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  1. A map is taking form!!!! (sorry for the longness of the image )
  2. Cool stuff! But, when you show the 2d views in Hammer, it looks like all the brushwork is very split up/tesselated. It was hard to see though, is it like that?
  3. Awesome work, sock! Will this be just a scene, or will it be another singleplayer level, like that astronomy level you made a while back?
  4. insta

    KONY 2012

    Can you please put that in comic form.
  5. great to hear.. gratz
  6. It's not a layout, it's a floorplan
  7. I agree that the graphics are nice and the gameplay works for the most part, but the characters really don't work (for me!!). I was a bit embarrassed to play it at work, since other people could see my screen, haha. Regarding not having the budget or time to do cutscenes to do "character introductions", what about posing the models and then doing paintovers, so you have narrated/written storyboards? Like that other game I can't think of right now.
  8. insta

    procedural FPS

    however it will also despawn all enemies because you are so lonely!!!
  9. insta

    procedural FPS

    a pro-gamer pickup that flatshades all textures, makes enemies glowing, increases fov to 120 and increases weapondamage!!!!
  10. insta

    procedural FPS

    can there be a pickup which re-randomizes the level while you are in it? ?
  11. insta

    procedural FPS

    will it have armor pickups? will it have health pickups? will it have SUPERhealth pickups?? will there be other special pickups???
  12. The presentation and layout and all is terrific! Just get some more content to put up there. The texturing in general is pretty flat and not very interesting, and in some cases extremely photo-sourced. Also, in this screenshot it looks like the chairs have become sentient.
  13. I'm installing it now! Can't wait to play the singleplayer!
  14. insta

    Crysis 2 SSS Textures

    Which takes precedence, mapcorians or crytekers?
  15. insta

    procedural FPS

    can you procedurally generate quicktime events??
  16. I filled it in. Some feedback; some of the questions were hard to understand. And a lot of them seemed like duplicates. 2. When playing a computer game...My aim is to avoid performing poorly compared to others 4. When playing a computer game...My aim is to perform better than the other players 6. When playing a computer game...My aim is to avoid doing worse than other players 8. When playing a computer game...I strive to do well compared to other players 10. When playing a computer game...I strive to avoid performing worse than others 12. When playing a computer game...My aim is to perform well relative to other players Those are all from the same page of a 12-question section. Couldn't those be condensed into just one question?
  17. funny how this becomes a major gripe with games that don't have it. i love stalker but holy shit if you do not save and die, hnnnnnnnnnnnnng I guess its a compliment to the game, since you're actually immersed enough to not think about saving the game yourself. Until you die, and you find yourself 1 hour back.
  18. Playing RAGE at the moment. It's good, but they should have added autosaves in the levels.
  19. Is that the scale it will be? Because I think it's a bit too small, and the text is hard to read as well. Also, maybe not go with a stylized font, something easier on the eyes would be a good choice.
  20. But just work on your portfolio and keep trying. You learn so much from each map/model you make that the next one is always better. If you're working a crap job fulltime while striving towards a job in the games industry I actually think you're better off than someone sitting in a Game Design class creating a atrocious boardgame while analyzing the fun-potential of dungeons and dragons, thinking that it will land them their dream job as game designer on Diablo 4. I'll try to sum it up. If you hate your job and dread getting up every morning, then you're more motivated at working to fix your situation (ie. improve your portfolio and get a job already )
  21. Huge congrats on the release, what a huge undertaking! Downloading now, looking forward to playing it!
  22. Happy new year everybody! Hope 2012 is awesome!! And no end of the world!!!!
  23. Same as my forum name: Arhurt Thanks man! Ok, I think I've added you. Let me know next time you're online
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