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    RA7 reacted to fewseb in Sawmill (WIP) (wingman)   
    Small update, I havnt used this thread to document progress as I was hoping to. Ive found working on this map tends to be a lot more multiple small iterations as opposed to larger individual ones like im used to. So far the map seems to be playing well and ive received a lot of valuable feedback via Mapcore's playtest system. The layout has evolved for the better entirely because of the feedback I received from those playtests.

    Here are some WIP of the art stage. A lot of the things are still up in the air lighting wise. Obviously a lot of areas are still very dark as im not quite sure how im going to light the interior places. Im also having trouble getting rain to act consistently and im unsure how successful an overcast sky will be, players tend to like their sunshine. I may end up dumping the rain for a sunrise/sunset if testing continues to prove unsuccessful.

    T side upper

    Bombsite from ct main

    Bombsite from upper

    T spawn

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    RA7 reacted to Edude in Maginot [Wingman]   
    Hello everybody!
    I'm creating a map (based on the Maginot Line) for the Wingman's Contest - provided by Source Engine's Discord.

    I started the map 3 weeks ago and I'm on the detailing phase, slowly progreeding area by area, worried with the time left. I decided to follow this strategy: detail 75% of every area and after that (and gaining some time) I'd put some final touches + polishment + optimization.  
    I wonder, should I keep doing it in a hurry or is it better to make it with no rush and patience (losing the deadline)? There's still a lot to do and I'd like to hear your opinions...
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    RA7 reacted to Wintrius in County   
    Although I'm unsure what state this map is meant to take place in, a mountainous Skybox resembling a Midwestern state such as the Dakotas or Wyoming may be really fitting.
    It'd be especially cozy if the Skybox were similar to what's seen on Trailerpark:
    If the map were to occupy such a region, fire outlook towers may be suitable as well.
    This type of structure would fit incredibly well in a Danger Zone setting.
    Your choice of course, but just some small ideas to consider.
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    RA7 reacted to Lizard in County   
    Hello everyone !
    I think it is a good time to post some screenshots from my newest csgo project that I'm working on with @jakuza. He already made some models and materials that I used in the listed locations. More to come in next passes,
    County is a map that features everything that comes to mind when typical european thinks about rural part of the USA. It is a danger zone map that features variety of locations you would normally see in rural cities. What I tried to do was to tie these location with some story as well as their placement on the map. I really wanted to avoid 'random structures scattered across the map' feeling some of the community made maps have.
    First art pass is mostly done in most of the locations. In upcoming weeks I will focus on Motel and Quarry locations which are not shown here in this post.
    List of locations with a lot of creenshots (a lot of screenshots actually😁)

    Police station:





    Haunted house:


    More to come!
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    RA7 reacted to Sick_TwinN in de_pithead WIP   
    I decided to make a new topic since i am making the map alone now, thx to @DutchCrazyGamer for some of the ideas for this map! i wish him best of luck on his map :D
    here some wip shots
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    RA7 reacted to synkope in Victoria   
    Hello! Some time after the end of the competition, I wanted to do a remake of the Victoria map. For a while I really did this, but I realized that I was too tired of Victoria and decided to make a new map with a waterfall based on the experience (that's why the new map looks a bit like Victoria). I decided to make a map for Wingman mode. Victoria had big problems with the background and the waterfall, they looked very ugly and boring, so I really wanted to fix it and spent a lot more time on these things than before. It seems to me partly I did it, and in this regard, the map looks much better than Victoria (although it’s still not perfect).
    Separately, I would like to say a word about the waterfall. This time, I decided to use the $alphatest parameter for textures, which caused a bug when a model of a waterfall overlays over the effects of a bomb explosion. I did not find ways to fix this, but I tried to partially hide this defect with opaque railings in the bombside area. Well... not as terrible as it could be
    Here are a couple of screenshots of the map (it is called Darina):
    Workshop Link
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    RA7 reacted to KekC in [CS:GO] de_gasprom_RF   
    Hello everybody.
    This is my map in RF series maps. Real phototextures and prototypes.
    Workshop page: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2154682132

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    RA7 reacted to TheOnionChef in de_calamari WIP   
    This map is constantly changing. Any feedback would be appreciated.

    This is a WIP area, with newer changes. Not fully detailed yet.

