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  1. gimme some good editor plugins this one is AWESOME: https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/3535 built in script editor - no more flipping back and forth between monodevelop/visual studio =)
  2. probably gonna upgrade my pc for this lol.
  3. My current thinking is show the ammo in big font for the weapon you have selected, and in small font for the unselected guns. Hopefully that will make it more clear Lol yes, it loses value over time There's a slight RPG element to the game where you'll encounter characters at certain "rest areas". Think similar to the NPC's in dark souls. In the game it'll be suggested that they are similar to you, also running around in an endless procession of levels collectiing artifacts . They'll give you a little snippet of dialogue to hint at some bigger story, and you can trade guns/ammo/healthpacks/other items with them. Thinking too of them giving you missions in exchange for special items (bring the head of a boss, find a certain artifact, etc). I have the base systems already implemented for this, but havnt done any polish or artwork yet, so still a long way to go
  4. For sure . Yeah I wasn't sure about doing the UI switch, but I think it's worth biting the bullet. I basically brute forced my old UI without putting much thought into properly organizing it (just because I needed something simple at the time), and by now it's just become an unmanageable mess off legacy GUI elements all controlled by different scripts. It's time for an overhaul so I can expand it to do more in the future. I'm really loving the new UI system, so far it's been pretty fun switching over. Love how you can do animations and anchoring without having to code it into scripts now! And it seems pretty much infinitely customizeable, which the old one was not
  5. Hah thanks Seldoon . I actually like that black bar for the interface, keeps it pretty clear like that. I'm still trying to figure out where I wanna go with it. The doom face is a cool idea but I think it's something uniquely for 90ies iD games that I don't want to rip off. It would kinda make this game obviously be trying to be a doom clone, which I don't think it is . Right now the interface elements will be: 3 ammotypes: -blue: shell based ammo (pistol, shotgun, chaingun) -green: energy weapons (plasmagun, lasergun and teslagun) -red: explosives (grenade launcher, sticky nade launcher and rocket launcher) the purple number is money collected 2 healthbars, on for health and one for shield my current thinking is putting money and items to the left of the screen, ammo to the right (in front of the gun, and only displaying for the guntype), and health and armor in the middle. I'm currently switching over to the new unity UI so it'll be easier to play around with different setups Castle: it's a unity based FPS I've been working on with procedurally generated levels, I've been slowly working on it for a few years, and am now finally pushing it into something more finalized . Core gameplay is pretty much run and gun with some puzzle elements and heavy physics manipulations (anything physics can be used as a weapon, even enemy gibs). The best way to describe the game i think is spelunky meets doom. It's hard, you will die a lot, and never play the same map twice
  6. wrote my own cubemap based fog system, no more flat color unity fog
  7. Holy shit the animator system. I just wanted to play a single animation on a single object. This took me all day to figure out. To get this to work i had to: -create the animation on the object (this part was pretty cool!) -create an animation state machine (not intuitive at all) -create an empty animation, set it to default -drag the created animation into the animation state machine -set the animation speed of the default animation to 0 so it wouldn't autoplay on startup (WTF) -attach the state machine to the animated object -reference the state machine in a script and play the correct animation This is really not intuitive at all, what the hell happened to attaching your animation and just putting play() in a script. I felt really dumb today trying to set up this thing that should be so simple. The state machine is so messy, I have nodes in there that I don't need, and can't delete, they really screwed up on this one . I'm probably doing it all wrong anyways, but none of the documentation makes any sense
  8. yeah viewmodel is normal mapped, and is lit the same way as the rest of the assets
  9. this is awesome! Graphics remind me of: http://www.mobygames.com/game/windows/evolution-the-game-of-intelligent-life(great game )
  10. the HUD is about to be thrown out and redone
  11. ambient skylights: finally added support for items that take up multiple world tiles .. this opens up a whole new world of possibilities
  12. That's really what I like so much about unity, you only turn on the big boy features if you want them.. By default it's all clean and lightweight. I just converted my game to unity 5, it went surprisingly smooth! The only thing I really need to fix up was a change they made to how the mouse cursor gets hidden, everything else just worked . Way easier than the change from 3 to 4, which required me to do significant rewrites.
  13. sad thing is the decisions that made the last sim city bad, likely came from above
  14. interesting: http://www.escapistmagazine.com/news/view/139994-Former-Epic-Games-Boss-Mike-Capps-Believes-Unity-5-Beats-Unreal-Engine-4-For-Indies Here's a fun calculation: if your game makes more than 31500$, unity becomes more profitable for you. The 5% unreal takes after 3000$ is actually a pretty significant cost, even for a small game team.
  15. <3<3<3 unity they're both really powerful engines, each with their own pro's and cons, it's very hard to call one better than the other at this point. It all depends on the kind of project you're doing.
  16. splashscreen logo, not sure yet if I'll stick with it, might try some other designs
  17. looks great! I love how everything neatly slots together, very pleasant to look at
  18. my lighting system now supports emissive materials! it all gets baked on map generation, so performance is super fast . And the map generation is pretty much instant now, no loading times!
  19. I made GI A lot of work has been happening on this, I'm working up to a big announcement
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