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    dux got a reaction from Sprony in Your Favorite game intro   
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    dux reacted to robert.briscoe in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    Experimenting with a hand-painted art style in UDK without post processing or fancy shaders:

    Still got a long way to go, but it's certainly fun to do something non-realistic for a change.

    Only thing i'm struggling with atm is finding a convincing watercolour brush/technique in PS to paint my textures with.
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    dux reacted to Trempler in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    Hmm time for me to post some updates

    Still working hard on my Halflife 1 Mod abyss 048, sadly i´m slow progressing... anyway i reworked my airport map a lot and started to replace all content with my own.
    The textures are mostly CG/TK references some are heavy edited some less Models are still not done so i still have 90% placeholders in there !

    Too i´m still searching for some prop modeller !

    Allright here some pics:

    Hope you like it Feedback is welcome
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    dux reacted to PogoP in SimCity V   
    Sounds like you guys are basically playing a fancier version of a social Facebook game.
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    dux reacted to Rick_D in Tropes vs Women in Video Games   
    Well I have to say this surprised me a little. I struggle with my opinions on subjects like this, feminism, gay rights, racism, etc. It's very easy to just fall into the mindset of "well i don't see a problem so they must be making it into a bigger problem than it is" but the truth of the matter is we don't actually know what it's like to be on that side of the fence. I've never been a gay black woman (except for that one time, but that was just for a weekend), so how can I say for sure that I know what it's like, or claim to understand everything about it.
    I watched the whole 'Man Woman Myth' series on youtube, it was really interesting and highlighted a lot of problems with media and cultures aprroach to male/female equality; for example women are focused on very heavily whereas men are maligned and treated as numbers, a good example is when soldiers, firefights, pile, etc die or are injured on the job the classic line is "10 firefighters were killed today", or "9 firefighters and a woman were killed today", and so on. men are virtually 100% of workplace deaths, men have no rights in family courts, men are treated as rapists almost by default. Now this pisses me off because I know many of these things are unfair, but that is from my personal experience. But how can I possibly know what it's like from the other side?

    Same with these "Women in the Video Game Industry" incentives. I find it very easy to get offended that companies are focusing on women, and providing benefits and honouring women in the games industry just for the simple fact that they are women. It's easy for me to feel that it's completely unfair, where is my trophy, where are my benefits? But then I see threads and opinions like this and suddenly it's not such a big deal; there's obviously a problem if people are doing something about it.

    I can sympathise with the fact that most blacks in America (and I'm not going to say African-American, that's become as racist as saying negro or some shit) are impoverished, and therefore fall easily into criminal lifestyles. The prison system seems to exist to lock up unproportional amounts of young black males. It's very easy to say "they deserve it because they are criminals, look at all these news stories of them behaving like animals" but surely the question you have to ask is "why is it like this?".
    the same thing applies with all social issues, it's worthless to denounce someone's views simply because they differ from yours, the responsible thing is to ask "why do they feel like this?". You can pick data, and pick apart their arguments and statistic but why do they feel it is an important issue?

    Anyway, it's never black and white. There's going to be extremists on every side. A problem is a muddle of greys, possibly without a right or a wrong position, and to just pick a position that comforts your world view does nothing to further society or yourself as a person. Humans fight for each other every day, they do incredibly selfless acts. Your mother risked her life to bring you into this world. That guy from Nigeria risked his life moving to some frozen wasteland to give his family a better chance. That policeman puts his life on the line every day to keep his community safe. I think the very least we can do is to question our views every once in a while and try to see things from multiple viewpoints, not just to appease some political or social agenda, but at the least to make yourself a better human being.

    I posted this video because she isn't some "stupid whore" with poorly researched opinions that serve to put down and demonise men; but because it's interesting to see opinions from a different angle. Anita came to DICE and gave a talk to the studio about things we could do as an industry to improve how women perceive themselves in games, how we can get more women to play and enjoy games. believe it or not she enjoys video games, she really cares. her problem is that when we say "oh but it's always been like that" or " but everyone else does it" then we are part of a larger problem. Even if you go for the wallet then creating games that are more open for all ages and genders is going to bring you bigger profits.
    Her kickstarter asked for $6,000 to create a more professional set of videos that could be used in classrooms (for free, mind you), as well as addressing a problem that nobody was actively speaking about. People felt incredibly strongly and gave her more money. She has spent her time travelling to studios and campuses giving lectures and taking questions, gathering research etc.
    I don't remember seeing a single fucking word said about Double Fine getting massively overfunded to create a 2d adventure game. Hey fatso, where's my game, it;s been 6 months you lazy piece of shit. I bet he just took the money and ran! What a con artist!

    Like campaign junkie said, I thought we were better than this, I thought being in the industry we would see exactly the kind of shit that happens on a day to day basis. Marketing and demographics over-rule common sense and morals, and those demographics aren't even accurate. Just because YOU think white males aged 20 make up 90% of the people playing games, and that those kids only like shooting arabs, doesn't make it true.
    Personally I am getting tired of video games, I don't want fucking action shoved down my throat every second of every hour. I want good games that feature stories, arcs, progression. I want to feel that same "wow" I feel when I put down a good book, or finish watching a great movie. Just sitting with the status quo gets us shit like lollipop Chainsaw, and Hitman (recognisable by her small tits lol get it because she has small tits and she must be killed lmao!).

