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  1. In the Design departments I have been apart of, they are split into Scripters and Geo building.
  2. Free trial. Give it a go for free! https://www.titanfall.com/en_us/news/free-multiplayer-trial/
  3. Thanks guys. I think it's a solid game. Now it's just getting people to give it a try. Lol
  4. Ill be going on Tuesday.
  5. I'm always lurking but never anything useful to say. Been enjoying this little map trick vid....
  6. Great job to all that worked on this! I am loving the level's art styles and layout choices!
  7. Oh weird. http://ruinergame.com/
  8. Anyone see this yet? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jkjIsnjKhew " Brutal action shooter, set in year 2091. A story-driven game created in the spirit of cult cyberpunk anime. " Looks cool.
  9. I'm keeping my eye on this one.
  10. Congrates man! What levels did you work on?
  11. Wow, this came around. Great work!
  12. CompoSITe


    Map looks nice but I am not a fan of how narrow the paths are.
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