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  1. im am a stereotypical American college kid. and i lack a proper girl who will lieks facial hair
  2. captain of my last football gave evr.
  3. saw it for a third time yesterdayyy with my brother.
  4. saw it once on sunday, and once again yesterday. thought it was spectacular. the joker makes the film.
  5. hamst3r


    I saw it on sunday night and thought it was spectacular, never thought that a character who only says 2 words could show so much emotion. Oh and one of the girls I saw it with did start to cry during the closing scenes.
  6. Picture from last summer I found lurking on my computer... I like to think that I no longer look 10 years old. loefs the watermelons <3 Oh and im the king of the playground
  7. i see a hookah in those pictures killertomato. i want.
  8. i actually do have to start getting back in shape, the local allstar football game is coming up in July and i dont want to get my ass handed to me
  9. the girl is actually my ex-girlfriend and as for me being chubby.. eh i am a bigger built guy, no denying that but i wouldnt say chubby lol
  10. that would be a yesssss but actaully im playing rugby next year in college... im kinda excited about it
  11. Nope. Hot chick.... actaully i am the one that looks a little chubby and really drunk in this picture
  12. my nose looks quite large in this picture.
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