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    Corona Virus

    I was planning to visit family in october 2019, delayed the trip to march 2020 because of a busy time at work.. Then covid happened. Been 3 years since I've been back home :(. Meanwhile I got vaccinated last week here in the US but my parents (both 60+) still don't know when they will be in Belgium. Hope I'll be able to travel before Christmas. It's been an weird time. For me and my fiancee its not been too bad, we've been blessed to have a small bubble of good friends we've been hanging out with, and actually did a lot of camping and road trips. Feeling a weird guilt when I talk t
  2. I've gone through a series of wireless gaming mice, the tech has really improved in the last couple of years. Currently have a logitech G603 and I'm very happy with it. Takes 2 AA batteries and them seem to last 6+ months at least, with me using them all day for work and also personal use in the evening. Very impressed
  3. lmao, almost a million bucks to live in a blando suburb where theres nothing to do but go to the mall and you have to drive to get anywhere home prices are nuts all over the west coast *cries in seattle*
  4. oh boy 8 years! Yeah the game is quite CPU intensive
  5. Hah, I guess I've had this problem in every 3D modelling package :p. I believe this was one of the reasons adding a gizmo to blender was so controversial for so long! I agree priority could be different
  6. welcome to 3D modeling lol. You can use middle mouse to lasso select the vert
  7. workshop tools are out! We included sources for all the maps as well. Enjoy! https://steamcommunity.com/games/546560/announcements/detail/3758762298552654078
  8. paging @RD fy_iceworld mystery needs to be cleared up once and for all!!
  9. smooth turning just got added: https://store.steampowered.com/newshub/app/546560/view/2100307193365928744
  10. I did a bunch of props but not those :p. I spent most of my time on architecture, textures, lighting/athmosphere and vistas
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    lol I might somewhere
  12. where are you guys finding these high res new map screenshots, they're almost impossible to find!! Looks awesome from what I've seen so far
  13. Pericolos0


    I've been using 2.8 professionally since last year now, I think it's phenomenal! If anyone is interested, I updated my easybake script a few months ago. Makes textures baking quick and easy, with a similar setup to xnormal: https://github.com/leukbaars/EasyBake Plan to work on it a bit more soon so if you have any feature idea, lemme know
  14. +1 for Blender thread! I've been using it for my professional work for over 2 years now, and it's really made me love modelling again. Of all the modeling packages, its probably the best one for level design too
  15. no real difference on an audio level really. Analog just means the signal isn't being created by a computer program. Because of this the signal can come with imperfections or weird quirks, which can be desirable! The circuits tend to be simple and moddable. Some people solder different resistors on the Volca beats to get different sounds (there's an easy mod that makes the snare sound more like an 808 snare for example). Analog synths tend to come with tons of dials, so they are a lot of fun if you are more of a tinkerer :).
  16. Volca FM is not analog These things are super fun though, I have a Korg Monologue and Volca beats I toy around with a lot =). My girlfriend has a bunch of synths and drum machines as well, lots of fun to hook them all up together and just jam.
  17. if you want to save money stick to 16gb instead of 32gb. Very likely you won't notice any difference and you can always upgrade later on. I did this and still haven't found the need to upgrade, and I do tons of high end rendering work. Consider getting i5 instead of i7 too if you want to save money there. For most daily use and games, you also likely won't notice any difference.
  18. You'd probably like this: https://pi-hole.net/ I have a raspberry pi sitting next to my router, dilligently blocking all ads and tracking before they can even reach my pc or phone, its awesome! Makes browing fster too because the ads don't even get to load also, to stay in the spirit of the thread: I bought a house!
  19. congrats!! And welcome to the Seattle area
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