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  1. Mister H20 was one the nicest guys ever. I miss him already. I remember the IRC days like it was yesterday.
  2. this thread has been killed.
  3. hydeph

    go-kart model

    :] http://www.americanstreetrod.com/racing_kart_bodies.htm
  4. youre hockey shots are awesome it's easy to see you're a canuck, lol
  5. Team Fortress 2: Counter-Strike
  6. yeah lemme smoke that shit yeah yeah yeah i got the papers i got the weed
  7. well, keep them to yourself, because d3ads isn't the only person still mapping for HL. sooooo if that is all you have to say you can just get out. :roll: what a great post that was very contributive, Taylor.
  8. hydeph

    Enemy Within - HL2 SP Mod.

    Fuck Rick_D. You need some exclusive props and other models, Nih.
  9. 1u=1in 1 unit is 1 pixel, there is no actual scale conversion in GoldSource. it is more accurate in the Source editor. furthermore, D3ads, the tiles are very elusive. having them stretch up the wall so far with the painted wall above makes the room look really tall. Maybe a more even distrubution of tiles and painted wall would make it look more proportional.
  10. hydeph

    Enemy Within - HL2 SP Mod.

    none of the pictures work for me, Nih, you got something against Canadians? ?_? ?_?
  11. i love you live for speed
  12. yes, send. never old enough for me ;9
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