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    RA7 reacted to albim75 in ar_Dome   
    some more pics 

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    RA7 reacted to albim75 in ar_Dome   
    I present you my new project!
    the tone for this map was a fictional abandoned architectural resort, set nearby an undisclosed western city. always wanted to create a little fast paced map.
    Despite the dimension, I was still able to create some verticality
    | Game Modes |
    Deathmatch (1vs1) (2vs2) (3vs3)
    Arms Race (1vs1) (2vs2) (3vs3)
    Flying Scoutsman (1vs1) (2vs2) (3vs3)
    Elimination Mission (1vs1) (2vs2) (3vs3)
    The map is almost finished and I hope to release it next week

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    RA7 reacted to atrocity in de_distillery   
    As I mentioned above, I thought it would be fun to post some early blockout shots, and then post some final shots and talk about some of the design choices behind them. If people enjoy this, I can post a few more.
    Bomb A Changes
    After multiple playtests I identified a few problems with how bombsite A was playing, and how players perceived the spaces they were flowing through. In the old version, players would come down around this bend here, and be presented with option of ducking into this building to take a more protected, but tightly choked route, or they could try and work their way through the street choke and into the bombsite. The street opening here didn't have large cover, so this required a smoke or you would be destroyed by snipers. The less obvious thing that was occurring here was that players felt they were not aware they were transitioning into a bombsite/contested zone. Because you were walking down streets to get here without any changes in spaces, players did not perceive the immediate threat that was waiting around this corner. After some thought, I realized I could create a better choke point , add better cover from snipers, and create a clear delineation of spaces by adding a tunnel with vehicle cover. This also fit well with the aesthetic of Edinburgh. This would however end up impacting the secondary route that players always took into the bombsite. More on that below.

    As I mentioned above, players would go through the structure's interior, and be spit out at the back of the bomb site. This had its pros and cons. However, the one thing it did allow was for Terrorists to rush this point at a much faster rate than the CT's had time to deal with. In an effort to allow CT's better timing to both bomb sites, some work went in to slowing down the terrorist by just a second or 2. This also allowed me to build a courtyard that would be a bit more memorable than just an interior hallway. This also made the approach into A more interesting, especially when I did an overhaul on the bombsite in later iterations.

    When I started this level, I had a few core ideas I wanted to execute on. One of these ideas was how I wanted to go about differentiating the bomb sites. I knew I wanted one bomb site to be an interior or more close quarters fight, and the other to be a bit more open and long range. Possibly open enough that it might even be a bit uncomfortable for Counter Strike. Originally Bomb A was down in this recessed patio space. While I thought it may be interesting to fight down into this space, or hunker down to cover this area, it only took a few playtests to show me I was wrong. First, this spot became a grenade pit. You could almost guarantee that you were going to get 1 or more nades thrown at you here. Second, the recess made a lot of the fights kinda gross. You were trying to fire over the railings, and the players who were on the street above, you could only see their heads. The space really wasn't playing out the way I wanted. I had the idea to raise it up instead of the recess, and this turned out to be a much better choice. This got rid of the strange angles, cleaned up the fire fights, and made the space a bit easier to navigate through. 

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    RA7 reacted to atrocity in de_distillery   
    Thanks Lizard! I based it off of a bunch of Edinburgh pictures I took during a trip there. A lot of those buildings certainly have that Dishonored vibe to them.
    Thanks RA7 I appreciate it!
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    RA7 got a reaction from atrocity in de_distillery   
    Love it, will pimp it asap 🙂
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    RA7 reacted to atrocity in de_distillery   
    Well it's been a little over a year, but I am happy to announce that de_distillery has been completed. I originally made this thread to document the progress of the level as I built it, but I ended up getting lazy and just worked on the level without forum updates. If you are interested, the level can be downloaded from the workshop at this link.
    Below are some shots of the level fully arted. I'm going to try and do a write up later tonight of where changes were made from the beginning to the finished version, and what I learned in the process.

    Props and Materials: @Jonny Phive
    Graffiti/Logo "The Unlikely Duo": Jason McCord (MonsterClip)

    Ambulance Model and Materials: BMS Brian

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    RA7 reacted to wazeecha in [CS:GO] cs_sapper   
    cs_sapper is the third project I've put serious effort in since picking up Hammer as a coronamapper this past spring. Since July, it's gone through a good handful of iterations, but I think it's now at a stage where the layout is mostly finalized and I can move onto fine-tuning and detailing:
    Workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2259031029

    I wanted to make a hostage map since the majority of the focus seems to be on de_ maps. That said, the original idea did start as a defuse, but the only surviving features of those early designs is the long main:
    The map is centered around the Diamond Exchange Building and the Clocktower, the first structures I built before I even knew what the map would really turn into: 

    These are both based on references from real-life locations:
    As far as reference goes: the map is loosely based around the city of Bo, in Sierra Leone. There's going to be a heavy West-African theme I hope will come out more as the detailing progresses.
    (Oct 2020) Original Alpha 1 Gallery: https://imgur.com/a/TNKtgTH
    (Nov 2020) Current Version: https://imgur.com/a/u0aa3j4

    CT Spawn/Rescue Zone

    T Spawn/View of Lower H
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    RA7 reacted to csWaldo in Furnace   
    @esspho and I are teaming up for a new defuse map.

