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  1. Pretty cool. I wonder if or how level design would be different if this kind of approach were used 15 years ago.
  2. Yeah I totally want to play that. I'm a sucker for HL maps and mods but I didn't even think that was HL at first.
  3. Belgarion


    Just so we're clear my last post was a satire on all the conflicting opinions.
  4. Belgarion


  5. Belgarion


    Seldoon, that animated example you gave isn't adding contrast, it's adding light. Contrast is the difference between two things. In the case of mapping it usually means light (intensity and color) or textures. What you've done is brightened the scene and then changed the tone of the color. Your example isn't wrong, but we should be clear about the definitions of terms so as not to be confusing. As others are saying, it should probably be a little brighter, but I think the warm colors outside are great. They suggest warmth, which is what I think of when I think jungle. However, inside the ruins I agree with the suggestion of cooler colors. The inside is clearly damp (water dripping everywhere) and should be lit cooler. Give the mental cue of a cooler atmosphere with cooler lighting, i.e. blues and greens.
  6. Belgarion

    ns2_hera WIP

    That's nice work, but the environment is so cold. The warm environment was one of the things I loved about Hera. What you've made is very good but antiseptic. Clean to the point of shiny. I know it's tough when the assets you're given are that way, but maybe you can find a way to insert some of that warm environment with lighting. Hera used some red, a lot of yellow, orange, and green. Yellowy green.
  7. Belgarion

    Pintos photo thread

    I know it's old, but wow, it's awesome. I love the treatment you've done with these photos.
  8. Hey a lot of those were great. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Compile it first so we can see it in-game. Hammer shots are... eh. You'll get a much better response from compiled screens.
  10. Belgarion

    Bugs... mostly

    Oh I figured these were dead bugs... WOW. KUDOS TO YOU SIR. I didn't think you could do that to live bugs.
  11. Belgarion

    Bugs... mostly

    Wow. Fantastic work, especially considering you did this hand-held. You might want to look into spending a few dollars on a focus rail for your tripod.
  12. Belgarion


    Sadly, no lightning. None visible at least. Glad you like them.
  13. Belgarion


    Or about to be. I happened to be at the SW Station (bus station) taking some pics at my Dad's suggestion when BAM! These big clouds roll in. Great dramatic skies if you toy with them a bit. http://belgarion115.deviantart.com/art/ ... n-94696023 Then it definitely rained on me.
  14. Wow. #2 of the first set is fantastic. My eyes can't stop moving! Good work on the whole.
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