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    Squad reacted to Minos in Mapcore Job Census   
    I'm now a Principal Environment Artist at Lightspeed LA (updated the board to reflect it). Last time I started a new job was 10 years ago, this is very exciting!
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    Squad reacted to Vilham in What are you playing now?   
    Just got deathloop and it takes two.

    Finished ghost of tsushima, its great tbh, very little I would change. Its just the right length for the depth of gameplay. The core gameplay is just right for what its trying to do. No dark souls combat but still lots of depth and some skill required. If anyone wants to play online let me know, been playing some of the story missions and coop.
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    Squad reacted to Radu in Alan Wake   
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    Squad reacted to Zarsky in Alan Wake   
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    Squad reacted to blackdog in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive   
    Wait waaaaaat!
    Unexpected (for me) drop of a new operation.
    Congrats to the Mapcore crowd monopolising the “new maps” section of the update 😄
    @Yanzl @rzl @Oliver @[email protected] @jd40 @Quadratic @Quotingmc @[email protected]@andi @Oskmos
    PS: hopefully I haven't missed anyone, and in case apologies
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    Squad got a reaction from Mark Karhan in Source 2 - de_inferno   
    Sure this ain't Inferno?  
    Looks very cool!
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    Squad reacted to kleinluka in Hello :)   
    remember the mIRC channel anyone?
    god I feel old
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    Squad got a reaction from Furyo in Hello :)   
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    Squad reacted to sn0wsh00 in The random model thread!   
    I recently created a geodesic dome model for my Vertumnus fight yard maps (Day version, Night version) in CS:GO. I used this video as a guide on how to create the dome:

    This is probably something very basic for a lot of you guys, but as a 3D modeling noob, I'm pretty proud that I was able to create and import this model into CS:GO without many issues. I mean, Blender isn't exactly MS Paint.
    I also created a collision mesh for the dome:

    Model download link:
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    Squad reacted to Bunglo in What have you purchased recently?   
    Did I just spend almost $400 to play a Zelda game? You bet your fucking ass I did.

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    Squad reacted to Tisky in Life is strange sometimes   
    Between 1990 and 1996 i lived in a house together with my family and it was the period of my life that i remember most fondly. 
    We got a Super Nintendo while we lived there and after my mother and step-father broke up and we sold the house life kind of went spiraling downwards. By 2004 My grandmother and grandfather died of cancer, my father had commited suicide and my mother started abusing heavy drugs. 
    All i ever really wanted was to find the same stability and family-life i had as a kid. 
    My kids mother (we were together between 2004 and 2012) destroyed my hope for women but i got two amazing kids out of that relationship. 
    I met a woman through internet after years of terrible dates and extremly low self-esteem. I remember thinking when i first saw her that "she is waaay out of my League". Fast forward and this weekend we moved into a house, on the same street i grew up on. I would never have dreamt of this in a million years and i get all teared up watching my daughters playing Sim City on the SNES mini. 
    Sorry for the rant but i never thought a game i played as a kid could make me feel this way today. 

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    Squad reacted to Thrik in wow thanks mapcore   
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    Squad reacted to will2k in Unreal Engine 5   
    More Lumen examples 

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    Squad reacted to Vorontsov in The random model thread!   
    I've designed my first CS:GO skin! If you wanna see more renders they're in the ArtStation link. Definitely wanna do this again, just have to take a bit of a break first.
    Workshop Link | ArtStation Link

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    Squad reacted to T-Rexer in Vineyard - Danger Zone   
    The Danger Zone experiment returns to the sun soaked hills of southern Italy. Between scenic towns and ancient ruins, fight to survive and be the last man standing.

    Workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2587298130

    Made by: Hasselh0ff, KlixX, Seth, Quotingm Slimek, Andi, Squidski and T-R3x3r

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    Squad reacted to will2k in wow thanks mapcore   
    Thrik should probably consult with EA to implement a microtransaction system in mapcore, so you can just buy your way to the top level instead of grinding daily through various levels. Get grand master level in no time and laugh at all the newbs still grinding /s

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    Squad reacted to Wintrius in Post your favourite movie scenes ever!   
    If I had to recall my favorite movie scene, I'd probably have to go with the entire ending of The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. The coupling of the incredible score from Ennio Morricone with the suspense of the scene is goosebump-inducing. The previous graveyard scene is just as good. If you have not seen this movie, do yourself the favor.
    Another scene that stuck with me was the Baptism scene from The Godfather. The juxtaposition of the Baptism and the killings made for a truly memorable moment.
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    Squad reacted to Minos in wow thanks mapcore   
    You guys need to post harder... gotta grind those Mapcore badges to earn some respect 
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    Squad reacted to will2k in The Half-Life 3 thread of closure and memorium AKA what Tyler McVicker just said on YouTube   
    Not Half-life 3 related, but any HL news is welcome at this moment

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    Squad reacted to ThunderKeil in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    Finally got around to detailing the front entrance, textures still need some work but I'm real happy w how it's turning out

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    Squad reacted to Vaya in Source 2 - de_inferno   
    very cute assets. do you have a designed workflow for these?
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    Squad reacted to Vaya in wow thanks mapcore   

     these achivements
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    Squad reacted to Minos in Nuclear Dawn Memorial Thread   
    Don't meant to hijack the thread but here's the Nightwatch .wad, some great old school goodness in there  
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    Squad reacted to FMPONE in Nuclear Dawn Memorial Thread   
    I somehow got my hands on a leaked version of the Japan level back in the day. I was so bummed when I saw there really were no meat on the bones lol. But it did look nice!
    It also blew my mind how complete the Russia level was. I have very confidence they would have finished the levels. 
    I would like to do a Nightwatch one next, but will need help as it was before my time, and unlike with Nuclear Dawn, I won’t know what is missing unless someone else points it out.
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    Squad reacted to FMPONE in Nuclear Dawn Memorial Thread   
    Hey there,
    So I wanted to archive what I felt is the finest unreleased Source mod, Nuclear Dawn. I know it was eventually released, but the team had changed so much that I don't feel it matched the original team's vision. There may be more media out there, but this is the stuff I was able to find and wanted to archive. I may want to do this for Nightwatch as well, since that appears to be the finest unreleased Half-Life mod.

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