1m50s to render this.. ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________
  7. Nazul

    The random model thread!

    yeah the map looks cool to. that brushed crane looks retarded though and I see A LOT of BIIIG walls, the textures get to repetetive.. I think some support beams and detailed walling will do the trick .. or you already knew this.. ^^ gl
  8. Nazul

    The random model thread!

    dude.. that looks awesome now I want to see the map
  9. try scaling the file up 20% five times, so it's the size you want photoshop should do a good job doing so ... edit:; oh wait... if you scale it once the size would be bigger so 5 times would be to much .. right ? or am I thinking too hard ?
  10. oh btw , i want your Personal Computer...
  11. Nazul

    The 'Core Sketch Thread!?

    i like it ,reminds me of yoshi's island ( snes )
  12. dude this shit is TEH SHIT! nice glowing "symbols" , give's a nice touch overall , maybe a bit more mystery or whatever would be cool do you have the prince of persia spikes coming out of the ground somewhere ? xD
  13. we've got ourselves a millionare. NEW PC's FOR EVERYONE
  14. @ ReFlex : NS SOURCE?!?!?!NS SOURCE?!?!?!NS SOURCE?!?!?!NS SOURCE?!?!?!NS SOURCE?!?!?!NS SOURCE?!?!?!NS SOURCE?!?!?!NS SOURCE?!?!?! :roll:
  15. Nazul


    haha the only thing im doing is looking at the ceilings , in all pics:p love the lightning .
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