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  1. I guess I need to buy an apartment then! Most missions (from characters) give a lot larger payout than the races and deathmatches. Hell, there is no point in playing a race when you only get ~25-60% of what you'd get from a "story" mission. Too bad all the "story" missions are basically the same, except you steal a vehicle at another location. That Parashuting is considered a mission is a fucking shame, I hate to join a random job and end up with parashuting, IMO it should be like the arm wrestling minigames and not clog up the actual missions or deathmatches. Heists should be fun, as long as my crew members don't all time out all the fucking time..
  2. All the time. I set it to advance, but playing on a 32" screen it doesn't really help. Wish you were able to set the color you wanted, but whatever. Haven't been able to play online for a few hours now, pretty god damn annoying since me and my crew was on a fucking roll!
  3. I'm finished with the SP, except for the fucking triathlons and some Cult mission involving me walking around in a robe for 10 (ingame) days or sleeping 40 times. That doesnt sound like fun to me.
  4. THATS THE 4TH TIME YOU MAKE MY ONLINE CHARACTER GO AWAY!! Seriously, this is worse than most beta MMOs I've tried.
  5. I've created like a billion characters. Once my father was listed as John Marston from RDR. Then it crashed, and it wasn't saved. Fuck you cockstar.
  6. How about they let me play online and stop showing me videos about how MP is supposed to work?
  7. Finished the game today, got it on Saturday (and I haven't been playing for that long..) Is money a problem in the game? I've had enough money to buy pretty much whatever I wanted, without any problem. Haven't done a lot of side missions, or bought property since it's just bullshit after all. I miss the old games where you could fist-fight cops, now they try to gun you down even if you only have 1 star wanted level. I haven't seen anything to run over that would give me a bonus of any kind. There is no bonus (that I've seen) for actually returning money to people who get robbed, so why not keep the $2000 instead of getting $200 for returning $2000? Most sidemissions are pure bullshit, and aren't any fun. It really lacks heist, I wish there was a lot more of small heists that you could do yourself, just for the heck of it. And why bother stealing cars? The cars you can buy (and their personal ones) are basically good enough. Too bad you cannot reply heists without restarting the game, I really don't want to play all those bullshit missions just to do a couple of heists with a different approach. Online better be good.
  8. My 360 RROD'ed a month ago. Didn't want to pay ~€100 Euro to repair an 6 year old console, so I got an PS3 just to play GTA5. I like it a lot more than GTA 4, but some of the missions are pretty horrible. Most enjoyable thing is the Rampage side-missions for Trevor, since it reminds me of Redneck Rampage or some other game that I cannot remember. Also, Trevor waking up at random locations is annoying as fuck, especially when the taxi isn't able to come get you there.
  9. I live in a sketchy part of town.. It's issued to me via my home guard service (same as national guard/TA). It's better to run with something that hugs your body instead of a sloppy backpack with weights in it. (I wear it under my tshirt or jacket so not a whole lot of people notice it at all)
  10. I work out since I don't want to become a cripple at the age of 30. I mostly do bodyweights with a focus on core muscles and functional strength. Besides, I hate gyms and they are way too expensive for me (cheapest is like 8 cans of beer a month, while Crossfit and Kettlebell gyms which I find attractive are about 32 cans!!), I'd rather workout outdoors at my local ghetto gym which is free and has all the needed monkeybars and stuff. Hell, even a few hangups and pushups each day is better than nothing. In addition to that, I do a lot of jogging with my bulletproof vest for additional weight (~7kg). Probably between 7-10km with a pace of 6-8min/km with a climb of ~180m. Jogging is boring as fuck. I did run a lot before school during a period, but I realized that waking up and hour early made me get too little sleep over the week, and made me sleep all weekend. Now I do it during evenings instead. My rules to keep working out are pretty simple, no working out on weekends, and absolutely no workouts when hung over (even on weekdays). And if there is something more fun to do than working out, then do that instead.
  11. The guy in the chopper makes me believe he was "playing" from a tablet. http://tomclancy-thedivision.ubi.com/game/en-GB/game_info/index.aspx I want this game. And I want an PS4. Or for PC.
  12. this is like the worst announcement ever.
  13. THE MOTHERFUKIN CENTURIONS!!! Ren and Stimpy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQQOjNJ7zuU
  14. Let me ask you guys a question: Do you really care if the dog is mocapped from an actual service dog? Does that stuff apply to gamers as a positive thing? Or where is the PR value in it?
  15. Don't know if anyone seen this, but I thought it was pretty cool; http://wasteland.inxile-entertainment.com/unity Basically crowdsourced assets. A pretty cool way to help out a game you like.
  16. Imma back this, I just need some money to back them with.
  17. does it work when you are drunk? if so, ill pass.
  18. happy time off from work, or whatever people celebrate.
  19. I pull of the drunken hobo style quite well.
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