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  1. Being a Splinter Cellaholic, I've been looking forward to this since it was first announced. Sure it doesn't look like Sam Fisher anymore, but Splinter Cell is at a critical point in the franchise. They can keep making games with different stories using the same formula they used for 4 games (5 if you count Essentials on PSP) and risk everyone complaining that they are just milking the franchise, or they can try something new and risk everyone complaining that they're ruining a proven formula (I shall dub this the "Yahtzee Paradox") Personally I can go either way with this, but in terms of
  2. QFT. I bought two consoles and a psp for Splinter Cell. I like metal gear, but it's just not a reason for me to buy a PS3.
  3. Rocco DeLuca and the Burden Kind of like an indie Radiohead. There was a documentary made about them trying to promote their first album in Europe (with Kiefer Sutherland as their tour manager) called I Trust You to Kill Me http://www.roccodeluca.com/
  4. Hmm... I'm thinking about applying for the Mobile division programmer position...
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WWqCNmfJ1hY | As full of shit he is, he has a point about Eli Roth... BTW. There's like five or six pro-boll petitions. Signature counts range from 4000 to 16 edit: I think this video is more accurate:
  6. That's pretty much why firefox is my one and only: the customizability. Greasemonkey ftw.
  7. Negative, Safari doesn't pass the Acid3 test yet (no browser does). Safari was the closest to passing, but a few days ago the latest Opera beta out-beat Safari in Acid3 at 98% pass. Safari passes Acid2, but so does Opera and IE 8 beta (Firefox 3 is supposed to). The only reason I have safari installed is because I need to see how web apps I develop render properly. Safari is one of the most standards compliant browsers out there, but if you have a windows machine, just stick with firefox. At least firefox knows how to send credentials to webservers that don't allow anonymous browsing (a con
  8. Been watching the futurama reruns on comedy central. Also finally watching the second half of Farscape since I never got past season 2 (although blockbuster is being dumb about sending me the seasons I actually need...)
  9. The dream office to me would be similar to the Shreveport house id had when they were first starting out making Keen and Wolf. A small house where your small dev team lives, and everybody's computer/workstation is in the living room. Basically a frat house for game developers
  10. honestly, the estimated budget of the movie is only 25 million, which compared to modern day apocalyptic/monster/doomsday movies is pretty tame. It was just shot to make it look like it was a 125 million dollar movie.
  11. I did some searching, and I'm suprised no one has posted this (it is rather old in terms of internet standards), but then again, if you didn't know, you do now. http://www.tmz.com/2008/01/22/heath-ledger-is-dead/ How is it that a great actor like Heath Ledger is dead, but Britney Spears and Paris Hilton are still alive? Can we trade?
  12. First time I've been able to post in about a month
  13. I initially gave it a B-, but after thinking about it that might be a little low. Sure, I almost fell asleep at times and the characters are so unbelievably one-dimensional that there is nothing progressing you through the story because you sure as hell don't care what happens to these characters, but the style and concept are pulled off quite well. I would have easily given it an A, but the complete lack of character development makes you not care at all about what happens. Also, the CGI effects of the monster are pretty bad, except for the some shots near the end (but all of the non-monster
  14. They've confirmed quad layer discs
  15. BREAKING: Man robs bank and escapes via public roads; "We must remove all roads!" - Jack Thompson
  16. Graduate Play More Games Make More Games Be Less Stressed Be Less of an Asshole Grow Up
  17. Katamari Damacy, Dead to Rights II, Kingdom Hearts II, ammunition, a serial breadboard that I can use to make programmable logic circuits (I'm gonna try and build a guitar hero bot with it ), and a bit of cash that I'm either going to buy an HDTV or guitar with.
  18. looks to me like just a sans serif font with some streak filters added to it in post. I highly doubt they made a full fledged font for it. Best you're probably going to find is if someone made an imitation font.
  19. those shots also have anti-aliasing, which apparently only DirectX 10 can do now :roll:
  20. Just played it for a bit the other night and yeah... it fucking rocks. All the crap that is going on publicity-wise sucks. I'm gonna need a sequel here. Props to all you IO boys. Fantastic job.
  21. Muse Rage Against the Machine Audioslave Hands down, the top three greatest bands ever. Not to mention that Muse has the best music videos ever: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqQS4Rz0LIY
  22. The last two games I bought from steam didnt work (Bioshock and Quake Wars), but their physical media counterparts worked just fine. No DD for me unless its a game made by valve.
  23. Man, I wish the real HL2 had disco dancing stryders
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