    Welcome to Norilsk, a soviet mining city in the arctic circle shaped by freezing temperatures, high pollution and 45 days of night in winter.
    Some of the mood and references we are going for:
    Concept art I made of how this could look in source:

    3d concept for the layout, developed by esspho:

    Concept overview with pathing:

    Greybox is in the works. Let us know what you think 😃
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    RA7 reacted to Corvus in [UE4] Spanish Courtyard   
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    RA7 reacted to EddieLTU in [HL:A] K&D (virtual tour) Out now   
    sorry for the absence, i've finally released the map
    Fresh pics

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    RA7 reacted to EddieLTU in [HL:A] K&D (virtual tour) Out now   
    Download https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2279733053
    Here's something i've been working on since i got my hands on Source 2 Hammer. K&D building complex, based on real location in Klaipėda, Lithuania. https://www.google.com/maps/@55.7105819,21.1296509,181m/data=!3m1!1e3
    Backstory. This place was always a backbone for trying out my mapping/modeling skills, 10 years ago when i went there around, i was stunned at it's architecture and uniqueness, so back in the day i was starting to get a hang of Hammer, and i wanted to remake this. Attempt was rough and it was just a test anyways.

    Project started around April 10 of this year, once i got my Oculus Quest and when HLA tools were still unreleased (bootleg tools existed but i didn't use them). It started with only two buildings, the K and the bottom 2-3 floor commercial complex. Some earliest screenshots.

    i was still learning the engine, but i got a hang of it quickly, since making stuff 128 is still the norm, i was a lot easy to work. Reference material was severely limited, i had to google most of the photos and still it wasn't enough.
    20th day in hammer, and progress was coming along.

    And the day HLA Tools came out, i realized i had to redo every texture's shader since HLA has different shaders, so first day looked rough

    Aaaaaand there's a huge time gap before i picked the project again, i went to make other HLA lore themed maps. Anyways on June 10th i've planned out a weekend vacation on this very place, booked a hotel at the same place, so i guess you could say it was both a vacation and work trip.
    Project resumed in late June, second building was made, and it was instanced because of the odd angle.

    Hammer vs. Real life

    June 10. I'm there and i'm working in and outside my hotel room

    And here we are. 1 month later with some progress. With reference photo when available.


    Residential Apartment (D complex)

    Funfact: the shape of this balcony was made loosely without any hard reference, i was amazed that i actually guessed it right. Big shoutout to my friend that lives there and let me take some shots (of course not inside)

    Hotel room (excuse for the poor 360 photo)


    More exterior shots

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    RA7 reacted to wazeecha in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    Since the wingman contest has ended I've been working on a new greybox of cs_sapper, a hostage map loosely based around the city of Bo, Sierra Leone. This is now the 9th iteration of the map layout since July. I've learned my lessons from the judge's feedback on de_dozen and from previous attempts at brushing out this map, so the focus is on layout and gameplay this time around. I don't expect any of this to remain exactly as it is, but here's where it's at currently:

    Full album here: https://imgur.com/a/TNKtgTH
    This version is way too rough to consider playtesting at this point, but if you feel like taking a run through, the current build is available here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2259031029
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    RA7 reacted to jd40 in [CS:GO] Ravine (wingman)   
    Hi all!
    I started this one way back in 2018 and have been working on it on the side to keep me cool from all the desert maps I've been making lately 😅. 
    The map is set in snowed in castle connecting two sides of a river.

