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  1. Acumen

    The random model thread!

    hey guys, thank you for the comments ! i got these comments on various sites that it's "slightly" cartoooonier than the tf2-stuff. my guess would be that it's just something that came from the original concept. i had a deep look at all the vehicles that come with tf2 and their shapes are not that exaggerated, at least that's what came to my mind. so i agree with I3yG-MaK, it's not 100% tf2 - but that wasn't the ultimate goal with the concept in mind. i just had a blast creating this model and haven't done a "huge" object like that in years and actually got it ingame. well apart from the whalerace model http://acumen-design.de/projects/show/w ... rt_rim.jpg well and since it's not a hat, item or weapon. it kinda makes not too much sense to submit it maybe they'll loosen up the rules a bit later on
  2. Acumen

    The random model thread!

    yeh the grill was kinda made up, cause i hadn't found nic refs at that time and then i was too lazy to remodel it into the other "thing" sry Em' ! you're part of the crazy tf2 theme guys - man i love your work alltogether ! been waiting for a next set of update - you better hurry up !!
  3. Acumen

    The random model thread!

    sooo, could finally come around to finish another "slightly" complex model for the tf2-guys - a tractor choooopchooop !! the concept is from a guy named Ethan Karnopp and can be found here: http://forums.tf2maps.net/geek/gars/ima ... ntover.jpg http://forums.tf2maps.net/geek/gars/ima ... rortho.jpg http://forums.tf2maps.net/geek/gars/ima ... tract1.jpg the finished model can be downloaded here: http://forums.tf2maps.net/downloads.php?do=file&id=3072 did some modifications here and there since the concept wasn't too clear on some important areas for me, so.... well here it is
  4. Acumen

    The random model thread!

    thanks Em' and D3ads - i'm totally digging doing this tf2-stuff - lots and lots of fun
  5. Acumen

    Exavator WIP

    wow, great work ! what i really like about it, is the natural look of it - the colors and especially the rust/wear/tear. it's not over the top like on almost every other game model out there. so if people say "needs more dirt" plz don't add some definately inspiration folder stuff !
  6. Acumen

    The random model thread!

    some more tf2-models: raygun replacement - was my 2nd tf2model from december 2008 - now finally unwrapped and textured (in a way ) this map holder is meant to be customizable - so i included a separate map-texture that people can overlay their own map overviews on top
  7. Acumen

    The random model thread!

    i think the welding is too repetetive and has too much volume. here's a comparison for what i mean: http://www.bicyclespecialtiesonline.com ... 0Joint.JPG i'm still working on my lights pack for tf2. this is the newest one. did a generic team based skin version and tried to match the original tf2 siren texture with the 2nd skin variations
  8. Acumen

    The random model thread!

    saw it over on polycount for the first time and while i love the 2d-looks i just can't believe it's 3d at all. could you post a turnaround maybe ? just so we can see it in full 3dimensional beauty :roll: oh and thanks for the feedback, as well didn't see your post, till now !
  9. am i the only one who can't see arhurt's picture ? or was it removed intentionally?
  10. looks very peris-h you studied portfolios well ^^ looks really nice - but i don't like that spike inbetween each element, i think it looks weird from different angles somehow
  11. Acumen

    The random model thread!

    wow, thank you guys !! means a lot to me to get such positive feedback from you talented lots ! :megamon: i really put much much work in it and learned at least 1million things about my lovely program (how it works and how not ) so i feel a bit more confident with this tf2-modeling stuff KoKo5oVaR, you're totally right with the symmetry, but to be honest it took me so much time to finish this model - since its so much bigger than the tiny props i usually do, that i just wanted to finish it. the ao baking made my head almost bold skdr, wasn't my idea, so don't blame me i just saw the concept in the tf2maps-forums and thought i should try something as big as this again, thanks to all of you for the kind words !
  12. just to tell you. i think you achieved excactly what you wanted. this is my favorite piece from you so far - very cool !
  13. Acumen

    The random model thread!

    man, finished the tf2-drills finally they are sized to the nucleus arms, so quite huge: ingame pic: http://acumen-design.de/projects/show/d ... ngame4.jpg Download: http://forums.tf2maps.net/downloads.php?do=file&id=2355
  14. made a hatstand by request for the new hats Download: http://acumen-design.de/projects/show/hatstand.rar Screenshots:
  15. make sure to take these "old" crits into consideration as well viewtopic.php?f=23&t=10595&p=187729&hilit=http+www+helderpinto+com#p187729 what i really don't like about your site is that it's totally cluttered and mixed with the blog. i mean i'm on YOUR website and yet there's a button titled "Website/Blog" with the most uptodate work of yours. in my opinion you should just decide. what do you wanna get out of it ? do you want a separate portfolio and a blog ? or you want one site with the two contents merged ? "Game Environments, Architectural Visualization, Game Art, Texturing, and Museum" you say you wanna keep that, i say get rid of it. imo you have 3 categories for one topic "Environment Art". i think it's not too well planned. i mean you know and already mentioned all the fancy simple layouted portfolios from the forum guys and other artists like the following: http://www.brameulaers.com/ http://www.aarongarcha.net/ http://jeremylindstrom.com/ http://www.unlitart.com/index.html http://www.mvirks.com/index.html i say, go make yourself some simple portfolio layout site like the ones above, where you have the kind of work which represents what you are doing and working on atm and like to do in the future. you are doing level design, texture and prop work ? well show that i mean, i don't know what you are doing atm, but your last posted works are all game related and not hipoly cars or MP2-mods. and if you have such a portfolio you can post whatever you like on your blog *sigh* man i could go on forever get rid of guestbook and merge the other categories somehow, e.g. resume and awards and whatnot. the less the better to cut a much toooooo long story short. NO MORE FLASH on your portfolio plz and get more organization going on - you seem like a messy person - maybe possible contractors may get that impression as well
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