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  1. Not my kind of setting, but since I liked The witcher 2 so much I give it a chance anyway.
  2. Looks like the work in progress is gone and since its not released I'll put it here. I have been working the past 3 years on a Unity3D based game called ballitis. Its on steam greenlight now and here is a gameplay video. And a earlyer video.
  3. And its our top selling product!
  4. Made me some new websites posting it here as it does not really fit anywhere else. Personal website: http://www.bluestrike.be/ Puzzle game I'm working on: http://www.ballitis.com/ And for some assets selling for Unity3D: http://www.stassisdevelopments.com/ (header still needs work )
  5. The last 2 maps are ins_escort, a map for a new gamemode for insurgency I wanted to do but never came around. The construction site was for Tactical Intervention, not sure if what happened to it, last time I saw it , it was carved full of holes and I have no idea if it made it to the mobile version of the game actually. May al well also mention the other screens are from a game called Deep6.
  6. And plenty of other stuff in less far state of development but no screenies online.
  7. Its everything I expected from it and enjoying it. Had to turn off the crappy post process effects that made it look all to blurry and a goofed distance view, like I have too in so many other games. Ofcourse there is some WTF stuff like a load screen every level change that seems to be there just to show the plyer some tips and only 2 weapons at a time.
  8. Installing, looks like I won't get much work done today
  9. Just coincidence but one of his former bodyguards was interviewed the day before by a Belgian and he said it was their job to kill Osama if the Americans were about to capture him. What makes me conclude thats probably exacly what happened. Anyway its about time, the Brittisch had a shot already but were called back because it had to be done by the Americans themselves :-) Good for Obama, his popularity will get another boost.
  10. First console game: Nes: Super Mario First dos game at friends: Digger First own pc game: Warcraft 2
  11. I don't play with strangers and have no friends
  12. Finnished it, says 4.5 hours on my profile page but I guess their server has ben down for a while or someting because I think it took me around 7 hours. Did some sightseeing as well just to see how they did things and looking at the animations on the screens around the elevators so it wasn't a rush playtrough, I just had little trouble finnishing the puzzles and never had to give up and try again later with a fresh mind :-) I think people who did not play the orriginal will have it a little bit tougher. Humor was great , duration was shorter as I hoped for but the levels look amazing. J
  13. My first impressions? Played as a Rogue and combat felt pretty cool and playing as a mage is probably not the big advantage it was in DA. Textures on characters look improved. Cons: I got a bunch of loading interuptions during the ingame cinematics. Menu's clearly have been done with consoles in mind. I hope the game isn't going to be too linear.
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