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  1. I'm getting more of a GoW vibe off the new killzone (still needs more colour damnit, I think I'd go to sleep if that trailer was any longer. Grey grey fucking grey, my eyes demand better). Too human: looks very nice but the gameplay looks a bit uninspired.
  2. Fullauto

    Summer sunsets

    Third one is all sorts of awesome.
  3. They couldn't have chosen a duller shot, could they? MS need a strong showing and I'm sure they'll deliver.
  4. DANDELION VIEW - love it, comes off really well, well done! BIRCH VIEW - hate to say this, but it does absolutely nothing for me, just boring. I think the two middle images are the strongest - the limited palette works well with these more abstract images, but I think it makes the landscapes look a little lifeless.
  5. Very decent model, loving the pirate outfit! The skin could use some blemishes, it's a bit of a flat landscape at the moment.
  6. Worth money? For some people maybe... Worth $10 to me? No. Paying for mods seems like an alright concept to me. Provided the creators actually put commitment into providing a finished product and continued support for that product, I've got no problem with it.
  7. Fullauto

    Black & White pwns.

    The last two are great. The former has got great contrast and sharp lines
  8. I can see where you're coming from, but I don't agree with the sentiment of buying a game, regardless of quality, to support a developer.
  9. Tried the demo. Didn't find it funny and the minigame sucked. Oh dear...
  10. Fecking ace. Good to see this one didn't sink without trace
  11. Fullauto

    iPod nano

    Mmmm, black ones. Shame they don't come in the fruity colours of the minis.
  12. Pretty neat. Though on the windows on the right side, it almost looks like there's a border around the windows.
  13. Ooh, cool. Downloading. Mirror #3 for non-signup goodness.
  14. Fullauto


    Hmmm, methinks you need more stone showing through the ivy - the balance is too far in the green at the moment.
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