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    RA7 reacted to Sick_TwinN in [CS GO] Pithead (WIP)   
    So we made a whole new layout and we also changed the location a bit, the map is now set on a sawmill 
    some wip pics

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    RA7 reacted to ics in Erebus [TF2]   
    Recently I spend a year to create a map Ambush. I figured why stop there.
    So I spent additional 2,5 months doing Erebus, a haunted version of Ambush for Halloween 2020. Now at Steam Workshop:

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    RA7 reacted to Animal1ty in [CS:GO] de_fiorina (final release)   
    Hi everyone!
    My new map for CS:GO
    I worked on it intermittently for about 5 years. The first steps were taken in 2015, then in 2016, when about 20% of the  map was ready. I decided to finish it for the contest on MAPCORE (2017), however, I was late. After I abandoned it and at the end of 2019 I decided to finish my work. Here is the result.
    This map includes a large number of non-standard materials - models, textures, sounds. Most of the textures were taken from the textures.com, made by me, some of the models were made by me, some were taken from the workshop. There are a very large number of them and I want to thank all the authors of these models.
    The map turned out to be too large (1.23 GB). So I uploaded it to google drive. 
    Download links:
    Google: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1zY50nesJofp4Qg1VMggtFdJX-l30dc6t?usp=sharing
    Yandex: https://yadi.sk/d/LH0o76ZZinZZJA
    If you like my work, you can support me through paypal.
    Thank you all very much!

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    RA7 reacted to will2k in ASSAULT ON WAREHOUSE 72: A tribute to the iconic cs_assault [Dying Light WIP]   
    Map is released
    Assault on Warehouse 72
    Assault on Warehouse 72, a short single player/coop mission, is a tribute to one of the pillars and most iconic maps of Counter-Strike, cs_assault. The 'warehouse 72' in the title is a nod to the GoldSrc version of assault.
    This is a side project that is more linear, much smaller in scope than my previous massive campaign (A New Hope), and the story/action is contained in one smaller region.
    This project is more or less a total conversion of Dying Light: no connection to the story or gameworld, no virus, no zombies, no infected, no derelict city, no grappling hook, no camouflage, no survivor sense, no viral alerts, no scavenging/looting, no potions, no crafting bombs/throwables. 
    The player, a special police unit member, will have a custom rifle (bigger magazine, higher accuracy, better zoom through sights), a sidearm, and a knife, as well as an assortment of grenades (smoke, shrapnel, and custom flashbang), and will be dispatched to the industrial zone in the city where cartel thugs have entrenched themselves in a warehouse with their drug stash and possible hostages.
    Gameplay is simple and straightforward: the player will raid the warehouse, eliminate the heavily-armed cartel members, secure the stash and free the hostages. It's a short but sweet mission that could be done in 10-20 min playtime without being taxing on players' time.
    June 6, 2020

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    RA7 reacted to Vaya in CS_Apollo   
    -Updated and improved prop fade distance on many outside props
    -updated textures on sign asset to make it more accurate
    -improved clipping across map (thanks seth)
    -hid gap in skybox
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    RA7 reacted to tr0nic in Mocha   
    Additional gameplay changes:
    - We improved the flow in apartments as it is a high traffic area and a crucial point of contention.
    - Added car in T streets to provide additional cover for Ts against aggressive mid CT pushes.
    - Moved truck outside B and clipped it.
    - Clipped Bombsite A truck.
    - Reduced Bomb blast radius.
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    RA7 reacted to Snusmumriken in de_tomb / My first map   
    Hey there,
    I'm looking on feedback on my very first level – de_tomb, which takes place in an ancient Egyptian archeological site. I guess I was in part inspired by Anubis.
    You can check out the Steam Workshop page here and a Imgur album with almost 30 images here.
    I am looking for feedback on how the map plays, it's layout and overall aesthetic. And any other thoughts you might have.
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    RA7 reacted to MadsenFK in [CS:GO Wingman] Luxury, Terracotta & Delta   
    Luxury is close to completion, this the first art pass (no color correction yet)
    The setting is somewhere to the west of Hollywood Hills

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    RA7 reacted to イェスタディ in Akashi - イェスタディ   
    I'm currently working on a few more changes to the map layout and completely redoing mid (again.....)
    Hopefully I'll be able to update everyone soon ~^^~
    Also sorry for the lack of updates recently, I've been struggling with mental health. I hope everyone is okiii in these
    tough times and if anyone wants to talk about mental health issues or even would just like to chat don't
    hesitate to message me. I'm always open  ~^^~ 
    message me on Discord: イェスタディ#8478
    Instagram: @_yesturdei_
    Steam friend code: 311977438
    also a massive thank you to @Almaas for teaching me how to make custom models and props for source sdk ~^^~
    and thank you to @Waldo @Assassin and @Squidski  
    Please keep giving me feedback as it really helps and I appreciate it a lot I know there's not a lot of change recently but hopefully within the next few days I'll have more changes to show ~^^~

    After more extensive play-testing a few changes were made to the layout.

