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    Squad reacted to Pericolos0 in Source 2 Hammer - Feature Request   
    welcome to 3D modeling lol. You can use middle mouse to lasso select the vert
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    Squad reacted to will2k in Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass   
    Serious Sam 3 - Hero (OST) to get you pumped for SS4
    Undercode, the Croatian heavy metal band who are performing this song for SS3, confirmed they will be back for SS4.
    Damjan Mravunac, the soundmeister of the whole series since the original in 2001 as well as Talos principle, is also back for SS4
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    Squad got a reaction from will2k in Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass   
    I had some of the best local coop fun with Serious Sam 3. It's not exactly the kind of franchise you play for its visuals, so I pretty much couldn't care less in this case. I do wonder what's new gameplay-wise, except that there'll be a gazillion of enemies.
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    Squad got a reaction from Lizard in Source 2 Hammer - Feature Request   
    H = hide selected
    Ctrl + H = hide unselected
    Right? I'm starting to doubt myself
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    Squad got a reaction from Lizard in Source 2 Hammer - Feature Request   
    That works just fine for me using the hotkeys (CTRL+H and U).
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    Squad reacted to leplubodeslapin in [TUTORIAL] Import a model and its material   
    Quickly writting that tutorial from my experiments but a more official tutorial on the wiki should definitely replace this.
    First, gather the source files. We will consider a material with a standard PBR shader. All the folders are relative path, so find this location on your pc :
    Half-Life Alyx\content\hlvr_addons\your_addon\
    And then place the files over there :
    The model itself : \models\folder\mesh.fbx The collision if you have one : \models\folder\includes\mesh_physbox.fbx The diffuse (must end with _color) : \materials\models\folder\mesh_color.png The normalmap (must end with _normal) : \materials\models\folder\mesh_normal.png The Roughness (must end with _rough) : \materials\models\folder\mesh_rough.png Note : You can use PNG, but also TGA, JPG or even PSD
    Note 2 : The normalmap doesn't have its vertical values inverted like it was the case on Source 1. If you import a normalmap from Source 1, don't forget to invert the green channel !
    In my case, it's a vehicle that I'll name "vehicle_sherpa", so here are my files :
    The model : \models\vehicle\vehicle_sherpa.fbx The collision : \models\vehicle\includes\vehicle_sherpa_physbox.fbx The diffuse : \materials\models\vehicle\vehicle_sherpa_color.png The normalmap : \materials\models\vehicle\vehicle_sherpa_normal.png The Roughness : \materials\models\vehicle\vehicle_sherpa_rough.png The AO : \materials\models\vehicle\vehicle_sherpa_ao.png  
    Then, we'll start by creating the material. On the asset Browser window, find the Material Editor and open it.

    File → New
    And then immediately save (File → Save or CTRL + S) to define a location of your vmat.
    In my case, it will go along with with the textures I just imported : \materials\models\vehicle\vehicle_sherpa.vmat
    Note : once the files are compiled, you'll get the same hierarchy over the game folder than the content folder. Once the vmat will be compiled, it will become vmat_c (compiled material) and will have vtex_c with it (combined texture).
    We will keep the Vr Simple shader

    And you can start importing the textures by clicking on the folder icon next to each field. It will only look for files ending with the right suffix, hence the importance of naming your files to make your work easier afterwards.
    In my case, I have an AO texture so I'll check "Ambiant Occlusion Texture" on the left but it's optionnal. In the end, it should look like this :

    Feel free to use more complex shaders and to tweak things better. My model should definitely use a metalness texture but it's fine for this demonstration.
    Ok now save and you can quit the material editor.
    Back on the Asset Browser, find the ModelDoc Editor

    Same thing, start by saving your model. In my case it will go there :  \models\vehicle\vehicle_sherpa.vmdl
    Start by selecting an archetype, for this we will do a simple Static Prop Model.
    And then, import your mesh by using that cute little star button :

    Once your mesh added, it will feel like nothing is happening. Try pressing the compile button on the right.
    That's right, you need to press that compile button to make sure to compile stuff. It wasn't the case for the material editor, everything was being compiled automatically.
    Your model should be a ref wireframe because it doesn't have any material assigned to it, so let's start with that.
    On the left pannel, check "Show Empty Categories", it will show you "categories" for which you can configure stuff (i'm vague because ... i don't know most of these stuff for now).
    Right clic on the category "MaterialGroupList"  → Add DefaultMaterialGroup
    And then, if the item "DefaultMaterialGroup" is selected, in the Node Editor pannel you'll be able to assign a material. I assume you can manage with this category the multiple materials you might need for your model. For my simple example, there's only one material so I will stick with 1 group.
    Compile your model and it should start to look like something !  
    You can move like in Hammer (hold RMB/press Z and move with WASD) or you can rotate around the mesh by holding ALT + LMB.
    Cool !