    TL;DR for dux and sentura: fuck you lmao
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    dux reacted to ⌐■_■ in Tropes vs Women in Video Games   
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    dux reacted to Thrik in SimCity V   
    lmao. Glad to see the community isn't disappointing:

    I bet they're really regretting tying online play into this so much now...
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    dux reacted to Taylor in Tropes vs Women in Video Games   
    Totally going to regret posting this in five minutes. Woo-woo!

    You’d be hard pressed to argue with the core of what she’s saying. The damsel in distress trope certainly does exist for videogames, just as it does in every other storytelling medium, and is particularly prominent in older games not looking to have a complex narrative outside of some lazy justification for gameplay to happen. Likewise, her ultimate conclusion that being exposed to only this trope could perpetuate a sexist world view of weak, helpless women is probably true (though I think games are more diverse than that).

    However, a lot of the evidence she’s putting forwards to back up this fairly innocuous point is rife with unfounded assumptions, cherry picking, and simply reading too much into everything. This is basically the criticism she gets on her other videos, though I believe voicing this makes you a troll. With a neck-beard.

    For instance, her opening gambit about Dinosaur Planet makes a lot of assumptions about changing Krystal into Fox that seem unfounded. Maybe after they merged the troubled project with Starfox they decided to use the well-established, almost-titular lead as the main character for franchise familiarity and safer sales? Demographics seem a consistent stumbling point in her videos about toys as well. Marketing people don't have souls, let alone hidden agendas.

    The part about Princess Peach also seemed problematic. All the times she is a strong, capable character are said to just not count, this includes all the spin-offs like Mario Kart and Mario Party where she’s on equal footing with the other characters, Super Princess Peach where she rescues Mario and Luigi (I have never played this, so maybe it does do some silly stuff - she says she will discuss this later but does not in this video), and SMB2 in the main series was vetoed because her appearance was “accidental” – a claim with no evidence at all. Pointing out it was a Doki Doki Panic reskin doesn't prove anything, her art was unique and they could’ve added a male character instead... And I’m not trying to say here Peach isn’t a contender for the trope! She’s the quintessential example even with these exceptions so why try so hard to bury them?

    It’s hard to say more without hearing the other part, particularly her highlighted exceptions, but I think the main problem here is a lack of creativity.
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    dux reacted to Mazy in SimCity V   
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    dux reacted to Steppenwolf in Tropes vs Women in Video Games   
    This is so trivial. I mean she has a good point about the tropes being overused. But is this really a feminist issue and not just simply a creative one? Meanwhile women in Afghanistan or Africa or wherever get their lady bits chopped off or get murdered because they want to get an education.

    Is there such a thing as fluffy feel good feminism? Because her topics sure feel like it.
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    dux reacted to Rick_D in Tomb Raider   
    and again. shitty QTE, but this time parachuting and trying to miss trees. whoever designed and implemented this can suck my fucking dick. it's appalling and i hope they never get to ruin another game again. i almost stopped playing because some fuckwit couldn't see their choices were utterly terrible. that's a massive failure that it wasn't caught and fixed. and then the sshanty town level looks so bland compared to the level i just came from that it makes me think nobody would get past that shitty fucking QTE so they didn't bother to polish the rest of the game.

    it's a real shame, each one of these bullshit QTEs drop the score by 5 for me, so we're on a 89 at this point. i think it could have been a close 99 without them. the game is equally as good as uncharted 2 if it weren't for these momentary lapses in design/implementation logic. another month of QA and polish would have prevented it but here we are, and i am angry lmao. buttmad over a video game. fuck my life.
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    dux got a reaction from Skacky in Thief 4   
    How can you, Captain of Mapcore, sit there with a clear conscience, knowing full well that you have not experienced one of the greatest PC games ever made? Do I need to come to Nottingham and force you to play it?

    1 and 2 are on steam now - go and buy them you taffer.
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    dux got a reaction from PogoP in Thief 4   
    And thief was never "gothic" - it was steampunk mixed with medieval.

    God damnit.

    *loads thief 2*

    Also fuck you liam lol
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    dux got a reaction from Thrik in Brutal Legend PC   
    God damn this is good shit.
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    dux got a reaction from PogoP in Crysis 3   
    I'd love to play that.
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    dux got a reaction from Seldoon182 in Playstation 4   
    So a bad RPG and a generic FPS?

    You guys are easy.
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    dux reacted to KungFuSquirrel in MapCore Job Census   
    Hey, new job time. m/
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    dux reacted to Pampers in MapCore Job Census   
    I'm starting at DICE on Tuesday
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    dux got a reaction from knj in MapCore Job Census   
    Cant wait to leave that shithole that is Birmingham eh.
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    dux got a reaction from Nysuatro in MapCore Job Census   
    Cant wait to leave that shithole that is Birmingham eh.
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    dux got a reaction from ⌐■_■ in [2D] Texture work   
    Impressive stuff man.

    And the size of that imagine just managed to rape everything in the known universe.
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    dux got a reaction from Kedhrin in Elder Scrolls MMO   
    Wow a CGI trailer, take my money. No not really, fuck you.

    Fuck this, going back to Ultima Online.
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    dux got a reaction from Beck in Zelda: Wind Waker HD   
    I only played Zelda 64, all I needed. Fuck these other Zeldas.

    I out

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    dux got a reaction from seir in MapCore Job Census   
    Cant wait to leave that shithole that is Birmingham eh.
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    dux got a reaction from Psy in MapCore Job Census   
    Cant wait to leave that shithole that is Birmingham eh.
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