    More screenshots:
    Additional LD - @Quotingmc
    Additional props - @Quadratic
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    RA7 reacted to T-Rexer in Calavera   
    It's Dia de Muertos in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico - but a group of terrorist rebels are having none of it. Can two lone counter-terrorist agents stop them?
    Made for the 2020 Source Engine Discord Wingman Mapping competition.
    Layout and Design - T-R3x3r
    Art and Design - Squinky
    Workshop link:  https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2242472711


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    RA7 reacted to Sick_TwinN in de_pithead WIP   
    The map is now finished
    ive learned alot while making this map and it will help in future projects 😜
    link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2239575326

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    RA7 reacted to ThunderKeil in Natural History Museum, London   
    Thanks for 1000 views everyone ^_^
    I've been kind of busy the past 2 weeks so I didn't find much time to work on the map. I've sorted & renamed most of the relevant textures though, so there's still some progress on that end
    Don't intend to include this in any public releases, but here's a screenshot of the main hall with real-time reflections from a few weeks ago. It's kind of washed out & I could have gotten it looking better if I didn't layer the reflection over the regular floor, but then I'd've had to make like 10 different materials and idk I was probably tired

    opaque reflections for reference;
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    RA7 reacted to KekC in [CS:GO Wingman] cs_shalash_RF   
    Hello everybody.
    This is my map in RF series maps. Real phototextures and prototypes.
    Workshop page: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2238298534

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    RA7 reacted to TheOnionChef in [CSGO] Paradise   
    This is the map as of 9/23, and possibly the last major version (I think future updates will prob use these pics cause I'm lazy. Also, I don't plan to change anything major with the scene composition or lighting).

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    RA7 reacted to solwllms in [CS:GO Wingman] Oyster   
    Yes! I did email back but, thank you regardless!
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    RA7 reacted to will2k in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    Italian coastal road (Amalfi)

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    RA7 reacted to Lizard in County   
    Hello guys. New update.
    For the last month I was working on map terrain, bunch of smaller generic structures and underground areas.
    Terrain is almost done. Only one terrain patch that is still work in progress because Jakuza had some cool ideas for it  Should be done next week.
    Right now I'm working on mine shafts that leads to bigger and more open underground chambers. 

    Also some generic buildings to scatter across the map.

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    RA7 reacted to fewseb in Sawmill (WIP) (wingman)   
    One month remains in the competition and there is much work still left to do, for now all I have to show his the latest overview and some screenshots. Im hoping to get 1 more playtest in before this is all over.

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    RA7 reacted to Sick_TwinN in de_pithead WIP   
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    RA7 reacted to goober in [CS:GO] Yamaha   
    Update #1
    It's been an odd 5 months ever since I started working on de_yamaha. Although it was 5 months from then and now, it was actually 3 months spent on the map itself. The remaining 2 months went into either taking a break from Yamaha or working on side projects (2 cool maps I made to get away from Yamaha). I haven't, until today, looked at Yamaha. Immediately, all the memories came back. I had forgotten the unique potential this map had, along with the many flaws it had that I didn't see before. The odd bombsites that I threw together just to get "something" going was oddly endearing, it looked like something a noob would make. Of course, I have to work on them so they can meet up to my expectations. 
    First things first, the layout is technically "complete". I know where everything is going to be, all the pathways and such. But I do want to spend more time on it so it can, hopefully, meet the expectations of this community. So, If i can keep up the good work, I can publish the map to the workshop. 
    Release Date: Who knows, I'm confident that it's soon
    So while looking at my mess of a bombsite, I erased the whole thing, leaving a big ol' gap in the map. I decided to replace it with a similar bombsite to another map I was working on, since I was very proud of how it looked. In the hammer editor, it looked nice. In game, it went above and beyond my expectations. I'm super proud of the lighting/colorcorrection of Yamaha, so here are some screenshots.
    Bombsite B:
    CT Spawn to Bombsite B:
    (Used some props from catfood's de_Ruby, I think it'll look great in this kind of lighting)
    And that's all I'll show for now. Apologies if it's very lackluster after 5 months, but everything is still not up to my standards. Though at this rate, it'll reach them soon. But for now, Bombsite B's recreation took about 30 minutes to an hour of making, and I'm pleased with not only the results, but the speed at which I built it at. More updates soon, hopefully!
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    RA7 reacted to JorisCeoen in Daigo   
    As more time has opened up in my scedule recently, I've been able to work on redesigning quite a few important assets of Daigo. I've been working silently on T-spawn for the past month to slowly but surely rework all of the roofwork (for the whole map), as well as a lot of additional woodwork and foliage. All of it is still WIP, but I've reached a point where I can finally start moving forward into the map. A lot of additional details are planned to be added, and some of it already exists, but I'm not adding those until the very end of the whole rework. I've also decided to use the newest prop_detail techniques to design most of the flowers and grass stuff so I can have total control over the variation and placement across the map.
    I'm working hard on getting all the assets procedurally placed, so that I can also change things later on in the development of the map (such as balanced coloring and thematic material). Below is an rough example of the T-spawn rework:

    I have no ETA on when the whole map will be done, but I'm going to work almost solely on this map until the end of August. Hopefully a playable version will be ready by then 😅
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