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  1. Fair enough. I happen to like her in Farscape and I think she's a great actress/voice actress, but I see what you mean. You hate her for the same reasons I hate Jack Black, which is the reason I refuse to buy or play Brutal Legend.
  2. Just put two pre-orders in on Impulse: Sins of a Solar Empire Micro-Expansion With a discount code I got from doing a survey for Impulse, I essentially got Diplomacy for free
  3. Probably opening a can of worms here, but... what's wrong with Claudia Black?
  4. Finished it yesterday. It is pretty amazing, but I had the same complaints as Taylor. It was very difficult at times to figure out what the game expected me to do, and most of the time when you deviate from that you end up dead in a frustrating manner. chapter was just annoying; too much impossible gunplay (damn one-shot-kill grenade launchers, but then again I like the puzzle/platformer aspect of the game more than I like the combat. Also, concerning the ending: Regardless, it's still an excellent game and I'm damn glad I bought it and will play through it several times in the future. Don't know about Game of the Year, though. Right now, Uncharted 2 is taking the position of "If I can't think of a better game by the year's end, it'll be my game of the year". I hasn't really clenched the title for me.
  5. http://www.joystiq.com/2009/10/07/randy ... re-than-i/ Um... what? So let's just forget the fact that Introversion Software would probably be bankrupt right now if it wasn't for Valve putting Darwinia on Steam... is he serious?
  6. "Michael Bay remake of Cabaret"... gotta admit... that was funny. In other news, put my steam pre-order in yesterday
  7. Agreed. I mean CS was _the_ reason I got into online gaming, but I haven't played it in years because it just got too damn boring to play. I'm pretty much done with CS type online games. Mad props to Gooseman for doing his own thing and living the dream. Only reason I'd probably buy this is to support the Goose.
  8. AA is one of those things where you don't care about it until you start to use it... then after while you forget all about it... until suddenly you don't have it anymore... and it makes you realize just how much you love it...
  9. Sounds to me like AMD is whining. If what NVIDIA is saying is true, then they helped out Rocksteady implement AA into UE3, which, being NVIDIA, of course they're going to show them their way of doing things. If the feature is not guaranteed to (but it _might_) preform on ATI cards because of code "hacks" NVIDIA has, then of course you're not going to let ATI card uses use that option because there's a risk of it not working. An option on the in-game menu means "we support this option". If they didn't actually implement and test it, but put it in anyway, the phones would be ringing off the hook from pissed off ATI users about their game crashing. As a software developer, I'd rather have people call me complaining about something that's not there, rather than something that's there but broken.
  10. Just finished the game, and after giving it a second chance I can say I did have a lot of fun playing through it. Everything does work really well as a whole and all around it is a very solid shooter and looks pretty darn good. Kinda got me a little excited for Singularity now
  11. Saw it last night. My friends and I were somewhat drunk and were looking for a movie that we could "Mystery Science Theater 3000" our way through, and that's exactly what we got. The movie is _horrible_. We had a great time making fun of it all the way through, though I am, however, glad that I saw this movie because now I can answer "Yes" to the question "Have you ever seen Ludacris play Air-Hockey?". (The movie did have two things in it that I thought was highly appropriate and highly awesome: 1.) At the very beginning during the first battle, about two seconds after I leaned to my buddy and remarked "This is a highly inaccurate representation of online game play. I don't see any teabagging", a clip shows one of the slayers teabagging a dead body with an off-screen voice yelling "Quit fucking teabagging!". [although this was probably more of a "you had to be there" moment, because of the timing] 2.) Near the end, )
  12. While I'm going to have to agree that the game looks and feel a lot like bioshock and most feels like a rehash of everything we've already seen before, It still looks good enough for me to pick up and give it a go.
  13. Whole-heartily agree. I'm just not a big fan of the current time and place I thought I was the only one with Muse-inspired speeding tickets
  14. I am a rabid Muse fan, been so since Origin of Symmetry, but I gotta say I'm a tad underwhelmed at the moment. I appreciated the different direction, but it just doesn't sound all that epic to me (compared to the last three albums), with the exception of the Exogenesis symphony. Don't get me wrong, it's a great album on it's own, and I'll be picking it up, but when you put it next to Absolution and Origin of Symmetry, it would fall flat if it wasn't for Exogenesis. It probably just needs time to grow on me. I was a bit baffled by United States of Eurasia at first (a bit too "queen"-esqe for my tastes), but it has certainly grown on me. Uprising, Undisclosed Desires, and Exogenesis are awesome, but the rest just didn't have that same awesome punch that previous Muse has had.
  15. Yep, Scorsese's found a new De Niro, alright. Does look good. I'll be checking it out in shows.
  16. anybody else think that $4 Billion (while still a shit-ton of money) seems a bit cheap for Marvel? I mean, Disney's getting the rights to all their characters, and considering the gross revenue from the X-Men, Spiderman, Iron Man, etc movies... don't know, it just seems $4 Billion seems a bit cheap. Only way I could see this as a good deal was if Marvel was starting to tank as a business so now Disney can pick up the slack.
  17. that last one is awesome, Bram! Stellar work!
  18. SecuROM 7.4 (from what I can tell), but it's not the obtrusive SecuROM (like what was originally in Bioshock or Mass Effect). This SecuROM just makes sure disk is in the drive when you start playing it. I'm an anti DRM freak, and I'm cool with it. As for the game itself goes, i have to admit I'm a little disappointed. Most of my criticisms have already been mentioned: the weapons just feel wonky, and I'm really not seeing the need for the Veil. I played it for a few hours after I got it, but I just couldn't stay in the game. I'll pick it up again soon and give it another go.
  19. Thanks, Defrag! I'm currently trying to build up a decent programming portfolio so I can apply for some industry gigs after my contract with my current work lets up (a little under a year and a half). Your post helps out a ton!
  20. Indeed! Cheers to the core!
  21. Nail on the head. In the demo in one segment, he used the sprint (what they call SMART) thingy to get through a metal detector/laser grid without setting it off. First time he ran straight toward it while looking slightly up and the character vaulted over it. Second time, he rain the same path straight to it only this time looking slightly down and the character slid underneath the laser grid. So unless you're shooting directly ahead of you or wherever your looking, I don't think the SMART system (based on what I saw) can compensate for it to allow shooting and free running at the same time.
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