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  1. Best of luck dude! And of course you can get a steel ball, just have it wrapped in silicone so that you don't get any issues with the metal.
  2. st0lve

    procedural FPS

    I trade you Idiot King for 1 game please.
  3. Boobs are a very valid reason. Get tits or die tryin'
  4. Real Time Turn Based what the fuck did i just read Real time - Turn based. Pause - Giver orders - Execute - Pause - Give more orders - Execute etc. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=01e3bPLo3zE
  5. Wait WHAT? I thought it was the 2K FPS game.. As a side note, the first X-Com (or UFO), was also named Enemy Unknown. And it's supposed to be spelled X-COM, not XCOM. As a side note to the side note, Jagged Alliance is also making a comeback, as a "turn based" (RT-TB) game. I guess 2012 is back to the 90s.
  6. st0lve

    yo guys..

    The NK episode of the Vice guide to travel is the most disturbing of them all.
  7. Bought it. I need to get away from Wordfeud.
  9. Now I have voices in my head
  10. I'm at 40 minutes now, somehow it doesn't really bother me today even though I only made it a few minutes the first time. < He matches the beat.
  11. How many people from Mapcore, currently working professionally, would have been where they are without any pirated software? My guess is a very small %. If you are not making any money from what you are doing, does it then hurt you to learn a tool, which you might end up buying? Most people do not spend thousands of dollars on software they have no clue about how to use.
  12. st0lve

    new forum stuff

    this... Even I would. I've only had 3 beers so I have to commit.
  13. Yes. Well not games, I barely play anything anymore and online play is a must if I decide to play. Steam also made it (too) easy instead of bothering with cracks etc. I have no issues with downloading movies, series or music.. I won't pay $17 to watch a movie at the cinema alone, and I won't rent a movie for $10 for 24 hours. If I could buy a cheap online copy, sure I'd do that, and some DVDs and box sets are just worth owning. Series are downloaded because I want to watch them when I want to (no PVR), and not when they air on TV, which is 5 years after they aired in the US. I buy music if I like it, meaning that I downloaded the album first and evaluate it for a while before I decide to buy it or not.. Stealing is wrong, but unless laws have changed here, it's allowed to download movies, series and music for private use
  14. If they are on the same net, then it's just a matter of getting to the same channel. On a modern radio, that means to turn a knob a few clicks. If not on the same net, it's impossible to get direct connection quickly.. However, a HQ with 1 guy with 2 or more different radios is a pretty common thing, or a liason officer. Hell, why doesn't Rainbow have the frequency for the NYPD on their radio when they are in NYC? I guess it's just a "cool feature", even though shooting friendlies isn't cool at all, no matter where you hit them.
  16. It looks like something I could play, but for all I care it could be named Ultimate Operator Delta Elite Squad Tactical 3. I want my Rogue Spear remake.
  17. I switched from viking to a mix between blond Hitler with wide mustache and Brad Pit in Inglourious Basterds.. It's Movember after all. It looks fucking stupid.
  18. Embracing the cultural heritage:
  19. Congrats minos!~~~~ ~ Now let me know if you guys need a guy to wash the toilets at Blizzard, or a manly maid at your and peris' frathouse
  20. Imma buy one. This looks like fun. It's the first game I buy since... I have no idea
  21. I just ordered a new sewing machine A full blown industrial one. I love getting tax refunds
  22. I worked a short while on Afterfall when it was an indie post apocalyptic RPG game.. I don't think this is even the same world as they initially had planned
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