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  1. Man, surely it's funny to a lot of tongues. It all comes back to 'poo'. But the kid's anything but!
  2. Enjoying the World Cup so far. Brazil, as Mino says, were terrible tonight. They deserved to draw at best. Kaka was an absolute shining light, as always, but Adriano was reserved up front and wasn't helped by the fat, useless mockery that is now Ronaldo. He shouldn't even be in the national squad.
  3. Is he allergic to vowels? Fucking idiot.
  4. Opposing Force, mainly 'cause it perfectly tapped into that Aliens-style hypermasculine cocktail of the military, warfare, big guns, and bigger xenoforms.
  5. Tequila

    Evening shots

    Love the second one. So many natural colours working in harmony.
  6. Definitely Sniper Elite... pretty much the whole game is a lesson on how to do it right. Railshooters? Hmm, of recent note, Rogue Trooper has a few and they're well-done (i.e. fun and not unfair).
  7. So...you're okay with pedophilia? WTF? Yeah, thats excactly what I'm saying. God you're so woolheaded sometimes. READ THE FIRST AND SECOND SENTENCE, PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD AND ALL THAT IS GOOD Fair enough, but you're still saying "hey, I want to get my end away and not get arrested, so change the law please. Oh, that'll free sickos to abuse kids? Never mind, as long as I get my lovin'."
  8. The Citadel core is far, far too lovely. Took me about 4 hours, but yeah it was one hell of a journey. Valve really took the good parts of HL2; trimed the fat; enhanced their tools, execution and art direction; made a really fucking good adventure, in short. Shame about the lack of new weapons and 'true' enemies, although the Zombines are fantastic. The Stalkers were creepy enough, and definitely didn't justify being a combatative enemy, while the Combine Advisor pod was just plain weird, what with the mind attacks and so on - according to the commentary, they play a large role in Episode 2. Can't wait! Alyx never once annoyed or disappointed me with her dialogue, combat skills and pathfinding either, which is a definite improvement on HL2's bumbling, ignorant rebel civilians, and since the episode was essentially all about you and Alyx together, it's a marvellous success. Encore.
  9. I 3rd it. The rest betrays its HL1 origins, but still looks good.
  10. DaveL tried to rape me once by spiking my drink.
  11. I wouldn't even compare them. Splinter Cell is a stealth game, Hitman isn't at all. It's about successfully mingling with your targets and their locales, walking around confidently without raising suspicion. Each Hitman 'contract' is a giant puzzle, with you having to gradually figure out the various (and optional) pieces, tools etc. at your disposal to a)kill the targets with minimal fuss and b) escape smoothly. I'm only up to the Paris opera house but I'm loving it so far. Definitly the most confidently-executed Hitman game yet; everything works as it should, and there's tons of freedom each mission to try different approaches. Don't judge it if you've only played the tutorial by the way. The full game is NOTHING like that linear 'hold-your-hand' affair.
  12. or carry an unloaded gun. nobody has to know its not loaded. but if somebody pulls a knife on you, you just pull out the gun and aim. that should cause some distraction and maybe give you enough time to make a run for it. Hah, that's just going to get you shot by the police. And you're counting on a) having enough distance between the two of you so that the attacker doesn't panic upon seeing you draw a gun and REALLY do you in and b) even with enough difference, the attacker not calling your bluff. Best just to practice your 100m sprints.
  13. Yeah, never carry a knife yourself cause that just makes the situation a whole lot worse. And remember, the only good knife defense is your legs being used to run away. FAST.
  14. Excellent stuff. I'm looking forward to Total War 2.
  15. Boobs containing MG42s to stop spawn-camping/for hilarious purposes. Or mounds of hay. You choose.
  16. Yeah, in-engine but not playable. A cutscene in other words, and we all know how elaborate MGS cutscenes can get.
  17. They did? I must have missed that. Well, anyway, whatever that trailer was made from, "in engine" doesn't mean "in game" :roll: Yes they did. And MGS4 was as much "in game" as Halo 3. The funny thing is that everytime a new MGS trailer comes out people need proof that it's real Tell me about it, and each time, without fail, the final product looks better than the trailers.
  18. ISS64 is the best ISS, dude. Sensible World of Soccer (Amiga version) is probably the best football game of all time.
  19. There is, it's awesome, and this Monday it'll be on episode 22. Jack Bauer can last forever, but what I do know is that it'll be rather hard to top Season 5's top bad guy.
  20. Interesting. If Gearbox can capture the feeling of that firefight, then it'll be a winner.
  21. I like ones with endings. Ooof! Obivous cheap shot. The Halo games are very good though, just not the second coming as many seem to think. And their multiplayer is pish. Halo 3 will be a good 'un, make no mistake.
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