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    It did take me a while to understand that the banners point you in the direction of A and B. Could that be made any more clear? Haven't played it so I can't really comment on how it works ingame, it's just an observation from the photos.
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    When he jumps off that bridge he is in reality landing in the middle of my local skatepark or at the empty lot right next to it. There is no freeway under it. 1/10 not realistic at all. (seriously though, the over the top trying to be funny for 13 year olds isn't appealing to me)
  3. When do u lunch ur Kikstarter?
  4. I have no reason to move away from 7...
  5. From a general testing perspective, rough prototypes (ie greyboxes) will never be popular amongst people who have a limited knowledge of what it takes to make an Operations-quality map. Hell, most people here would probably rather playtest something that looks great rather than testing grey layout after layout with no clue about what the theme is. jack said it pretty simple, if you cannot be bothered with posting a proper overview and some times, then how can you expect people to playtesting it? Timings are the simplest way of making sure that your layout is at least not completely far fetched. If you have no clue what the times should be like, then spend 10 minutes on a couple of different official and operations map to give you an idea about arrival times and chokepoint times. There are also other options for playtests out there, I'm sure you have at least 1 friend (even just a Steam friend) and that can actually do wonders without sitting around waiting for a slot to open up. Be proactive and look for solutions to your problem. Another idea is to build one area up the the standard you want. If CT spawn looks fucking sweet and you give it a bit of a context, I'm sure people will be more interested in helping you out with testing as they are able to see the potential of your skill level and hopefully the potential of the map. If you think it's a waste of time to do it this way, then just think of the fact that you can recycle the theme and the part you built even though the rest of the layout is about as fun as having your nutsack pinched in your zipper.
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    Games W.I.P Thread

    how about u let us real players fight your enemies soon
  7. It looks very flat with that light, maybe add some color to it? It could be as simple as some lights in the indoor areas..
  8. I got a job at one of the biggest "yoga clothing" companies in the world... I'll be in their R&D department which is pretty exciting. As any other job, I of course haven't done an (official anyway) interview, submitted a portfolio or anything... It's just for 1 pretty small project, but it's a start for sure. I can't remember what I wrote last time in here, but Vancouver is treating me pretty good. Great hiking, good food and the weather has been pretty sweet (except that it's really, really dry these days). Can't complain.
  9. As of now, why would I go to A with only 2 paths, when I can go to B with 4 paths? And does the long way to B give me any sort of advantage considering that it's a longer path? I think your layout needs a lot of work for this to be a well balanced map, and it also seems like there are some pretty long and open lines that probably aren't that good for performance or gameplay.
  10. This thread is cool! My only comment is on the rifle section: The main downside with most bullpup designs is the horrible triggers as they aren't "direct" connected to the release of the hammer, which means that you'll have a shitty grouping because of this. I've seen some stupid fast reloads with bullpups, and I think they actually are quicker than traditional platforms after a bit of training since they require less movement. Keep in mind that a (really) fast reload for an M4 is still around 2 seconds from shot to shot.. And ACOGs do have eye relief, ie it's not just to get in there. Depending on the model, it's usually 1.5" (that means your eye is 1.5" from the scope) up to 2.5" in some cases. I suspect you just got lucky with the placement of the optic or the shape of your head The Scar 17/H is an interesting weapon, and it's recoil pulse is also unique. I don't know if it applies to all Scars, but the one I've shot was stupid accurate at 400m without match ammo and with me shooting it... Any subguns or machine guns? They are probably my favorite things to shoot that doesn't involve some type of rocket or explosives.
  11. Fuuu I wanna try Shelter but my stuipd 4 won't run it. Any way to get it to run on PC that doesn't include mirroring? Since that doesn't work either...
  12. valve.software says "maybe next year" real quick before taking you to the real site.
  13. It looks like fun IMO, but yeah, I see no reason to use the GR name except for additional sales.
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    [WIP] De_Fend

    ​some guy did get arrested back in the day for making a map of his school. don't remember the full story, but yeah, it's for sure a sensitive thing to some people.
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    ​I might be the (drunk) asshole here, but until you actually announce a map with name there is no way half a million poeople that play CSGO. know about your map or intentions of a map. If the name is taken, find somthing else.
  16. thanks dick_r, interesting read
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    Haven't tried the map, but doesn't running around in water all day make a ton of noise? And by the looks of it, you can't really avoid it unless you take a completely different route. If you've already had it tested etc., what are the times to each bombsite and rotate time?
  18. I'm actually downloading the SDK to maybe see if I can doodle up something worthy of it's own thread... Goodbye life.
  19. Where the fuck did that young woman get that music box from? Did feral boy get a sex change or something? The movie was alright... I can't say that it was the greatest movie of all time, but it was entertaining.. I wish that there were more non-racing scenes tho, it was basically 90 minutes of nitro boosting and crashing.
  20. ​I'm no rulebook, and I don't play a lot of CS:GO (or any games really), but I think 1 wide open path and 1 narrow/smaller path is a good baseline... Just look at most bombsites in the competitive maps, there is usually one wide and one narrow from the T side, and there is probably a reason for this.
  21. It looks like a DOD map... Just by looking at the overview, I have no clue how to attack any of the bombsites with only 5 dudes. Or how the hell do you get 5 dudes onto the bombsite without being taken out by a single guy with an AWP.
  22. Someone in a game thought it was a new/improved sound for a suppressed weapon..
  23. I went to a Scooter show 135 weeks ago, and he was shooting flames (sparks really) out of his (unplugged) guitar. Sounded like what the guy was explaining in his review :v :v :v
  24. I haven't been into this for a while, but what about all the pirated software being used to make mods? I'm cool with using whatever software to create free content, but once you start making money off something having a pirated license is just bad... While it's technically not Valves problem, I could see it becoming their problem if Adobe and Autodesk decides that it is.
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