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  1. I use VGA cables for my 360 and dell 24". Looks much nicer and translates the color better than component. I know Algor plays the wii on his dell 24", looks okay from what I saw. Not sure what cables he uses.
  2. Not to sound like an asshole or any thing, but have you tried searching in the help file? I am pretty sure mental ray can do it, and there should be a lot of documentation on it in there. I don't think the scanline renderer in max can calculate it.
  3. You could try to just come up with a good curriculum for game developer schools, they might license it from you. This way you arent' waiting on books to sell, you are just getting in contact with people at schools and finding out whether or not they like it sooner (right?). Of course if that doesn't work, go with the book idea
  4. Birds look out of the side of there head mostly, not so much straight.
  5. That cat could use a rocket jet pack. That would help catch the bird.
  6. Just get in the car and start driving one direction until you hit no houses. I found a cool location by doing that. It was 45 minutes away, but it was worth it.
  7. Yeah.. the game would have to support that, or someone would have to develop a plugin for the servers.
  8. Kamikazi!


    I'm growing those same kind of flowers in my room from the last shot. Only mine are orange.
  9. Throwing in another submission. Hitman TomWithTheWeather
  10. It was such a good movie. The director of equalibrium was in charge of the whole thing. So if you like his work, go see it. The cinematography was oustanding, constant action, great acting. I am for sure going to get this on DVD. The best part of the movie had to be the sound work. All the gun shots, the music, the objects breaking, perfect. The CG was right on par as well. Comparable to War of the Worlds CG work. Best $8.50 I have spent in quite a while.
  11. Kamikazi!

    an exercise in futility

    Whats going on there ยบ_o
  12. Kamikazi!

    Got a new lense!

    I got the lense for about $350
  13. I didn't. I set my camera on a tripod, put a 15 second timer, 30 second exposure, then ran around with the flash light on. If you keep moving, the camera can't capture you in the picture. You can barley see a ghost of me in a few spots because I stood still for 2-3 seconds.
  14. Kamikazi!

    Got a new lense!

    I have a little bit, but I think I will wait a while, until I have about 20 or so really good pictures. Plus I need to get myself a better monitor, so I can see true colors better for printing purposes. Come on Dell, release more coupons!
  15. Kamikazi!

    some new stuff

    The sky and train station pictures are the coolest. I'm truly inspired by the clouds one, I always look outside to see if rays of sun shine are visible. If you were to walk past my office, you might by chance see me ducking around my huge CRT's to look out the window and peak at the sky.
  16. Kamikazi!

    Got a new lense!

    I got a used 100mm macro lense on ebay for cheap. Works just fine, except it lacks a silent motor, but that doesn't matter to me. Only took USPS two and a half weeks to deliver my "2-3 day shipping" parcel. It also arrived all smashed up and squished, gg USPS, gg... Took these this afternoon right after it finished raining. This one I used my regular 28-200mm lense. I titled it 'Birds on acid'
  17. Here ya go. http://w00th4x0r.com/photos/light_paint ... g_high.jpg
  18. When I get home I can make a bigger one. What size do you want?
  19. Bought a $3 flash light at the drug store.
  20. Yeah none of these pics really have fog in them, but it was realllly foggy outside. I saw some pictures on the internet of people light painting, so I decided to give it a go. I need more practice. Side note, that light in the garage was that green, I added a slight bit of red/blue to tone it down. Two guys chillin in a parking garage...no they are not trying to sell subway coupons, I swear. Hot chick dancing to no music.
  21. Yeah, at work it is all about trackmania. When I'm over at Mikezilla's playing Mojo's 360, it is DOA.
  22. No idea what the name of it was. I went all the way across the bridge and walked down to the lake, this just only about 250-300 yards from the bridge. It is close to the shore line, thats why that part back there is higher up. Good ol erosion.
  23. Here is another, and yes I photoshop these. I like the toned style of photos. Also added background blur because I couldn't quite get it to happen at the location with my lense. The trees being sharp was very distracting.
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