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  1. Finished it now.. Will start on Ironman later today. The ending was, well easy. Took me 2 turns...
  2. This game is the best ever. I've never saved during a mission, and never reloaded. I think I should have been playing Ironman for bragging rights, but I'll probably replay it. I pretty much suck at having any friends in the council.
  3. Just purchased it on GMG, that deal is awesome. Especially since I'm in Norway and have to pay €50 via Steam. Preloading... Gaaaaah, I want to play now.
  4. It's not healthy to keep all that shit inside for too long, you could get sick.
  5. XCOM: Enemy Unknown would outsell XCOM: Gears of War. 10 days... I need some money for this stuff!
  6. Currently at Power Up. Liking it so far. A small bug/issue:
  7. Oh fuck, I have to wait more than 2 weeks for the full game?
  8. Internets connection! Been without one since the 1st. Sucks balls (2/1), but I will get a better connection soon. New jacket! Norrøna Trollveggen Dri3: New laptop! A "no name" (Clevo W150 I think) one, with a GF GT 650 (1GB DDR5), i7-3820QM 2.7-3.7GHz and 8 gigs of ram. Now I'll save monies to buy my own 3d printer
  9. grææts haldur panter
  10. Don't skate while drunk. Or at least use your arms when you fall.
  11. st0lve

    Euro 2012

    Urgh, the match itself was pretty boring, but that's what you get when 2 teams with an amazing defense meets. Glad Spain took it.
  12. st0lve

    procedural FPS

    When can I play dis gmae plz
  13. st0lve

    Euro 2012

    Like Group B didn't get more exciting after Denmark beat NL
  14. Fuck I can't afford to buy a PS3. Ever. I might have to steal one.
  15. So basically, it's an MP game where everyone hangs around until one guy gets a mission, then you need to protect him or help him escape? It did look like fun, I just didn't get that last part..
  16. Fuck I wish I had ARMA.. Or money.
  17. st0lve

    I'm a dad

  18. Was released 18th. Go home and play.
  19. GOTY 2012 http://trials.ubi.com/trials-evolution/en-GB/home/
  20. Norway. Never been to Afghanistan, and hopefully never will.
  21. Shaking hands with King Harald.
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