    I spent the last 3 days learning how to use blender and followed Blender Guru's amazing doughnut tutorial series. It's very good and
    highly recommend it to people trying to learn the blender interface. He's what I produced learning form the tutorial.
    unfortunately had to lower the quality of the image and size so it was less than 2.13MB.
    Hopefully within the next few days I'll learn how to model props for source and for use in games as @Squidski and @Almaas  mentioned
    that for games you want to watch your tri count and keep it low. ^^
    Any tips on how to make props for source using blender than please comment below, or if you know any good videos please let me know ~^^~ ❤️

    Sorry for the lack of updates recently, due to personal reasons I took a short break.
    I've made a very basic BSP layout to play-test and it's very fun to play on.
    I noticed a few things to change such as clip brushes to stop people getting out of the map and to place some strategic obstacles to block some
    sight-lines that are a little too broken. Bombsite A hasn't changed much other than in size and one of the entrances for T's has been changed to
    make it more balanced. I also added a window for CT's as well and removed a few bits of cover. The lower section of bombsite A will be changed as well
    as it wasn't very interesting to play in. Bombsite B will also be changed slightly but only by moving some cover and adding one more wall as cover.
    Using Terragen 4 I had a go at creating my first custom skybox which was lots of fun and there are some amazing tutorials on Mapcore.
    I also had to learn to use VIDE to get my skybox to show up for other people, big thank you to @NihiL for his amazing tutorial ❤️
    The last thing I did was to start to work on the appearance of the map. I plan on learning how to make my own custom props
    however this might take a while so the next update will probably be next week ~^^~
    any feedback is welcome ❤️

    Major layout changes:
    Based off of the amazing feedback I've received from everyone and combined with thorough play-testing
    with friends, I have made changes to the overall layout to Akashi.
    I removed a lot of the narrow corridors and cut down on the number of connecting pathways.
    Bombsite B was... terrible to play -^^-
    Because of this I redid the entire of Bombsite B. Mid was very boring to play so I also redid Mid...
    CT spawn was moved next to Bombsite B similar to Overpass CT spawn. Although this might seem
    unbalanced, it will help with timings and give CT's an option to play aggressively or passively.
    Bombsite A was also changed slightly from feedback gathered through play-testing. I also moved it closer to CT spawn.
    In the layout sketch I also included some of my basic sketches of things that might be included in the map (rocks, Torii, walls and monorail).
    Thank you to everyone for the amazing feedback so far, please keep give your opinions / feedback below ~^^~ ❤️

    Finished a very very basic layout so I can play-test.
    Changed a few things from the initial sketches, however, the layout is extremely close.
    Any feedback is welcomed ~^^~
    thank you everyone who has already left amazing feedback below ❤️

    This is the second top-down layout sketch for Akashi.
    A few minor changes to mid and CT.
    Thank you everyone for the amazing feedback ~^^~

    Hiii ~^^~
    This is the start of Akashi's development and attached is the initial sketch of the layout.
    This is still early development so any feedback would be appreciated ❤️

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    RA7 reacted to Edude in [CSGO] Bloodline (Deathmatch)   
    Hello everyone! I just finished my new map for CSGO. It is a fun map, with a lot of interactions and a unique theme.
    I invite you and your friends to play a game of Bloodline!
    Workshop Link: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=2112785597

    Fight in the Parkists Arena in this battle of Bloodline! The most violent and controversial sport of all!

    When you hear the crowd remember to fight for the field, avoid the lava, press the explosive buttons and make the best score of the match! They will shout your name for sure competitor!

    MAP SIZE: Large

    Deathmatch (most recommended); Arms Race; Demolition; Flying Scoutsman; Custom Casual/Competitive (1 bombsite only).  

    Bloodline was developed for an old Half Life 2 MOD (KumaWar2). Because of that I preferred to reutilize some of its assets, slightly improving the look of them!
    More updates may come in the future!
    Have fun!
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    RA7 reacted to Freaky_Banana in de_loreley [wingman]   
    For playtest on the 11th: Workshop link to the second map is this:

    hey people, screenshots see below or at the imgur link https://imgur.com/gallery/20n8GQu. 
    I took the cs mapmakers wingman competition as an occasion to make a new map. I figured two against two was a small enough scale to slot this one in. Little did I know that within one week I would already have developed two entirely different concepts and greyboxes, and be toying with a third. de_Loreley is the most polished, so you get to see this one first. For this map I was inspired by a train journey I did along the Rhine basin recently. One stop along that journey is the famous Loreley cliff. I thought it was neat and based this layout on what I saw. Check after the screenshots for some of my reference material.
    Workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2111658014
    The layout is a very simple threelane design. There are three distinct pathes, separated by elevation and theme. The uppermost path is a slightly bent train tunnel, connected by an emergency door to the main street along the center of the map. The CT end of the street is flush with the tunnel's elevation thus allowing CTs immediate control of the tunnel. The main objective is on the street. Locals are entirely fed up with the rampant tourism in their home and have decided to symbolically target an open-topped tourist bus. Right next to the street where these actions are meant to take place, the third and lowest level is the riverside of the Rhine. Taking control of the Rhine's beach allows Ts a great insight into common defense positions further behind the site. Final touches are added by some accessible rooms (one staircase and one basement workshop) in the local houses that divide the street and beach. 
    I hope you can find the time to boot this up and have some fun on the map. Enjoy your stay at the Rhine!

