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  1. No HL3, no hype! https://twitter.com/ishl3outyet
  2. Most of the times it's because one of the tournament sponsors (in this case maybe Razer or Asus) demands that all the players use their products while on stage. The problem with that is that every team has a headset sponsor which might not be the same company that sponsors the tournament, so they have to use two pairs of headsets. Usually they use just the mic of one of the headsets and then listen to the sound with the other. It might also be because the tournament forces them to use noise cancelling headsets so that hey can't listen to the crowd while playing.
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    I'm Portuguese and I don't give likes to HP posts on purpose.
  4. http://www.society6.com
  5. Everything can happen, but realistically, GER won't slip, they just have to tie or win and they qualify to the next round, I don't see them losing against USA. USA is almost qualified as well but they need to be careful, GER won't be playing for the tie or they might risk losing the game, and GER is much stronger than USA, so it will be a though match for US. POR and GAN will probably be a even match, both teams need to win by a big margin to even have a chance of qualifying, so neither team will play defensively, so there will probably be lots of goals, which sucks for POR, but whatever. Nothing is decided but GER and USA are almost guaranteed to pass to the next round. And I just read some news that the world cup had more viewers than the NBA in the US. Glad you guys are finally enjoying the game
  6. I went with a plan of not buying anything over 5€ this year... and I still managed to spend 50€ in 3 days
  7. Come on man, that's not fair, Portugal tried as much as USA to score and win the match, even more than them since after the second goal US started faking injuries to kill time, while we where still trying to tie the game, which we did, at the last minute. I don't remember any Portuguese player diving to fake a penalty, and we could even complain about the referee since the guy from the US with the dreadlocks should had been expelled on the first half for elbowing one of our guys, and we had a clear penalty in the second half that the ref didn't see. Anyway, we don't really deserve the tie, the felling around here is that our coach did a really bad job while preparing the team (10 injuries so far, only one proper left winger, etc) and is also doing a bad job while selecting the starting teams for each match. Everyone thinks that it would be better if we had just lost the game and be done with it. Now we need to score god knows how many goals against Ghana and hope that Germany wins by a big margin against the USA... Sooo go Germany!
  8. I'm a bit confident about Portugal, I hope that we get to the quarter finals at least, and if we avoid Argetina we might get to the semis since we will only play against Spain, Brazil or Germany (after the group stage) in the semis or finals. About the group stage, I'm glad that we start of against Germany that way we will now what our chances are from the start. I think that Germany will win, but on a good day we might tie the game. I don't see us wining against them. USA and Gana, we will probably win both games, I'm just a bit unsure of the match against USA since they are a bit unpredictable. Top four, at the moment I'm betting on Spain, Brazil, Germany, and hopefuly Portugal. I don't get why everyone is betting on Argentina, yes they do have Messi but they suck as a team.
  9. Haven't touched Hammer in a few years, but if things are still the same you can use negative values on pretty much all the tools. For example using negatives on the texture editor flips the texture.
  10. about how the shirts fit, click on one of the shirts, and you will find a link that says "size chart" next to the size dropbox. If you click there it will open a new window that has photos of two guys wearing all the shirts sizes (hard to explain, just click and see). They seem to be loose fit.
  11. Next major tournament will be Copenhagen Games, it starts on April 17th. The prizes are a lot lower but all the big teams will probably be there, so it will be a fun tournament to watch. You can check all the tournament info at copenhagengames.com or at hltv.org
  12. Exactly, VP is the old Pentagram/PSG team, minus loord and kuben. About snax and byali it seems like they are better players than loord and kuben where, byali was the 3rd best player of the tournament and snax was 7th, beating neo and forest for example. You can check the tournament stats here http://www.hltv.org/?pageid=183&eventid=1333&gameid=2
  13. You should check out their history, they where the best team in the world for a couple of years and had the nickname of "the golden five". They are a very beloved team for those who follow competitive counter strike due to the fact that they got screwed by organisations far more than any other team in the history of the game, this is probably the 10th orga that they represent not to mention that they spent many periods without any company backing them up and having to pay for everything out of their own pockets. At those times they used to play using the clan tag "Again". Despite all of this they managed to stick together since probably 2005 or something like that, all that time with the same lineup, that was only changed after CS:GO came out. They never gave up, even after having some disappointing results when they changed to CS:GO (they got a bit late into the game, and had to take some time to adapt) They winning this tournament is kind of the Cinderella story of Counter Strike, everyone was hoping for it, even though they had little chances, but they made it, and on their own country versus NiP (neo from VP and forest from NiP are considered the two best players of all time, so there's always a bit of a rivalry when they play against each other). It couldn't have been better. Regarding all the trash talk during matches, all players and teams act like that, VP where just a bit more vocal, but if you watch the pre and post game videos you can see VP players asking the crowd to cheer for the other team for example. They are known for being nice guys and most players like them.
  14. 25000 is still better than nothing, no matter what the real reason behind it is. I bet that none of the Filipinos that where helped are complaining, since they where probably out of food for days, and don't have houses, or anything at all. Also, considering that their average income is around 100$ per month those 25000 are basically a shitload of money. First world problems right here.
  15. I just installed it and it screwed all the screen settings and made everything white, not worth it
  16. After a few a weeks you would get used to anything, it does not make it right now, does it? We're talking about changing a paradigm that is been in use for 20 years, worldwide, by millions (probably billions) of people and machines. There will always be some resistance, it's what we call "velhos do restelo". Technology needs and has to change over time, and it was about time MS changed their OS experience. Look at it from microsoft pov. There are so many different devices these days that the only way for microsoft to keep their market position is to unify all those systems with a single OS, having to mantain different OSs is impracticable. Tiles are not hard to work with, they are not a new or even a bad idea, like I said before it's the same paradigm that's being used on tables and phones, and the mouse as an input device won't live for much longer unfortunately, so we need to start thinking in a different way. The problem is that people don't really understand how far they can take the start screen, but that will change over time. Regarding the pic about the Xbox menu... it's right there on the right "Dead Rising installing...". People also need to realise that consoles stopped being just for gaming a long time ago, they're entertainment systems now and that makes it harder to keep things simple. This being said, for me at least, the device with the best user experience on the market at the moment is the ipad, it just works, it works well, and it's really intuitive. I've been an apple hatter for a long time but apple got it right and it seems like MS is now trying to catch up to them.
  17. Arnold looks badass in those shots
  18. Microsoft tiles are not that bad. As with anything that it's different and new it takes some time to get used to it, but after a couple of weeks of using them (in windows it gets better. You basically just have to look at them the same way you look at the app icons on your iphone, they do the same thing.
  19. The comments are even funnier
  20. this is obviously a matter of personal taste, but for me this is far more interesting than having another FPS where you shoot bullets (and all it's variants) at the enemy from far away. It's refreshing to see a proper game using a combat system like this, and for me that is enough of a selling point. I'm looking at this the same way I looked at mirrors edge for example, it stands out in the crowd.
  21. I don't understand how stabbing people in the face, guts, balls, and cutting arms, legs, heads can ever get boring. I would buy a Xbox One just for that.
  22. It should be mentioned that this won't be an actual product that you will be able to buy buy, the "steamboxes" that will end out in stores will be made by other companies and not by valve. This box in the photos will be used just for testing.
  23. Rambo (http://rambo.wikia.com/wiki/Buddhist_Monastery)
  24. Arena FPS is dead. Every once in a while I play Quake Live against some younger friends from the LOL and COD generation that have never played a proper fps. It's a good way to make me feel less old
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