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  1. I have school on Fridays and Saturdays and I can't get an internship in the outdoors industry here in Vancouver without an official credited program from my school... Jobs are also out of the question since I'm only allowed to work 20 hours/week on my visa and they all want fulltime Monday to Friday.. So yeah, it sucks when you want to learn stuff but no one wants to take you on. Aaaaanyway. I got scabies. No clue from who (haven't had sex since late February, and apparently petting a homeless dog doesn't really give you anything). It's curable within a week, but it's fucking itching and in a worst case scenario it could itch for up to 3 months... I was supposed to spend my time off visiting some girl I've been talking to, which I pretty much had to cancel as I don't want to spread this shit. So my what's going on with my life? Lotions and itching, that's pretty much it these days
  2. I haff LinkedIn: ca.linkedin.com/in/lasseupedersen While I'm not looking for anything game related, chances are still there that some of you might know someone who works in the outdoor equipment business.
  3. How can it even be remotely as good as season 1?
  4. So I've been in Vancouver for a month now, this place is pretty awesome. I was on my first and only tinder date 2 weeks ago, and we've been hanging out ever since which is nice. School is great too. A bit more written assignments and stuff than what I would have expected, but it's all good. And if any of you are in Vancouver, pm me and we'll drink beer some time!
  5. Clankiller, I believe that photo is from a town in Norway called Kragerø. I can almost guarantee that it's at least somewhere south along the sea. Rogue Spear, Siberian Base 1 (I think). Great SP mission, great on MP. Great mix of height, long range and short range. The HL mod The Wastes had a great map called silo, can't find any screens, but it's was a fun DM map.
  6. st0lve

    The Jurassic World

    0/12 would not watch. not even hd stream.
  7. don't know, but they look sad on the real thing as well
  8. I got a tattoo. I also got some beers, but you've all seen beer before. It's my first board which I got 20 years ago from Harrods in London.
  9. From that one time I did some modelling for a Swedish brand (I'm not the wizard) The smoke is actually not photoshop, but it was from a thing that you lit on fire that produced a lot of smoke. And it was the absolute last photo we shot that day, talk about fucken luck. More photos of my very short modelling career can be found here; http://www.thediyeye.com/majls-wizard-anthology/
  10. So I had my interview with the school in Vancouver (Richmond actually) last night. At the end of it, they said that they'll recommend me for the study program and basically that I'll receive the official letter of acceptance later this week. FUKEN STOOOOOOOOKED!!!!!!!! And help. How the fuck do I move to Canada? Anyone live in the BC area and want to help me out with locating a place to stay? I pay with beers or games via Steam.
  11. I've been here for more than 10 years.. I think it started with IRC, and then I registered here. Don't remember to be honest. I stopped doing game related stuff ages ago, I just stay here because of EOT.
  12. I have an interview with the school in Canada on Tuesday
  13. I applied for a job at an outdoors company yesterday.. Even though I'm hopefully still going to Canada, I need a proper backup plan. The job is called "product technician", which means that I'll be responsible for the production of prototypes, which sounds like a job that would fit into what I like to do. So now I'm waiting on 2 answers, both are probably a month away. Fucking sucks. I hate waiting for answers. Oh and I did a TOEFL test in late August. I scored 110/120 which basically means that I speak, write, read and listen at a higher level in English than I do in Norwegian...
  14. Well I just broke up with my girlfriend.. We haven't been together for longer than a year, and we knew that if I got into the school in Canada starting in January that we wouldn't be doing the long distance thing anyway. So right now, I'm currently finishing the school application and hoping that I get accepted. If not, then I have no plan, no money, no job and nobody to have sex with. Now that's a situation I'd rather not be in. blackdog: Females suddenly get attracted to males when they realize that the males are moving towards a relationship with someone else. Happens every fucking time. And ignore your friend, he sounds like someone who thinks calling "dibs" after someone had their go works, it doesn't.
  15. I think Michael Bay is actually making this movie, based on the number of explosions.
  16. Exactly, it was more of an interactive story rather than a game IMO.
  17. So I got to play Last of Us for the first time a little while ago. Am I the only one who didn't like it? As a game it was boring, basically just smash square button or press or hold triangle.
  18. st0lve

    Internet Stories

    Bitch please~~~ http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/cool-dog
  19. My life? Currently working my ass off on my bachelor assignment which I managed to settle for something that I don't really enjoy.. It's going ok and I'm finish by the end of May, so whatever.. I did however waste a few grades, I have 2 D's and 1 B, the rest is C's, I wish I had worked my ass off all the time, doing stuff that I like so that my grades would at least look like I'm trying instead of being mediocre. Then a little vacation/Home Guard stuff, and I need to get 3 credits of english to be able to apply to a school in Canada to do a post bachelor diploma in January. If I don't get into the school in Canada, then I'm fucking lost. There is no Masters or post bachelor schools like it, and I have no clue if I'm even able to get a job without some specializing. I'm really scared. I do have my own little business, but at the moment it's impossible to make a months worth of money by sewing tactical gear in Norway, unless I manage to get some contracts with the SOF community or similar deals. I mostly do it because I like it, and money haven't been the motivation once, and a higher income means more problems with the accounting, so I'd have to hire someone to do it. Bleeeerhhhh.
  20. Is it only me, or have the money and RP dropped real low on all missions? Last month or so, you'd get ~1500 RP and between 3k and 25k for missions and races, now I get ~300 RP and $500. Fuken bullshit. And I haven't seen any creator or anything, it's just the same old, but now incredible boring because all of the missions are basically the same.
  21. http://www.rockstargames.com/newswire/article/51565/grand-theft-auto-online-half-a-million-gta-stimulus-package-this.html Way tooo much money. I'm at level 27 and probably haven't made a total of 500k by now. Hell, even if you just started the game during October you get 500k. How about 25k or something along those lines? Guess I'll buy a supercar or something. And survival is fucking awesome. Almost survived wave 10 alone yesterday, since all the other players dropped out (all 3 of us dropped into our own 1 man survivals). Still got 18k and ~1500 RP (in addition to all the kill RPs), so it wasn't that bad. Great way to make money and get quick RP.
  22. I haven't noticed a single cost when dying, not loosing ammo and not paying any hospital. Had a blast online yesterday, doing lots of shit with a few friends, like hunting other players from our chopper and stunt flying in the city with airplanes. The missions are kinda boring at this moment, especially since one of us always drops out (kicked by other players...). And to make money, find a short race (~2min long), race with 2 or 3 people, and you'll get at least 1500. Repeat until you have enough money for whatever.
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