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  1. I would get a Wii but I still cant find one anywhere (but then again I havent really been looking), and I would get a PS3, but at the moment there are no "must play" games out for it that I can't get on 360 or PC. I'm happy with my 360 for now.
  2. One of the other companies run by the guy I work for is trying to push out arcade games that are just compilations of about 20-30 classic atari games. We have one of those set up at the office for free play. I get a healthy dose
  3. Yahtzee knows all: http://www.escapistmagazine.com/article ... abula-Rasa
  4. I gotta agree with Yell here. I'm not impressed. Sure, it might be a fun sp campaign for once, but there is nothing visually unique about it. It's no Minerva.
  5. Harmonix said the GH3 controllers would be compatible. You don't _need_ the five extra solo buttons (when you think about it, they need to be wired to the same button) or the toggle switch to play. They're just kinda cool.
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  7. Played it and I'm not to impressed. The style is great, don't get me wrong, but the gameplay is just boring.
  8. This one's better http://xkcd.com/310/
  9. i prefer more subliminal humour like xkcd or achewood. while some of PA's strips are funny, you can tell they're riding their wave. http://xkcd.com/230/
  10. IMHO, open source works great for workstation and everyday apps (I use FOS programs for everyday apps because its gives me a sort of guarantee that it is not spyware/bloatware), but I don't think it could work for entire video games. Components of the game engine (renderer, physics, plugins, etc), but as for the entire game being FOS, I don't think it works very well. The best place FOS has in the video game industry is in engine plugins/libraries (sdl, openGL, openAL, freeGLUT, etc), but not the entire game itself. At least not a game that would be up to par with todays gameplay standards
  11. Just as an aside, if these guys want to mimic the success of wikipedia, why are they shitting all over wiki by making an entry that is blatant advertising and reads like it was written by an eight year old?
  12. Oh god, they wrote themselves a wiki entry: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/W2pi There missing a lot of references. [edit] lol, I marked it as spam. The article does violate a lot of the wiki TOS. There's no credible sources. I'm not vandalizing the article, I'm just making it conform to wiki rules (which in this case is removing most of the article).
  13. Attack of the Red Polygons! At least we have the doom shotgun!
  14. lol, this is brilliant http://www.fullyramblomatic.com/reviews/
  15. If their ability to make a promotional video reflects in any way their ability to make a game, then their game is sure to usurp WoW.
  16. I think Robert Zemeckis is afraid of actors now. He hasn't made a live action movie in almost 8 years.
  17. Actually, it wasnt Securom, it was StarForce3, which is worse. And Ubisoft got off my shit list because after all the complaints, they voided their contract with StarForce and stopped using it (ironically, switching to Securom, but that was before the version of Securom that Bioshock uses, which is shit. Securom was a great DRM scheme until version 7). Steam version still comes with Securom (which is also pointless, because Steam IS a DRM scheme).
  18. I'm never buying another 2K game again unless its DRM free. I've had enough trouble with my damn Bioshock. You know something is wrong when you have an easier time with the pirated version then you do the legitimate version. (Note: I don't condone software piracy, but come on. This is fuckin' ridiculous)
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