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  1. I worked on this game for maybe 2 years, it has come a really long way since I left! Combat is pretty solid and the orc models look great. Glad they really stuck with the nemesis system, it seems really interesting and unique. Lots of bugs though. Only played about 30 minutes so I am curious to see the scope of the game.
  2. Chris, have you done a queens wrath mission, or a nightfall mission or strike?
  3. yes. i followed the signup. even step 2. Have you cancelled your sub right after subscribing? It needs to be set to "active". That's it, though I have a friend who has an active sub with the same problem. I'll check in with him. Edit: He's on a developer thing of 1 year free UE4 if the company you work for also uses unreal. Unfortunately it means "1 year of credit" rather than "active subscription" for 1 year.
  4. The fultons (balloons) bring that thing back to your base. There are videos of fultoning a sheep and then going to your base and the sheep is there. With the enemies, they might just be turned into a currency, or maybe they are converted to your team, I don't know
  5. From the original post... it has this link to download UT; https://github.com/epicgames/unrealtournament Which gives a 404.. any idea how to get the content?
  6. Are you choosing activities where your character level is >= the activity level? You should be able to click the right stick to focus on other players in the world, from there you get a sub menu where you can invite them to your fireteam. Sprony, if you are fireteam leader (or if someone in your fireteam is leader) they can go to the roster tab and open up the fireteam to the public. I think by default it is for friends only. It definitely sucks to have people drop out, but this can be a way to allow people back in if it does happen.
  7. The grimoire items are cards of fiction and images for the mobile app, the emblems are icons you can swap out with your nameplate, and shaders are like dye for your gear (once you hit 20)
  8. FYI to anyone on last gen who hasn't gone next gen yet (but are considering...) http://www.destinythegame.com/digital-upgrade
  9. A few day old video of a retail map (starts around 2:00) and a look at some community maps. The first map looks great, really solid design!
  10. If you turn on CC translated to English, they are amazing
  11. "realistic first person shooter that pits you as an elite SAS commander out to discover why a third of the worlds population has gone insane" they don't make 'em like they used to! I miss those PC Gamer discs that were loaded with demos and trailers. The magazines used to be over 300 pages! Over the years they noticeably thinned out
  12. Finished Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls last night (PC), still about 2,000,000 xp from level 60 Then I saw Mr. Helder Pinto in the credits
  13. Yeah I was going to say the same thing, awesome character models! Kind of crazy to think how many quests there were in that 35 minute video. Everything looked pretty solid, some places like the swamp seemed visually noisy and hard to make out the trails and stuff, but maybe not a huge deal for a game like this.
  14. Agreed, I'd love to see this populated with AI people that's something that's completely out of my reach for this project I'm thinking of releasing a playable demo later on so maybe I could add some if there's a free package somewhere or someone willing to donate some characters. I would have figured so much! An even cheaper option could be to have one of your scrolling signs say something about a curfew in effect
  15. I'm sure you are focusing on the environment more and I think it looks great, but it also feels incomplete without suggesting people live there. Have you thought about cheaply simulating this like many architecture drawings/renderings so where they place very rough humans / vehicles around? They are often done in a way that don't distract you from the main environment, like a solid color black or white, or simple shapes;
  16. The game industry is so volatile I don't think there are very many studios to have been around for 20 years...
  17. Algor

    Learning UE4

    I found this which covers a lot of ground; https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Resources/index.html I found this last night where Mr Chops walks you through making a use trigger. Most tutorials seemed to skip the part of making your own PlayerController which has the critical "send Click Events" and "Send CursorOver Events" . After about 30 minutes I finally made a use trigger... I guess I will be starting at the basics
  18. Algor

    Learning UE4

    Cool stuff, I did the same about a week ago. It is pretty fun to mess around and see what you can do, but it also seems a fair bit different than kismet. Some of those video tuts by Epic are a little frustrating since they can get so distracted with visual polish stuff when trying to teach a technical subject. There are also some community tutorials that don't actually teach you anything. They just tell you to do a bunch of stuff, which is not a great way to learn. If anyone finds good tutorials please post! Did you have any luck making an interact trigger (one that you have to aim at and then press a key)?
  19. But sometimes if you are offered something like a 25k salary bump (not too uncommon) people can be persuaded to ignore those problems
  20. gg marketing. His tattoo is on his right forearm in the shots from the film, but on his left on the poster.
  21. "CIA officer Paul Craig Roberts"... A quick search will tell you Paul Craig Roberts was never a member of the CIA. The implied title would appear to give him some credibility, otherwise he is just another radical making wild statements that people just eat up as truth.
  22. In this day of smartphones and other tiny quality cameras, there was no bootleg footage of this?
  23. Send me a message if you want a key! PS3 / PS4 / 360 / Xbone, USA or Non-USA
  24. Algor

    [CSGO] cs_sportscentre

    Seems cool but also seems noisy. Tiles on the floors, walls, ceilings, and even the skybox! Some of these are inevitable, but others can probably be simplified
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