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  1. Sounds like you're a bit confused on the whole composite/component thing. Composite gives a pretty horrible picture, RGB scart is quite decent but only component gives you progressive scan. With LCD TVs, they really don't handle an interlaced signal too well so anything less than component is going to look mediocre.
  2. I thought it was a FPS/RPG single-player hybrid too?
  3. My 360 is treating me well, and while I want a Wii, money and lack of games (Zelda is my only want) means I'll wait until Summer 2007 for that treat. Fuck getting a PS3 though.
  4. Yeah, the Edge review seems way off to me.
  5. Tequila


    Aim maps are the cancer of the online multiplayer world.
  6. Sounds and looks pretty fucking good. So good in fact that I can forgive the use of a number instead of the proper word. Here's hoping it lives up to the potential of what Resident Evil: Outbreak could have been.
  7. Any reason why the multiplayer graphically pales in comparison to the singleplayer? It still looks like UE3, just less... tasty. It doesn't bother me because it plays great, but a lot of people out there are bitching about it.
  8. It's a known bug, happens to everyone sadly. Join a game after it's begun and no-one will be able to hear you. And the lack of Halo 2's party system to this and there lies the (small) problem with multiplayer. Of course, co-op and versus in this are absolutely phenomenal, so it's easy to overlook minor bugs and missed chances.
  9. Really looking forward to this. The demo was class and the multiplayer, especially co-op, should be a bloody treat. You've earned a medal, Klein.
  10. YEAH BOYEEEEEEE. I'm on its last mission, and it is without doubt the finest RTS ever made. Superb in every respect.
  11. Tequila


    Sony Ericsson K750i. Does the job nicely.
  12. Baldur's Gate. Civilisation series. Sam & Max. Most importantly, Majora's Mask and many other N64 classics since I never owned the console.
  13. Nate-dog sold out. I think I might cry.
  14. Thats the second time today that i'm not sure if i should laugh or cry... Just have a wank. Seriously though, sue the bastards. This sounds well out of order.
  15. I'll wait for something new in Quake Wars. They just haven't changed enough to warrant spending my money.
  16. Yeah, they're great. I like a game that's not afraid to kill a baby and torture you for it.
  17. DONE WELL! You can reverse that if you like. It's the gift that keeps on giving. Twice.
  18. Sounds like the tube is fucked, and to get that replaced more or less costs as much as a new monitor. Buy another one.
  19. Tequila

    The random model thread!

    You've nailed the most important part: the eyes. The emotion and regret comes from the eyes, as your plunge your sword into them.
  20. I really felt that drill. Hopefully we'll have death sequences like that in the full thing.
  21. I loved SS2 and I'm gonna love this. LOOK MR BUBBLES, ADAM!
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