    Now let's add a collision. Right clic on the category PhysicsShapeList and you'll notice multiple options to add collision

    I assume it's there because you might be able to add shapes (box, capsules and spheres) by hand or you can decide to generate a collision from ModelDoc. By in my case I have a mesh, so I'll pick "Add PhysicsMeshFile" and gives the physbox FBX I imported earlier.
    It should look like this in your 3D view

    Compile your model and you can try to place your model in hammer !


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    Squad reacted to Pampers in Mafia Trilogy   

    You can buy it now on steam, and if you own some of the other versions you get the definitive editions of them as well. Supposedly Mafia 2 & 3 are 'remastered' as well, but I guess it is just support for higher resolution and widescreen stuff. Not much info to be found on what is new in 2 & 3. Anyway I am revisiting Mafia 2 for now
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    Squad reacted to [HP] in Half-Life Alyx   
    Feels lile 2004 all over again. 
    Only we grew older, hairy, fat and we all got heavy devices on our heads. 
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    Squad reacted to Pericolos0 in Half-Life Alyx   
    workshop tools are out! We included sources for all the maps as well. Enjoy! 

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    Squad reacted to ItzOmega in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    https://www.artstation.com/artwork/aR28q9 ☺️

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    Squad reacted to ItzOmega in The random model thread!   
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    Squad reacted to FMPONE in What I'm Working On, 2014-Forever   
    Here's my new Unreal Engine 5 hostage rescue map

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    Squad reacted to [HP] in Mafia Trilogy   
    Mafia 3 was a little bit of a let down, the first two were amazing games with a really great narrative and characters. 
    And seems like a remaster is on the way, we should see more footage on the 19th. Also, Mafia 1 is a full remake, with expanded story and gameplay!!!
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    Squad reacted to blackdog in Unreal Engine 5   
    Speaking of deals: royalties waived under $1M 
    I remember that too! When they started talking and mentioned that, my mind went immediately back to that Carmack interview
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    Squad reacted to Zarsky in Unreal Engine 5   
    Say what? 👀
    This is confirmed by Tim Sweeney to be real time footage from a playable demo captured straight from the PS5 dev kit.
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    Squad reacted to JorisCeoen in Daigo   
    Tomorrow, I'll upload a brand new version of the map, with many improvements. I won't go into much detail yet, but here's a current W.I.P. for the Fish Statues (called Sachihoko in Japanese):

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    Squad reacted to RaVaGe in RaVaGe's real life WIP   
    Fuck this, can't upload more

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    Squad reacted to ItzOmega in What I'm Working On, 2014-Forever   
    I don't know if you guys have seen it but this looks amazing!
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    Squad reacted to blackdog in This War of Mine   
    The game was originally released in 2014, but I've only started playing it last week as a design study kind of thing... but I got really into it!
    It always got me curious when it came up on the storefronts, but at the same time never investigated it because I gravitate towards shooters and generally action games. I think this was one of the first free games on the Epic Store --at least is one of the first I redeemed-- so it's been sitting in my library for a while, but is actually the game that convinced me to install the Epic Launcher! after watching a couple episodes of the Marshall Dyer's playthrough and I'm really enjoying to keep watching it to see the different approaches. Another thing I like is that this game doesn't hold your hand with tutorials before or during (a big surprise for such a mobile-friendly game), the hints are subtle and delivered through descriptions of places or the chat-baloons the survivors display now and then. It's frustrating at times, but rewarding when you understand the mechanics.
    So I would recommend it!
    Steam page
    Epic Store
    This War of Mine is a management/survival game with permadeath. You start with 3 survivors from the war (heavily reminescent of the Jugoslavia civil war) and have to scavange your own refuge and other locations for resources you will turn into food, utensils and appliances. It's a simple point-and-click with timers applied to every operation, in a fashion that really suits mobile/touch interfaces -- in fact I'm surprised this wasn't released first on there and then ported to the big brothers (I'd speculate that Fallout Shelter was heavily inspired by this game).
    The game works well with gamepad too though, which is actually the way I'm mostly playing with.
    The game is divided between day and night: the day is used to multi-task between survivors, making sure everyone is healthy and your sanctuary is upgraded with the resources found in the night, when you control just one scavenger in increasingly dangerous locations. You also return to previous locations a lot to properly harvest what you couldn't carry... this is the kind of game that makes you want to get a notepad out to take notes of where to find stuff, as descriptions get muddled together after playing a long session.
    Behind such a simple control scheme, there's quite a complex system, as there are stealth components as well. Survivors all have different backgrounds, which I think work as passive perks that will improve resource usage. Locations are unlocked just with the passage of time but are not always accessible as they are disabled throughout the story to give a sense of the evolving war.

