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  1. ...for css I'm working on a small map for fun and I want to make a little arena area that strips the weapons and gives the plqyer a knife.. how do I do this.. I haven't done this in forever.. I don't know to strip the weapon when going through a door for example.. any help is very welcome...
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    took a cruise a few months back.. but my new camera fritzed out out me after the first night (my fault).. (the night shots on the deck are my new camera) so i had to use my old camrea.. the images have been resized cause no one wants images that dont fit on their screen ... wish i had taken more.. i just didnt bring my camera with me that much cause my old one is big and bulky and goes through batts like crazy just hanging out sunset of the shore of mexico parrot love those blue waters making waves nice cool night up on the top deck hope we dont need this jamica... much nicer up here than it is down in the streets.. omai hello little lizard
  4. Urban

    Night Shots

    very cool..
  5. Urban

    Night Shots :)

    edit: info under the iimages
  6. Urban

    Night Shots :)

    Thanks I will give that a shot Only the last two are tripods.. the rest i have the camera on something... hence the refection of the car trunk on the first shit
  7. Urban

    Night Shots :)

    I have recently figured out how to use long exposure on my digital cameraand i have been having some fun with it... these are all early shots that i have done.. i hope you like em 32 Seconds 09:48pm 64 Seconds 11:17pm 32 Seconds 04:26am 64 Seconds 01:21am 12 Seconds 12:05am
  8. I get it.. Stockpiles of nukes don't count...
  9. http://www.globalsecurity.org/wmd/world/summary.htm US Stockpile: 10,640 Russia Stockpile: 16,000
  10. Let Israel deal with them.. the world already hates them anyways... Why should anyone care if Hitler is back and is wearing a headscarf, right?
  11. 99.999% of the time i'm open to political disagrements and discussions... a few people will always just try to get a rise out of people.. and thats what he was doing.. i was refering to his attempt and success at getting a reaction out of me.. he knew damn well what he was doing... so one action out of 5 years? wow.. someone is high and mighty.. i guess you have never done something that you might have regret... like i said.. 99.999% of the time.. im a-okay with disagreements... i have my views and they have theirs... but i dont think you have the right to judge me without knowing the history behind what happened...
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