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  1. Looks like that wall inside that "sky city" in Star Wars (when Han becomes frozen)...
  2. st0lve

    Wood ceiling textuar~

    I think it looks good! :wink:
  3. I'll do something when my cpu is working again, now its le 100mhz slow
  4. You do not want to see anything that I draw\paint :wink:
  5. It was just something I found.. But I have gone through like 1000 pictures, and no one got a good boarder or a window in it And if it is a nice window, its to small I'm so tierd of google now :x
  6. Made a new version, but the windows still suck (now they look fake ) EDIT: I just noticed that they didn't tile well, so I'm doing a little editing Oi Oi
  7. Hehe, fleste av oss kommer fra Mapping.no da :wink:
  8. Ok, now I also made some textures! Don't even say anything about the windows, I'll change them asap :wink: Its some of my first textures btw. :wink:
  9. I'll just take this in norwegian, since its for spine: Spine, sinsykt fine textures! Kan jeg også få den guiden med "den gule veggen" :roll: Siden jeg vil også bli flink til å lage textures Du vet hvor du finner meg (IRC) ellers så har Zyn msn mailen min
  10. OiOi, got a picture of the first player model ~ Its made by a Norwegian guy called Beldor. Its 2092 tris so far, but he will make it look more powerfull, so that one day, he will maybe look like this: Happy new year btw. (tomorrow )
  11. I'm glad I got BF1942 sooooo sexeh carr~~~~
  12. st0lve

    My textures

    w00t no comments? Maybe that does mean that my textures are perfect
  13. Nice PhilipK.. Merry Xmas to you to :wink:
  14. st0lve

    My textures

    Here are some of my real first textures, I'll maybe use some of them for Gang War when that time comes... Anyway, here are teh textures~ Btw. anyone got some good "future" texture guides?
  15. Hello, I running a mod called Gang War, witch is a HL2 mod based on the popular boardgame Necromunda from Games-Workshop, with a great deal of different weapons, gametypes and classes to choose from. The mod will basicly be team gameplay, with many Homepage (temp.): http://gangwar.hl2files.com Forum: http://gangwar.hl2files.com/forum Concept: http://www.csm.sndev.com/st0lve/stuff/mod-concept.txt PS. sorry for no renders or pictures, but we have almost just started :wink: Thanks for your time~
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