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  1. The Halo sword is the most despicably cheap weapon in any game, ever. It doesn't belong in a Top 100 list, never mind Top 10. Cerebral Bore should be higher, too. It's a work of art.
  2. You've got no idea what constitutes good football. The whole match was electric. The two goals though, mamma mia. Grosso's delightful curve, and Delp's cool-as-ice outside chip. He's still got it. Gattuso is still the hardcore midfield rhino, too. One of the players of the tournament, for sure.
  3. Nothing boring about the football France and Germany are playing. Italy are a bit snore-inducing, and Portugal are just a bit poor, mind.
  4. Woe for England, but France played a blinder. Allez le Zizzou! That said, I can see Germany going the distance now.
  5. Beta 5 I think, the Barking Dog era as someone mentioned. I didn't really get into it till around version 1, when I finally had the internet.
  6. I've got that ball! The yellow-and-blue Premiership one, that is.
  7. Same here, they're lovely. This vertex lighting for props thing intrigues me. It's something the engine really needed, but so far I can't quite see the difference. Has it been applied to ALL static props etc.? Will other Source engine games get it? I need to know!
  8. Sensible World of Soccer. Striker (on the SNES). ISS64/98. Pro Evo 3/4/5/ (and soon to be 6, which I've heard excellent things about).
  9. I don't think I can take any more of John Motson's drivel.
  10. You all need to get Pheonix Wright. What other game lets you shout 'OBJECTION!' into the DS' microphone, complete with massive text and thudding noises?
  11. Yeah, that was Deco and Van Bronckhorst, who play together for Barcelona. No doubt they were sharing their misery.
  12. I'm not talking about extra wheels, I'm talking about wheels that are missing entirely or replaced with something less functional like a refrigerator. It adds nothing useful except the freelook camera view which, once you're used to the keyboard movement or fly mode, is also a pain Oh, not this argument again. I will say, though, that freelook camera is EVERYTHING.
  13. Tequila

    some 2D pic

    I wholeheartedly agree.
  14. I think that is asking a little much when the games set in Raccoon City all used prerendered background Not that you can't give it your best shot obviously, but I think matching the complexity of some of scenes is a little optimisitic. No, it's not. Oh, but it really is. If you take even the most rudimentary look at old RE game backgrounds, such as RE2 and 3, there's more detail there than in ANY game. And Capcom can afford such detail, since it's all prerendered. To even come close to emulating that level of detail, you'd need hundreds upon hundreds of custom props, textures, decals etc.; a quality and quantity of assets beyond all but the professional developers. And THEN, if by some miracle you can get all the assets in place, managing performance will be a nightmare. It's just not viable.
  15. I gotta agree with this guy, I hate it when things are 'diffused' to the internet.
  16. Pegasus Bridge, yeeees. I've got a good book on it by the Band of Brothers guy, Stephen Ambrose. Looking mighty so far.
  17. Or Italy and the Czechs could draw, and USA could beat Ghana 5-0. ... Yeah.
  18. HOLY crap yeah I just read about that. Talk about a fucking beatdown. Yeesh. It was against Serbia and Montenegro...not exactly the best side in the world. Latest rankings (May06) placed the Argies at 9th in world, S&M 44th. Not exactly the worst in the world, either. There are no 'bad' teams in the tournament. Oh, and FIFA world rankings place Mexico as 4th best and the USA as 5th best, so I really wouldn't trust them too much.
  19. Sweet, enjoy the mad London life!
  20. OK, so Argentina are TOTALLY the team to beat. If they keep up that form, they're winning the cup. 6-0! Cambiasso! Saviola! Messi! Amazing!
  21. That must be a real downer, Ferret. Watching matches in pubs is pretty damn awesome.
  22. Can't say Call of Duty games are what I'm getting a Wii for, but it'll be interesting to see how it controls nonetheless.
  23. England only really ignited when Rooney (so good to see him up and about) and Lennon hit the pitch 2nd half. Before that it was snores-ville. Amazing clearance by Terry to save us pre-HT embarassment. Still, a good goal and a GREAT goal means we can actually afford to take it easy against Sweden. We've just got to stop sitting back and letting the opposition dictate the tempo if we want a chance at the trophy, though,
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