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    Where's Sam Neill?
  2. Tequila

    even newer art

    Test-tube babies, spinal columns... a recipe for success.
  3. Tequila

    oh my god

    You actually searched for that thing? Bad idea.
  4. Well, no, that hasn't been confirmed. It seems like CS: Source is stand-alone too, probably bundled with the other Source remakes of Half-Life, Opposing Force and perhaps Blue Shift. HL2 will have it's own DM at the very least, probably something a bit more original too.
  5. Looks special, and Fletch's 'RTS' comment suggests a little bit of spice sprinkled over the meatballs.
  6. Download the 13min video (in torrent form) from the file section of http://www.eurogamer.net. What a special video. And as for CS: Source as it's known, the revamped Aztec looks cush.
  7. speak him english good! first the game was practically ready to launch, except for then the source code got stolen... and now its pre-alpha? plz /me kicks gabe in his fat gut Considering the interview has been milled between the original language and English, I'd say what Gabe said has very much been lost in translation.
  8. I like you man. Keep on rocking in the free world. And I know what you mean, many HL1 maps were put together 'functionally', with gameplay put first. I expect quite a few HL2 maps to be like this, but obviously looking better than HL1
  9. It certainly seems to use less than UT2k3/4, at least in the geometry and not eye-candy detail sense.
  10. He does take it a bit personal, but still there's some interesting tidbits in there. Doesn't change that I think he's a bit of a prick, but hey he knows that himself and it's admirable how he stands up for his opinion with gusto. Oh, and it's too obvious he's talking about Doug Lombardi at that specific point. He seems like a prick too
  11. Tequila


    Those fucking baby eyes haunt me to my bones. Excuse the weak pun.
  12. Tequila


    She has a crazed glare that scares me, like a Siren on the rocks luring me and the Captain to our doom.
  13. Tequila

    Drawing 2 Final

    Charlie don't surf!
  14. Tequila

    DVD Cover

    Good to hear.
  15. Tequila

    DVD Cover

    http://www.dictionary.com is your friend! Apart from that minor mishap, it's got a unique style to it that somewhat appeals to me. Good stuff.
  16. Tequila

    new art

    Ah, I did some work on chiaroscuro for my AS-level art. I like it, especially that lovable composition.
  17. Tequila

    New Picture

    Is there anything better than seeing a good hand-drawn penis on an internet forum? Probably, but I don't want to hear about it. Good drawing, looks anatomically accurate although a few lines seem a bit 'unsure', of course I can appreciate that it was a sketch and such 'artifacts' are bound to appear, unless you down 20 Diazepam tablets a day. I look forward to seeing more of your work.
  18. "Any further thoughts? My take is that the gaming community generally thinks BHD and 24 are "good" and not bullshit-cheesy garbage entertainment. " Of course not, I love 24 Jack Bauer is a legend on so many fronts... Anyhow, I'll conclude with my belief that you will have to go for first-person voicing, as the context of the plot and game design requires for the character you play as to communicate fluently with those around him, being part of a specialised team. Compared to Gordon Freeman, for example, who's alone and confused - he doesn't need to speak for the cohesion of the game to flow.
  19. I say go for a character with a voice. Cut out the stereotypical macho bullshit, and give me a character with even a shred of the tenacity and fucking brilliance Jack Bauer (and Keifer Sutherland on the whole) exhibits, and you've got yourself a winner. Perhaps have Deus Ex style conversation trees, such as below: Player: "Chief, I need some ordinance here ASAP, the area is hot" Chief: "Alright son, you've got it, what do you need specifically?" Player: "I need..." A) a weapon and ammunition drop, I'm running low/don't have the equipment for the job. B) An airstrike at this location C) A chopper to take me above the city, I need to clear the rooftops; they're positively crawling with Tangos/Charlie/Communists And so on, give the player a choice in his actions and allow his choices to be represented with sharp dialogue and a fantastic voice actor.
  20. Don't be a drone, Zach. Just jesting, the guy's a flid.
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