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    You know, any fy map is like that. It is so that each team feels like they have the same possibilities to win And if you look close at the overview it is not the same at all
  2. lakru


    why should it be a joke??? I am just posting our map
  3. lakru


    I dont know if you guys at this forum like fy maps(probebly not), but here is our first fy map: Grab here Or download here! Hope you enjoy... go go go It is a silence day in the neigbourhood and all you gotta do is to kill the others!!!! We have tested it on lan and we had fun. The only thing is the r_speeds which is a little high in some areas(1000) Here are some pictures of lakru and jipets new map fy_dahood. Tomorrow we will ad a download link and we hope that it will be downloadet a 1000 times... So long ps. critics is welcome!
  4. lakru


    Nope, not really...
  5. lakru


    Ok, I did not know that!!! The light is like it is because they are not shooting at the moment. I am working on the theme right now. Oen of the reasons for that is the r_speeds in some areas.
  6. lakru


    Hello Boys and Girls, I am new to this forum and thought that I would try to post a beta map. MOD= "The Specialist" It is called ts_studio and as you can see on the pics it takes place in a movie studio: Download Beta 1 Hope you will give it a go and maybe give some critics... Lakru A.k.A Xip1
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