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    RA7 reacted to NikiOo in [CS:GO] Erect (wingman hostage)   
    Thank you all for participating in my Piss off the Mapcore moderators speedrun!
    Totally stomped it!

    P.S. seriously, why is this in off-topic?
    P.S.#2 I've put all the jokes in spoiler.
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    RA7 reacted to NikiOo in [CS:GO] CS_Joshua (wingman)   
    CS_Joshua is the remake of CS_Erect, sporting a new theme with greater elevation changes. It's a wingman hostage map set in a semi-desert biome.

    Here's the backstory from the Steam workshop:
    Joshua is a wingman map set around the church of a good samaritan community, led by the loving and generous mister Joshua. An anonymous source has informed the local police that a religious sacrifice is about to go down. Has Joshua lost his wit, turning to the dark side? Or is this yet another disgruntled atheist trying to throw shade at our wholesome community? The sheriff sent two cops to check out what's really going down there. His gut tells him that this might be linked to the missing high-school teacher. Not many crimes happen in this small town. Starring Sam Sante and Corelle Lalil as the hard-boiled cops, Mutah Schickre and Raffael Mike as the occultists, and John Pain as the abducted high school teacher.
    More screenshots:
    I changed the location from the Negev Desert to Joshua Tree Park because I found some cool photos on r/EarthPorn.
    This is what it was gonna look like before I had a change of heart:
    When I pictured it in my head it sounded like a pretty dope idea. I was gonna have these sharp rocks sticking out of the dunes, surrounding the church entirely, and then these two rock hands sticking out above the rest, as if they're holding an invisible halo above the church. But then I made it and the rocks ended up looking like utter shite. I don't know if it's the lighting. Or if my models are too low poly. Perhaps I should have used more references. Or maybe it's the basic ground that's not doing enough to complement the cliffs. Either way, I thought I'd be better off changing to less deserty desert.
    So my current reference looks like this:
    ...with some tall cliffs like this one:
    ...to round off the boundaries of the playable area.
    You might say, but Nikio, if you keep changing the theme of your map, you'll never finish anything. You might be right. But the success of the visuals is very much dependent on how good the surrounding rocks are gonna look. And this is not the first time I've remade a major set of props. I remade the props for my first map, De_BigAssStatue two times, and in my eyes they got better and better with each iteration. And that's what this is - an iterative approach. Sometimes when you set your goals too high and you fail, you then have to try something else to get your confidence back.
    Here's the radar:

    There are three lanes:
    1. Roof:

    If CTs take control of roof, they'll have an easier time taking the hostage.
    2. Outside:

    If CTs kill the outside player, they'll have a clear path for the rescue, knowing the the other T is on the other side of the map.
    3. Middle:

    Middle provides a quick rush route to the hostage.
    Since the previous release version, I've increased the height changes in order to limit movement. I think this is a good way to balance small maps, making them less chaotic without oversimplifying the routes.
    I've uploaded it on the workshop. It's gonna take a couple hours for the mods to approve the update. Here's the link:
    Let me know what you think!
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    RA7 reacted to mrpotato44 in Firenze   
    Hello! After a few years of development, Coachi (https://www.mapcore.org/profile/37221-coachi/) and I have finally released our map, Firenze. We hope you enjoy!
    Steam Workshop Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2105680462
    "Terrorists have driven into the previously busy streets of Firenze, with the goal of causing as much mayhem in the city as possible.
    They have set their eyes on select cultural centers and local tourist attractions. They plan on detonating either the the statue outside of the De Vitis shoe store
    or the local street market. However, Counter-Terrorists have been quickly dispatched in the city to disrupt the actions of the Terrorists.
    Who will win?"
    Full Imgur Album: https://imgur.com/a/HEixUjk

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    RA7 reacted to sius in My First CSGO Map de_Bronx W.I.P   
    Update: 03.05.20
    -added building Ct / Aspot
    -added kiosk

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    RA7 reacted to mr.P in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    Some more wips from my Insurgency: Sandstorm level

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    RA7 reacted to [N]awbie in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    From a danger zone map I'm working on

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