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  1. Man, Nintendo have had Sony all over so far. It may have a literally pish name, but the Wii is far too special.
  2. Tequila


    Sorry, I meant they never show a scene with him inside that lab stealing it. Would only ahve added 10 mins and could have been pretty cool IMO. Does anyone know if it was cut, or if it was never even made? The Rabbit's Foot is just a McGuffin - a plot device that serves no purpose other than to advance the story. It's intentionally vague.
  3. Exactly. I don't want HL1DM to look all shiny and shit. I want it to look like the original, with a few fun features like ragdolls thrown in. Nostalgia's a beautiful thing.
  4. It looks most good. Another fresh start after all that jazzy bullshit of the previous 3 films.
  5. Quoted for truth, and so on And so forth. I'm trying to avoid spoilers now that the Ep. 1 .gcf file is open to interpretation, but the little snippets I've heard sound immense.
  6. Yeah, I played with editing GTA1 a long time ago. It was fun, but ridiculously buggy and user-unfriendly, as you'd expect.
  7. Alright, now I'm really jealous that I don't live there.
  8. Psychonauts reference, KFS? You win.
  9. Never give in to fast VIS/RAD, dude. YOU'RE STRONGER THAN THAT.
  10. Pre-loaded it, and will soon pre-order it. It'll be most good, make no mistake.
  11. "Niggas gonna suffer, cuz this is American History Ferret." On a serious note, looks like far too much fun.
  12. It's hard to argue with this considering how widely-licensed it is. Learning UnrealEd for 1 and 2 never interested me, but you'd better believe I'll be getting involved with 3. Out of interest, what's the engine like performance-wise? What level of hardware do you need to get, say medium/passable visuals and framerate?
  13. Poppers. Dizzy head for 20 seconds, and that's that.
  14. Terrible, terrible name. Irrelevant to me purchasing it or not though.
  15. It'll take a great deal more than that to stop it happening, sadly.
  16. Tequila

    Silent Hill

    Played them before? If not, you're in for such a treat. Especially with 2. Don't be a girl, though. Play 'em when it's nice and dark.
  17. No sweaty geeks, long queues or stifling heat, either. And you get to keep your dignity.
  18. South Korean, yeah. They have a really strong film industry - lots to check out if you've got the time and are willing to put a little effort in. I highly recommend 'Memories of Murder'. Oldboy's great, naturally. The hammer scene alone is joyous.
  19. Bingo. Working with Tim Schafer would be wall-to-wall mad fun, even with the birthing pains and chaos of a new company's first title.
  20. Tequila

    I hate people

    Yeah, it's the classic thug ruse: saying that you did something to their friend/mother/brother even when you've never seen them before in your life, just as an excuse. Then again, some crazies don't even extend that courtesy. I've been chased down streets by loons on pills whose only warning was a rapid sprint towards me. Still, I've been lucky. Never had to physically deal with one of these chumps.
  21. Those new shots remind me of Silent Hill - the grain, highly detailed characters etc. A good thing.
  22. Heh heh, they use that thing too much. It looks dog ugly imho as well, dunno why it's used so much! More like lion-ugly, ohohohohohohohohoho! Oho!
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