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    Squad reacted to Serialmapper in de_rose [remake]   
    This map it's a remake of an older version. Here you may access it SteamWorkshop , also you may find it here at good old Gamebanana
    Although it seems a little bit infantile to me here it's the map's story: The uncontrolled urban development and illegal expropriations trigger a violent reaction of the local residents. The CT are there to defend construction corporation's interests.
    The maps it's designed with large public server in mind for casual play but it can be played in the competitive mode if necessary. It has details but not too many according to the today's standards, i want good performance at high player load after all.
    Doesn't have soundscapes because during the playtime i never hear them and they serve no purpose in this regard. Doesn't have nav with callouts either because the callouts available in csgo don't fit very well the map's pathways. But who knows on a future update maybe i will add them.
    It has some custom props made by me in 3dsmax (student edition), custom materials and sprites, many of them from textures.com.

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    Squad reacted to ErikFnatic in Fnatic want's to make CS better!   
    Hi Everyone!
    My name is Erik Londré and I work at Fnatic. We have previously dabbled in creating custom maps. We did a CS:GO surf map a few years ago and created a custom 1v1 map for an event. We were super happy with the results of both. 

    When I watched a WarOwl video where he presented the maps from the Exotic places competition I got really inspired. The level of creativity was insane!
    So now I am coming to your community and asking what we can do together to make CS:GO better?
    What educational, competitive, or just plain fun map concept are we missing?
    Can we build the ultimate training/warm-up map?
    Are we building the scariest zombie escape map ever for this years Halloween?
    Should we recreate the Tokyo Olympics in CS? 

    Or should we do something completely different? I would love to hear your ideas. Maybe you are already working on something you think we could collaborate around?
    Our CS:GO team is currently ranked #1 in the world, we have access to sponsors for funding, big name content creators and a lot of CS:GO fans all around the World. I think we could make some really cool stuff happen together. 
    Send me an email at [email protected]
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    Squad reacted to Amin Montazeri in Graphical aim map! + Playtest video   
    Hi MapCore community,
    Here's my 10-hours Blockout for FPS genre (aim map for CS:GO almost)


    Much more images on my Artstation.
    Any feedback would be appreciated.
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    Squad reacted to text_fish in Corona Virus   
    So why not just look at some non-random ass crime level stats? It's easy, thanks to this new-fangled gizmotron they call the World Wide Cyber-Highway.
    The UK's ONS (Office For National Statistics) reports 726 homicides in the year ending March 2018. That works out at 12 offences per million population.
    Whilst in the US, the FBI estimate 16,214 in 2018. That's about 50 offences per million population. Both websites provide a similar enough definition of Homicide to make them a useful comparison.
    Blackdog's video above was a bit of fun and I'm sure that household is exceptional, but the person who bought those automatic rifles definitely has very unhealthy fantasies about unloading a shit-ton of bullets in to an intruder some day, and I don't think that particular mind-set is as exceptional as it should be.
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    Squad reacted to will2k in Black Mesa Source   
    Finished it!
    Props to the devs for making Xen chapters a unique experience as almost as if it was not Half-Life anymore, but a new game on its own. Well done.
    Some sections really felt unrecognizable and totally new which is a big plus as opposed to being an exact copy of HL levels.
    The puzzles in Interloper dragged on a bit and became repetitive, but that doesn't take away from the total experience.
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    Squad reacted to Terri in Corona Virus   
    Sorry what?

    Also just got laid off due to big rona cuts lets goooo
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