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  1. It's WW1, people. Now, show gameplay.
  2. Welcome to free to play games. Or in this case: when it's free to play for the time being due to open beta.
  3. The Weekly Brawl thing should change every day like it did in closed beta so people can try more modes for the time being. Or switch to Arcade instead of Mystery Hero.
  4. It's WW2 with mechs in a dieselpunk setting. This will shut up both people whining for a BF2142 sequel and nostalgiafags.
  5. Man, I'd have this if my damn insurance company wasn't so damn slow to get my sickness benefits out the door! Currently living on scraps thanks to that crap. God damnit, Försäkringskassan! Hey I just had an awesome idea, it's a long shot but ... someone gift me the game!
  6. It's happening! Titanfall was a good shooter but lacked a lot in content and unlocks/customization (face it, people want carrots on a stick these days), so I hope Respawn have learned from this. Because piloting giant robots is awesome.
  7. There are weekly tourneys in the beta, but there is still one thing missing for the game to completely please the competitive scene: Stopwatch mode ( http://dirtybomb.gamepedia.com/Game_Modes ). Currently people are using a makeshift version of that mode (pen and paper, wohoo!), and have to keep track of time manually to determine a winner via external stopwatches. We know that some sort of Competitive mode is coming, but if it's only ranked stuff thrown in there without any other addition, it's would be sad.
  8. Let it be known that Tracer's butt started the great Cyber War of 2016.
  9. Oh look it's pl_badwater
  10. Better loot huh? It has to be on par with the craftable stuff to be considered better in my opinion.
  11. Been level 30 for a while, have done Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint and Lexington Event Center on Challenge Mode so many times (Lincoln is easiest, Lexington is fastest), got full high-end gear and currently sitting at 165k DPS, and .... bored out of my mind. Currently, SMG's are the top tier weapons, namely the Vector 45 ACP that you can craft after buying the blueprint of the Pheonix Credits vendor. And it's a damn shame as nothing ever comes close to the damage the Vector puts out, due to passive +20% or so crit chance on SMG's. Sure, it's an SMG and thus have poor range, but that's why you
  12. http://www.greenmangaming.com/s/se/en/pc/games/shooter/tom-clancys-rainbow-six-siege/ currently out of stock but that price is great, especially with a voucher code ... might even pick it up myself, watched a number of streams of it, however I'm being told to wait until the network issues get fixed.
  13. I was lucky enough to get an invite in the last wave, and while I've spent most of my time playing Fallout 4 instead, I've had quite a few games in Overwatch and it is really fun... as long as you win (a hurr durr). Tried most heroes, not all, and before I even began playing or saw streams outside of developer gameplay, I was set on that Bastion & McCree would be my main boys. Well, turns out that the newly added tank hero D.va is my current favorite after playing her quite a bit. Very mobile tank thanks to her jets, allows for a quick disengage if shit hits the fan, a shield that covers a
  14. I hope someone works on a HUD mod right away, because looking at leaked videos and screenshots, the default HUD almost feels like it belongs on a mobile game. Hope there's a HUD scale slider. Also the removal of the dialogue box with multiple choices, and having it replaced with 4 button prompts at most, is really uuuh ... hmm ...
  15. https://community.treyarch.com/community/treyarch/blog/2015/11/02/modding-mapping-tools-coming-to-black-ops-3-pc-in-2016 Awesome if they keep their promise and it actually happens, buuuuut we've heard the same thing before...
  16. Time to get disappointed and sad again
  17. http://steamcommunity.com/games/208650/announcements/detail/128710596369779495 Batman lived a hard life...
  18. Well boys, looks like we got bummed in the gob
  19. Okay so the closed beta is now live, even in Europe, and I didn't get a mail or have any Install button for the beta. I am sad now.
  20. In the mission where this plays ....
  21. I hope that whoever designed the R&D platform, especially the target practice course, gets dragged out back and shot.
  22. Alright! Now I can construct FOBs! Now if only the servers were not complete anus...
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