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  1. It's a wonderful game full of warmth and good humour, and I only hope more people reach out and embrace it.
  2. That's a once-in-a-lifetime offer, right there.
  3. Where do you live? Old/Freaks Ville? That shot of the young lad with the giant confectionary is priceless. A true EOT face.
  4. Tequila


    Hohoho. He won't be coming back. Edit: it's even more hilarious to look at what he's changed, besides the filter. He's added 3 birds using that classic childhood method of drawing a loose V shape. Fucking genius.
  5. Well, it is his fault, because he made them. However I think the trees work wonderfully. There's something about how lush and green they are, it just flicks the right switches in my brain.
  6. 'Skidder' is how I always pronounce it in my mind. Now, for my name, right, I had a poo, right, and it was shaped like a bottle of Tequila, right, so I thought, right, there's the internet, right, and people use names, right, so why not, right, use that, right, as my name? Right? No, I just love Hard Boiled.
  7. Regardless of being a terrorist or a counter-terrorist, as a human I'd be more worried about intergalatic, interdimensional fascists harvesting dear Earth. So yeah, the Combine wall looks slightly out-of-place.
  8. BUSTIN' MAKES ME FEEL GOOD is a great moment. I'm sure Pat felt high and mighty when he unleashed that one.
  9. Some evidence would be nice, rather than just "j'accuse".
  10. Bet those took you a while. And good God man, a 1.2Mb .jpg? Are you on crack?
  11. That's cause it looks just like the library in the REmake. Great work.
  12. Technically it was a per-pixel editor for Worms way back on the Amiga. Bloody hard to do though, let me tell you. First FPS editor was, of course, Worldcraft.
  13. Tequila

    Night Shots

    What city is that?
  14. GTKRadiant you mean? You've got to be mental to be spoiled by default Radiant. OH NO I'VE OPENED UP THAT CAN OF WORMS AGAIN!
  15. The missions and all that jazz should keep things from going stale. Can't believe we have to wait another month though. Europe... raped by Capcom yet again.
  16. If not this then you need to buy a 360 for Dead Rising. The demo is out now and taking NAMES.
  17. Someone needs to make a film out of this. Also, the president is a little too happy to be gunning down his former subjects, don't you think?
  18. Yeah, because all game development can be summed up with simple X/Y combinations.
  19. Oh fret not, I wasn't talking about you, or Zeta, or a few other HL2Worlders who've made themselves known on Mapcore.
  20. "HL2World: Shooting down your hopes and dreams since 2003" More like "HL2World: Cretin Central".
  21. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. No, it's a shame really. Wasn't much of a surprise though.
  22. Zidane completely lost it there. What a sad way to end a pretty damn special career.
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